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Online etiquette

Unread postby icycalm » 20 Aug 2014 20:12

icycalm: Are you on Steam to play something, or do you just stay logged in all day?
ingolfr: I tend to keep it minimised in the tray
icycalm: infernovia also does this
icycalm: I guess I'll have to write an article about this
icycalm: You are just making sure that no one will invite you to a game ever
ingolfr: I guess it's because it's quicker to open games if steam is already open... at least I think it is
ingolfr: I haven't really thought about it clearly
icycalm: I think people just like to feel "connected" to all their gadgets
icycalm: infernovia is on steam on his cellphone at work lol
icycalm: he can never play anything when we ask him, so we stopped asking him
icycalm: being on steam should be a signal that you are about to or up for playing games
ingolfr: there is the looking to play status
ingolfr: but I see your point
icycalm: I have never seen that status. I didn't know it existed.
icycalm: If everyone were using it, sure. But since no one is, being on Steam means you are up for playing games
ingolfr: I think you are on to something with needing to feel connected
ingolfr: sadly it distracts you from real connections
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