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Subhumans attacking gaming

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Subhumans attacking gaming

Unread postby icycalm » 24 Dec 2019 03:32

Strategy games are under attack by the subhumans.

'Civilization' and Strategy Games' Progress Delusion ... s-delusion

"Progress delusion" lol.

So it's a delusion when I nuke you?

That progress is a delusion is precisely the mentality that leads to being enslaved and nuked.

Gabriel Soares wrote:How strategy games have held on to one of colonialism's most toxic narratives, and how they might finally be letting it go.

Gabriel Soares wrote:Now you don’t need me to tell you that the 4X genre is problematic (the four Xs stand for explore, expand, exploit, exterminate, after all).

Gabriel Soares wrote:So hopefully it’s clear why it’s so heinously offensive to present day indigenous populations such as the Poundmaker Cree to be featured in games like Civilization. The implicit argument, even if unintentional, is that “we” are all playing the same game, you just sucked at it.

On the other hand, indigenous populations are stupid so they don't play strategy games and therefore do not have occasion to be offended by them. I doubt they even realize strategy games exist.

Gabriel Soares wrote:By comparison most current day European kinship systems are among the simplest ever observed, and that’s the point: complexity and simplicity is very much in the eye of the beholder. Unsurprisingly, strategy games tend to only engage with complexity when it can be converted into a military or economic trait, the rest is treated as irrelevant or merely aesthetic.

Hmmm... I wonder why they managed to beat everyone else... It's a mystery. We will never know.

Gabriel Soares wrote:Much of anthropology up until the midpoint of the last century could be crassly summarized in the question “how come all these people don’t have a State?”


Watching subhumans trying to parse history and science is like watching a child trying to figure out how something works... and constantly failing. Endlessly amusing.

Gabriel Soares wrote:There are some signs of change (dare I say progress? Delete this stupid joke) in the genre though. The upcoming Humankind by Amplitude is aggressively signaling a break with 4x conventions, the stated goal being to write, not “win”, history. Among its most interesting ideas is that every age will afford the player an opportunity to play as a new culture, so one may select Babylonians during the Bronze Age and then Germans in the Iron Age. While the idea that societies progressed along set technological ages has by and large been discredited, the notion of changing cultures (rather than a continual atemporal people) is an important break with tradition.

This is actually a red flag that Humankind might go woke and fail hard. If it does do this, though, there won't be any subhumans to buy the game because subhumans don't play 4Xs, so the thing will fail even harder than Hollywood woke stuff. It will be terrible if this happens, but on the other hand it will be a hard lesson for the industry, so in the end there will be the necessary self-correction. Maybe you can sell crap TV and crap movies to crap people, but you can't sell crap 4Xs to them because crap people don't play 4Xs at all.

Gabriel Soares wrote:Because if the 4x genre abandons the idea that history has (or will have) a victor, it also abandons a view of history that sees it as a competition between nations and/or races. And that would be no great loss.

And then we can finally turn 4X games to walking sims so that no intelligence will be needed to play them, and taking all the strategy out of strategy games, eh faggot?
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