[PC] [XS] [PS5] [ONE] [PS4] [STA] Far Cry 6 by icycalm on 01 Dec 2020 00:52

Radeon™ RX 6000 Partner Showcase Ep. 5: Far Cry 6 & Ubisoft


The 4K assets look unreal. More effort seems to have gone into a single 3D model than in an entire "indie" game.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by icycalm on 30 Nov 2020 21:45

Great deal on Homeworld:

Homeworld Remastered Collection Deluxe Edition €3,50
https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/4 ... e_Edition/


And if you want an extra game to try out with the new flight stick you should be buying for Star Wars: Squadrons, Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, I hear this is a good one, and it has what seems to be an even better sequel coming out soon:

Everspace €5,59

I got the Ultimate Edition for €11,67: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/4 ... e_Edition/


[PC] [XSX] [PS5] [ONE] [PS4] [STA] Cyberpunk 2077 by icycalm on 30 Nov 2020 17:03

That trailer sounds like it was written by someone who read my essays. It starts off by saying that their goal is to make "bigger, deeper, more complex games" with every game they make. And it ends by saying "immerse yourself in an open-world adventure", without using the term "RPG" anywhere. In the last chapters of my Role-playing Culture essay I will explain how tabletop turn-based RPG slowly morphs through the decades—with the injection of technology—into "open-world adventure", and finally Total Recall VR experience; but whoever cut this trailer pretty much already gets it.

[PC] Dyson Sphere Program by icycalm on 30 Nov 2020 16:22

Kickstarter is live and has another 19 days to go: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yo ... box-game-0

They're only asking for €8,525 and have already got €6,836. Life must be cheap in China where they live.

One new screenshot:


The camera is way more versatile than PA's at least.

I was hoping that multiplayer would be in their stretch goals, but no such luck. The most they have is an "online leaderboard in a shared galaxy". Doesn't seem like you'll be able to interact with others, but they'll be "in the same galaxy" and ranked on that leaderboard: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yo ... ts/3024500

Youthcat Studio wrote:
The Community Galaxy would be a visible galaxy in your universe where each star represents a player who is online, playing the Dyson Sphere Program just as you. The more developed their factories are, the more bright their stars will be. It’s a nice touch to give your universe some connection with others’, offer a sense of progress, and give you a pulse of how far you are lagging behind (or souring ahead!) compared with other players. We’re thinking of other ways for the Community Galaxy to become a hub of some sort connecting your efforts with those of other players – don’t hesitate to send us your ideas!

lol how about freakin' combat morons

In short, they are using the typical Chinese philosophy of grinding/MMORPGs, where competition is indirect, with each little ant slaving away in its own little corner, prohibited from touching any other ant, and only able to starve it or outcompete it on some score board. It's disgusting.


The third goal is cool though. You'll be able to assemble stuff in space, which is what was missing from PA. Trouble is I don't think they'll reach that goal... However, if the game does well on Steam they might put it in anyway, so all hope is not lost as long as the feature is on their drawing board, which it is.


Youthcat Studio wrote:
Stretch Goal III: $24,000 ─ Assembly Space Module
You asked for a Space Station and here it is! Starting from a small cube, create and customize your own floating base in the vastness of space, choosing between different modules that will provide you with different abilities. In Dyson Sphere Program you can only build facilities on the surface of a planet, so it can’t escape its gravity – but with the Space Module you can shoot their components to space and put them together up there!

The last goal is retarded though:

Youthcat Studio wrote:
Stretch Goal IV: $42,000 ─ Wandering Sun
Build thrusters so powerful that they can move a whole star. What could you possibly do with your own wandering sun...?

I don't know, maybe smash it against other stars, thereby ANNIHILATING them? Just an idea. But I am sure you'll pick something lame instead. You can see the utter paucity of their ideas as they don't even seem to know what to do with their own stretch goal. Partly it must be because they don't believe they can reach it, and partly that they're just not very inventive people.

But the worst part about all this is their opening of their KS pitch.

Youthcat Studio wrote:
Humanity is ready for a new era, but it needs more energy than ever. That’s why we, the space agency COSMO, started the Dyson Sphere Program. What was only a dream a few decades ago, is now possible thanks to our cutting-edge technology. But that does not mean that it will be an easy task: only a galaxy-wide production system will allow us such an extraordinary task. Fortunately, someone with remarkable organization skills will be in charge of this mission, and that’s you!

Their vision for humanity's future is literally about consumption. They can't think of anything higher for man to do than to consume. If someone was trying to parody Chinese mentality, he couldn't have done a better job than this. Further down their pitch it gets even more ridiculous:

Youthcat Studio wrote:
And of course, you will get to build the dream of all science-fiction fans, a Dyson Sphere, a massive device that orbits around a star and is capable of harnessing all its power.

Yeah buddy, that's why the greatest sci-fi movies and novels are about Dyson Spheres...

The devs are literal morons.

Some new play footage they put together:

Gameplay Trailer Sec 2.

Looks very smooth in its space-to-planet transitions. What a shame.

[PC] AirMech Wastelands by icycalm on 29 Nov 2020 16:56



This game is freakin' beautiful. Though granted I picked the best pics from the Steam page. Either way, I doubt the mechanics will match the aesthetics. Would so love to play a PA game with that art and graphics.

