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[PC] Unclaimed World

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[PC] Unclaimed World

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Jan 2013 17:58 ... med-world/

Jim Rossignol wrote:
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Crikey, look at this lovely indie RTS: Unclaimed World is “a single player game which takes cues from Dwarf Fortress and The Settlers but with more emphasis on survival, improvised crafting and research.” There’s a video of its beautiful rolling, living landscapes below in a video that shows scientists observing wildlife on an alien planet. Developers Refactored explain that they’re aiming to enable us to “plan and manage a human settlement on an alien planet.” So basically they have opened up my head and emptied out my videogame desires onto their design doc.




Thanks to everyone who mailed this in, yes it is exactly my “sort of thing”. Excited! I have contacted Refactored for an interview.

The game is scheduled to arrive in the summer.

Update: I probably should have posted both videos, eh?

The second video is better than the first one. Game looks fantastic. Only problem is I don't see any opposition, so hopefully there is enough of that, otherwise we are just going to have SimCity in space, which is not cool. Also lol at the Dwarf Fortress comparison.

Sadly, with only two people on the team, the chances of turning the concept into anything genuinely worthwhile are practically non-existent. In any case, you can follow the game here, and let me know if things look up:
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Unread postby icycalm » 31 Jan 2013 22:51

The real-time strategy vs. city-building discussion has been spun off into its own thread in the Theory forum:

There is some speculation and some commentary on Unclaimed World in there, but nothing concrete or conclusive.
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Unread postby Joshua » 01 Feb 2013 02:07

RPS: Can you talk us through how a typical game of Unclaimed World would play? What does the player have to do, and what problems do they face?

Pedersen: In the first release of the game, we depict a survival scenario. So you need to survive somehow with the resources you have at the beginning: You have a handful of people and a crashed aircraft which is equipped with basic survival gear such as a fire extinguisher, some tools, provisions etc. You have some advanced scanners and “sniffer” gadgets as well as weapons: homing bullet rifles and guns. You need to keep your people alive until help arrives – might be half a year.

The way you play the game is by setting orders on the map. You don’t control the people directly, they will decide how to carry out the orders.

You start exploring the environment to find out what kind of creatures are nearby, could they pose a threat or is it okay to setup camp in the wreck? You set up sensors around the camp. You set policies such as guard duty, level of rationing, order some repairs, decide what food to prepare and then during the night, you watch the camp members fend off nocturnal predators if they appear. Next morning it’s time to do some more exploring. You forage by “painting” a zone on the ground and indicating what items you want to be gathered – fruits, mushrooms, firewood, branches, etc.

You can set traps. You might decide to move camp if the crash site is a bad place to stay. Maybe there are harmful creatures in the area or it’s too far from food sources. You can start picking the aircraft apart, (it’s not going to fly again) stripping it for useful materials and set up camp somewhere else, building bivouacs and some fences. You craft machetes, spears, bows and arrows. You can send your people out to find suitable prey and hunt it. Butcher the animal away from the camp so it doesn’t attract predators. Then bring the meat back to camp and cook it.

Instead of killing every animal you meet, it might also be a good idea to follow them because they can lead you to better food sources. ... med-world/
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Unread postby ksevcov » 22 Jul 2013 05:46

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Unread postby infernovia » 24 Jan 2014 15:37

Unclaimed World: The Lost Explorers Alpha Trailer: ... a-trailer/

If you’ve been waiting patiently, or perhaps very patiently, for news and new footage from Refactored Games’ Unclaimed World, your patience is finally being rewarded. Refactored Games has just posted their first gameplay trailer for Unclaimed World: “The Lost Explorers”.

Unclaimed World is a sci-fi colony simulation game which aims to weave a tale about mankind’s first interstellar colonization attempts. It seems an asteroid has caused massive casualties on Earth, and in an effort to save mankind, the nations of Earth have decided to build a starship unlike anything ever seen before. 2100 humans are selected and launched on a one way trip into the stars towards a potentially suitable new homeworld in the Tau Ceti system. While this is the background for the entire game, the plan is to release this game in episodes.

The current trailer is for “The Lost Explorers”, which is episode 1. A fitting title, as this first episode will primarily involve a group of scientists fighting to survive after being separated from their fellow space colonists. Each new episode plans to add new gameplay elements and continue a story that will involve many years and numerous continents on the planet.

It’s clearly a science fiction tale, but in many ways, the back story itself is not all that far removed from reality. Flip your calendars back little more than a year, and you’ll find an intriguing National Geographic documentary called Evacuate Earth which describes a very similar fictional situation. While I love fantasy and futuristic science fiction, I’m also very interested in near future scenarios. I find the thought of humans, humans much like ourselves when it comes to technology and education level, being tasked with a mission into the unknown to be a little scary, but ultimately very exciting.

While an immersive story and environment are certainly a great start, when it comes to the strategy and simulation games that I love, what’s even more important to me are the mechanics. While I’ve not had a chance yet to play it firsthand, the descriptions available and the initial trailer point to the presence of some in-depth simulation mechanics. It seems we will be exploring, gathering, hunting, cooking, researching, and constructing our own camps, defensive structures, and tools. This would probably be fairly easy, were it not for the presence of alien life forms to deal with, as well as issues like weather, exhaustion, injuries, and disease. It sounds like a lot of aspects have been considered, and I’ll be interested to see how well these features have been implemented.

