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[PC] Human Resources (Cancelled)

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[PC] Human Resources (Cancelled)

Unread postby Some guy » 02 Oct 2014 19:29 ... c-rts-game

The robot apocalypse gets complicated when tentacle monsters crash the party. Humans are the resource in this epic strategy game.

Want to destroy the world? Get in line.

Human Resources is a PC real-time strategy game that puts you in command of apocalyptic factions vying to conquer the drifting remains of a shattered Earth. Using humans as your resource, assemble giant armies to annihilate your foes, then feed the newly-cleansed Earthshards to your almighty leader.

Key Features of Human Resources include:

Asymmetrical factions! Play as ancient squid monsters from another dimension or as giant killer robots.

Insanely huge battles! Command hundreds of units and conquer sprawling, fully destructible cities.

Breathtaking visuals! A comic-inspired art style means the apocalypse has never looked so gorgeous.

Blast from the past! The tone, character, and pacing of a Command & Conquer game mixed with the mammoth battles of an Annihilation game.


The Singularity is nigh. Newly-sentient automated factories churn out waves of giant robots, hell-bent on dismantling and recycling all of human civilization. The insect-like Machines can deploy into stationary modes, enhancing their shielding and firepower. They decimate their enemies with ranged energy weapons.


The humans invoke the tentacled Ancient Ones in a last-ditch effort to stem the Machine onslaught. This proves unwise. Now the Ancient Ones vie with the Machines to consume the last scraps of Earth. The Ancient Ones advance in fast-moving hordes, overwhelming their foes with fearsome melee attacks. An assortment of arcane spells and foul poisons rounds out their arsenal.

Who knows what other factions may lurk in the void, waiting for the moment to strike?

Battles unfold on floating fragments of Earth as they are ripped from the planet and pulled toward the waiting mouths of god-sized faction leaders. The cities that lie in your path are fully destructible, as is the terrain beneath them. Uproot buildings to use as clubs! Create mighty warriors that can cut the Earthshard in two! Bore giant holes through the ground! Summon your overlords to eat the whole thing!


Up to eight players can duke it out on endlessly-varied procedural battlefields. Skirmish against up to seven AI adversaries on your own or fight multiple AI opponents alongside your friends.

Randomly-generated terrain and cityscapes create new opportunities from battle to battle. A single game may encompass one or many Earthshards, crisscrossed by any number of human settlements. Unexpected bonus items lurk in randomly-generated structures throughout the battlefield, encouraging improvisation and risk-taking.

Human Resources’ visual style is inspired by the clean color and precise linework of classic comic illustrators like Moebius, Hergé, and Geof Darrow. Clear silhouettes and easily-differentiated colors make it easy to navigate chaotic battlefields. We’ve created a homebrew rendering system to make the apocalypse prettier than it’s ever been before.


Uber Entertainment is an independent game studio founded in 2008 by a team of industry veterans who wanted to create high quality games in a small-team environment. In 2010, Uber released its first title, the critically-acclaimed Monday Night Combat. Since then, we have released Super Monday Night Combat, Toy Rush, and Planetary Annihilation.

Planetary Annihilation was developed with the support of a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign (the Planetary Annihilation team will continue to support that project while a new team builds Human Resources). Having experienced the unprecedented creative control, autonomy, and IP ownership enabled by crowdfunding, we can’t imagine going back to the old way of making games. With Kickstarter, we get to make the game we want, the way we want to make it -- and we get to work with you guys from day one.

With Planetary Annihilation, we think the results speak for themselves. The game is a beloved and critically lauded entry in the RTS canon, and we’re extremely proud of it. Now we’re ready to try something even more ambitious.

Human Resources evolves the powerful Planetary Annihilation engine to enable new innovations in gameplay, graphics, and world-building. We need your help -- not just as financial backers, but as partners who will shape key aspects of the game’s design.

humanresources_large5.jpg (87.19 KiB) Viewed 7735 times

Folks at Uber Entertainment have worked on titles like Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Supreme Commander, and Demigod. We are very passionate about RTS gaming and we can’t wait to show you our vision for the future of the genre.


John Comes - Lead Designer, Project Director

John Comes has spent the better part of his 13 year professional career working on some of the biggest strategy titles out there. Titles like: Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth, Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation, and more. He wants to take this opportunity to combine all the best parts of all these games and incorporate them into one awesome experience. After all, he knows awesome!

Nate Simpson - Art Director

Nate Simpson’s highlight reel includes Demigod, Supreme Commander 2, GoPets, and Starfleet Command 2. He also writes and draws Nonplayer, an Eisner Award-winning series published by Image Comics. His favorite games are Katamari Damacy and Shadow of the Colossus. He’s excited to have found a way to put both robots and monsters into the same game, and he’s hoping this isn’t all just a wonderful dream.
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Unread postby icycalm » 03 Oct 2014 19:17 ... st-1010140

I wrote:"Hundreds" of units lol.

