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Zero to Hero

Unread postby shubn » 12 Dec 2023 20:28

You've probably heard the expression "Zero to Hero" or "Zero to Hero challenge". The idea is simply to play the game starting from nothing, or next to nothing. You could start with the cheapest starter ship for instance, or you could get rid of its components so that you cannot fly it until you buy new ones, or you could just pretend that your ship doesn't exist. You could also sell or throw away all of your starting gear, and send all of your aUEC to your main account or to someone else, so that you are truly starting from nothing. And if you want to go the extra mile and TRULY truly start from nothing, Chairman's Club membership (aka Concierge) comes with game access, and so you could spend enough to reach High Admiral status on an alt account, then melt everything, or gift everything to your main account, so that you have nothing but game access on that account. I don't know if it works, but I don't see why it wouldn't. Maybe they give you a loaner ship if you have game access with no ship, but I doubt it.

I'm definitely trying this at some point (not with a Concierge alt though, gotta get that 600i Executive first), with no ship, no gear, and 0 aUEC. I'd probably do it on either microTech or Hurston, since they have ground access, meaning you might be able to find gear at some outpost, or maybe do some cave mining. Or you could try and stow away on someone's ship. Figuring out the possibilities and executing a plan should be a lot of fun.

There's a referral promotion going on right now, so I'm thinking of getting an Aurora game package on an alt account (so that I get both a referral point and the extra referral bonus on my main account), and that will be my Zero to Hero account.
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