One thing Refactored Games is certainly doing right is that they will be releasing a free public demo of Episode 1 in the not so distant future. This means that although I will certainly be providing you with my opinion on it, you won’t have to take my word for it. You’ll be able to take it out for a spin yourself when the time comes. If you like what you’ve seen so far, Unclaimed World is currently entered in Steam’s Greenlight system and would certainly appreciate your vote.
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Unread postby icycalm » 24 Jan 2014 20:36

Looking pretty slick apart from the roughness of the unit assets. Do me a favor dudes and vote for them on Steam Greenlight, because I don't have a Steam account yet: ... =219537496
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Unread postby KillerT » 12 Feb 2014 00:10

Alpha Version Demonstration:
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Unread postby icycalm » 08 Jul 2014 18:48

It went on Early Access in March, and sounds pretty fucking sick. I desperately want to play it. What's more, it's only 12,99€ and the money will go towards finishing the game, so I am going to buy it either way to help them out. The question is whether I can hold back from playing it in unifinished form. I hate the very idea of it...

“Hello! We've been working on this game for a long time and think that it's finally ready for you to start playing. We are putting it in Early Access now because we need funds to continue developing it, and, equally important, we need feedback from players to better decide what to focus on from now on, and, down the line, we would like to see player developed content such as mods and scenarios.

We plan to be in Early Access for some time, during which we want to finish features in Episode 1: The Lost Explorers. In this first part of the game, gameplay consists of organizing a group of humans that are stranded in the wilderness on the alien planet. Currently, we have the humans behaving in a rational way, we've got alien animals and an extensive crafting system up and running. See the feature list below for a detailed description of current and planned features.

When you buy the game, it’s a one-time purchase giving you access to all existing and coming features, expansions, patches and episodes.

By buying the game early and giving us feedback you greatly support the project.”

About the Game

We take the colony sim genre into the near future, onto a lush planet where humans are making their first foothold. Characters and alien wildlife are brought to life through a rigorous simulation and the game plays out as a tug-of-war between humans and nature on a planet full of opportunities and dangers.

Understanding the alien environment is crucial - the resources you discover will provide a number of production options making you able to adapt when food gets scarce and equipment breaks.

Your role
In this game you will not feel like a commander issuing orders, because the settlers have no command chain but rely on voting if they disagree. You will get the sense that you're part of the community, organizing your group’s decisions, not bossing them around. You do this by using the Pioneer Planning Unit, an instrument issued by the Tau Ceti Mission. You will feel like a member of the group, sharing their victories and failures.

We will keep polishing the A.I. to ensure that humans and animals act as realistically and independently as possible.

The game takes place in a realistic sci-fi setting, in a plausible future without Faster-than-Light travel.

The year is 2238 and Earth’s first and only interstellar colonization ship has reached the end goal of its 100 year journey – a terran planet in the Tau Ceti star system. 2100 humans will now make this planet their new home. There are no additional supplies or reinforcements coming in - they must make do with what they brought and what they can find.

Early Access: Current features

Episode 1: The Lost Explorers
When we first enter the world, we experience the aftermath of a landing operation gone desperately wrong. We follow a handful of scientists that are lost in the wilderness. They have narrowly escaped an alien swarm which attacked the landing area and scared off the colonists about to land. The scientists are now far away and forgotten by the newly settled and struggling colony, so chances of rescue are slim.

Narrative scenarios
In these scenarios, you guide the explorers to survive by scouting the surroundings, locate useful resources and make improvised tools, weapons and structures. For food, you can hunt the elusive “thunder chicken” or try to spear the fish that inhabit the waters. There will be attacks by pack predators such as the so-called “twinkler” which emerges from the caves littering the landscape. To repel them you can construct ranged weapons and build fences, but to permanently end the threat you must locate their nests and come up with a way to clear them out.

If your explorers manage to survive long enough, they get rescued and rejoin the other settlers. This ends the scenario. Depending on which scenario you choose, a game lasts 1 hour or more.

The scenarios we have now are hand-made but we will quickly develop options to randomize things such as starting location, number of resources, camp members, enemies etc.

We will keep developing new scenarios with different objectives and features.

Note: We currently do NOT have the possibility to SAVE and LOAD a game - this is on the list of things we want to develop (see below).

Sandbox maps
If you want a free-form experience, you will soon be able to play sandbox maps with limited narrative and unlimited play time.

Early Access: Planned features

During the Early access phase we wish to develop most of the following features. But our plans could change, depending on the feedback we get and the resources we have.

Modding support (maps, scenarios, game data)
Save game functionality (games cannot presently be saved/loaded)
Languages (community provided translations)
Many more scenarios
Creatures can feed on food items and carcasses
Diseases / treatment
More animations / effects
Interface graphics polished

Known bugs/issues:
This is a management game with indirect control, which means that you're not supposed to directly command a character to carry out a task. But, if ordered tasks are not being carried out, (the characters are just standing around) and you don't know why, then it's either a bug or a feedback problem (the game should explain the reason to you). We take these issues very seriously and will work to address them whenever they show up.

Possible features in the long term (after Early Access)

We would like to provide Mac / Linux support at some point.

After finishing the first episode we want to build up the world with more gameplay features over a series of other episodes, each with a unifying theme. They will be in the form of either expansions or patches, but will be free of charge once you've bought the game:

Second episode: Agriculture
In the second episode we visit the early settlements. We meet the colonists who are starting to carve out a living on the planet from farming. Like the first, this episode will also deal with the relation between humans and nature but will present deeper ecosystemic dilemmas now that the front lines are being drawn up between Earth life and indigenous life.

Following episodes
We will see colonies produce goods and conduct mining operations. As the human society becomes more established, the settlers’ confidence grows. The colony can share knowledge with Earth (even though a message takes 10 years to travel between the planets) but what do they think of the way civilization on Earth has evolved? Maybe the settlers want to cut off communication, assert their independence and rename the planet.

See our website for a list of features that we might develop in the future:

System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Graphics: DirectX 10 capable graphics card
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 280 MB available space
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