This game is lame.

Aaaaaand, back to playing PA.

I have more to say, but I am saving it for the PA review.
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Unread postby icycalm » 07 Oct 2014 05:49

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Unread postby icycalm » 09 Oct 2014 02:43 ... st-1015543

I wrote:For me, the main thing is that HR is a far less ambitious game than PA, so hard to get too excited about. I think it may well be that plenty of other people feel the same. To quote myself from another thread: ... st-1015204

I wrote:To be more precise, everything that's going into HR would have been MUCH more effective it if went into PA instead. Extra factions, ravaged cityscapes, native populations, cool graphical effects, more art, more music, etc. It's like having a Ferrari and a Ford Fiesta and spending all your money adding leather seats, custom wheels, etc. to the Ford Fiesta. Maybe this somehow makes more sense from a business perspective (easier sales of inferior products to poor people), but artistically it's almost a crime.

I wrote:They should have asked for 900,000 and made the rest from Alpha and Beta access. Even inXile, which is much more wildly successful, has stuck to this strategy.

It will be a shame if this KS fails. The worst thing is that it will prejudice people's reception of future Uber Kickstarters. Hopefully they will be able to pull out some tricks in the next couple of weeks and avert this.
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Unread postby icycalm » 16 Oct 2014 21:00

I backed at the $250 level.

HARBINGER OF ARMAGEDDON ============================ You get a USB drive complete with the game and shaped like one of the game's units, a physical copy of the art book, two mini figurines of the game's units and everything from all the lower tiers!

First KS project I back too. Here's why: ... -post-1458

I wrote:Just want to say that your video commentary on HR convinced me this is a very well thought out project, both mechanically and aesthetically, and that I am backing it and telling all my readers to back it too. I am also hoping that if the KS doesn't make it you will pursue other funding avenues to get the game made. Best of luck with it then.

scathis is John Comes, the project's director. And the video in question is this: ... ts/1013048

Back it even if you don't expect the project to be funded. The higher the end amount is, the greater the chances they'll be able to find other funding avenues for it. Since it looks like there's no chance it will get funded, people could even pledge thousands of dollars if they wanted. And can't you retract the pledge in the unlikely case that it funds? I didn't do this, by the way. I am really down to spend $250 on this game.

And don't let the Ferrari debacle that I linked in the Uber thread [ > ] influence your decision. If there are any people who deserve Ferraris on this earth, it is genius videogame developers. If I were working as hard as they do on something so tedious as coding, I would be demanding Ferraris too for my work, at the very LEAST. Don't let ressentiment cloud your judgement. That is how all valuable people think. Ferraris are merely a prerequisite for a game like this to get made, that's why all the best game designers drive Ferraris.

That's all I have to say for now.

EDIT: ... nt-8131805

I wrote:Backed at $250. The world's number 1 videogame criticism and theory site ( highly recommends this project. Uber is the savior of the RTS genre (and the RTT one, as the case may be, with HR).
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Unread postby Some guy » 20 Oct 2014 22:53

The game has been cancelled. ... ts/1023675

John Comes wrote:The End is Nigh

Fellow meat sticks,

I come here today to give a wholehearted THANK YOU to everyone who backed us, tweeted, Facebooked, and stood on an overpass with a sign. It has been deeply humbling to see all the support. We are profoundly grateful to our fans who backed us, the press that has been so kind to post stories, and our colleagues, friends, and family that have supported us through all the emotional ups and downs.

The time has come to shut down the Kickstarter for Human Resources. Every Kickstarter prediction model is showing that we will come up woefully short of our goal. Running a Kickstarter is a full time job for several people. As a small indie, we can’t continue spending time and money focusing on a project that won’t get funded. We simply don’t have the human resources. #seewhatididthere

So what happens now? After we've spent some “recovery time,” which consists of a dark room and probably some sobbing, Nate and I will regroup and figure out what to do next. Who knows what the future holds for Human Resources? One thing is for sure, Human Resources, as pitched in this Kickstarter, is over. But we adore the world of Human Resources and will endeavor to do what we can to bring it to life in some form.

If you wish to find out what we do next, feel free to follow us:

John's Twitter: @JohnComes

Nate's Twitter: @NateSonOfSimp

Uber's Twitter: @UberEnt

Uber's Website:

Uber's Facebook:

Thank you again for all your support. We are truly touched by all the positive responses.

Yours in the apocalypse,

John Comes

Reminder: Because this game did not fund, Kickstarter will not take any of your pledge money and we will be unable to deliver any tier rewards.
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