[PC] [MAC] Rust by icycalm on 27 Nov 2020 17:46

I just discovered there's no Rust thread on the site lol. So first off, here's my Videogame Art review of it:

Part I: https://culture.vg/reviews/videogame-art/rust.html
Part II: https://www.patreon.com/posts/35357043

More parts incoming.

In the meantime, check out Shadowfrax's latest video:

Tech trees, November Balance | Rust Update 27th November 2020

Normally we have a dedicated thread for his videos [ > ], but the upcoming tech tree update that he reveals in this video should be highlighted in the main thread because remember who told you first that Rust is first-person Civilization? People had no idea what I was talking about back then, but can you see it now that the devs have made it blatant even for morons?


icycalm tha prophet wrote:
And if the clan is comprised of 100 players, instead of 15, operating in separate groups spread out across the map tackling specialized objectives which boil down to eXploring, eXpanding, eXploiting, and eXterminating, what are you doing, precisely, if not participating in a real-time MMO version of a 4X game like Civilization?

P.S. This update will make the game even harder and more complex, because it means you won't be able to use advanced blueprints even if you own them, until you also have all their prerequisite blueprints. The devs just keep ratcheting up the complexity and difficulty with no end in sight lol.

Rust skins by icycalm on 26 Nov 2020 19:00

Some skins I just bought for the new wipe.

Recyclables box: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listi ... bles%20Box


Musical Notes Door to put in our band room: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listi ... tes%20Door


Minicopter Hangar Door: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listi ... gar%20Door


And a couple of cool wooden doors:

Red Decorative Wood Door: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listi ... ood%20Door


Midgard Door: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listi ... ard%20Door


You can see all my Rust skins and items here (at least I think it's public and you can see it, if not let me know and I'll see if I can make it public): https://steamcommunity.com/id/icycalm/inventory/

Rust+ mobile app by icycalm on 26 Nov 2020 17:41


Companion App

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .companion

The app has many uses, and is bound to keep getting more, but I wanted to point out that it's especially useful for groups like ours which use only proximity voice (actually, I think we're the only group doing this, as far as I know, apart from groups of randoms formed inside the game that haven't got on Discord yet; i.e. we're the only group doing it intentionally).



So if you have your phone (or better yet a tablet) on all the time, you can monitor the location of all your teammates, so you won't have to search for them. This IS a bit of a cheese, and it would be better if this functionality could only be unlocked by crafting an item in the game and carrying it with you, like a GPS unit, but I think that proximity voice is already such a big handicap that softening it a little this way is not a huge deal. You're still handicapped in tons of ways, but you just don't have to go searching for your friends all the time. And anything that makes me use the app more is a plus in my book. So keep that phone, or preferably a tablet, handy!

Rustafied blog by icycalm on 26 Nov 2020 16:20


Aside from running the most popular servers, Rustafied also runs a blog that gives advance info on the game before Facepunch themselves, and often also before Shadowfrax. Even when the info is available elsewhere, they do tend to break things down in more detail, so their blog is worth keeping an eye on.

One problem with their blog is that it doesn't seem to contain permalinks to their various posts, so you can only link their frontpage, or previous pages by page number, but these latter are useless as links because, as new content gets published, the content you linked to in a previous page gets pushed to older pages. The only way I have found to get permalinks is to copy-paste a sentence from the post you want to link to on Google (placed in "" so you get exact results), and that will bring up the permalink on the Google search results. It's annoying, but it works. That's how I got the permalink below.

So what just caught my eye is that there are THREE upcoming vehicles, instead of two as I thought before. We knew about the drone and the carts from Shadowfrax, but not about the crane. Sounds pretty awesome! It should be a great addition to the garage, and will probably need to be encased in chain link fence and overhead grilles like the large furnace.

https://www.rustafied.com/updates/2020/ ... and-drones

Rustafied wrote:
Upcoming vehicles: Drones, Carts, and Cranes!

There are three new vehicles in the pipeline, all on separate branches (so limited details on each).

First, the Work Cart, which looks to be a railroad track based cart which players will be able to drive. Given it has an engine, it’ll run on fuel (most likely low grade). Now where exactly will we find these and what will we use them for? Details haven’t been released, but the commits speak of train tunnels and overpasses, so we can guess some form of mining operation. Maybe integrated in the existing cave system / map? And it’d make sense then that the Work Carts help transfer resources out of the tunnel. All speculation, we’ll see soon enough.

Second up we have the Crane, which although on the ‘vehicles’ branch, is less of a vehicle and more of a tool. Word is this will be a magnetic crane which allows players to scrap cars for good scrap and resource return. A new way to get resources from items in the existing environment? Nice!

Finally, the Drone. This appeared in a new branch week but there’s been concept art for this item floating around for years now. Although there’s only been 3 commits, we can see the drone has been implemented and basic AI control has been added to fly to a position. Will these be just for surveillance or will they have some other capabilities? Only time will tell.

We’ll have more details on all of these as it comes to light.

Rustafied wrote:
More phone booths

Expect to see some more phone booths around the map in the near future as the ability to append a phone name with a map grid code has been added. That basically allows for phones to be placed at every gas station, supermarket, and more around the map.

I also love this addition. Now you'll be able to tell the exact location of each phone number in the directory, so you can call your neighbors specifically instead of random bases across the map. I was planning to include our grid code in our phone name anyway, and I will do it for this wipe, but from next week it looks like it'll be automatic.

We can also do things like name our phone "Call for alliance", etc. Lots of things can be done with the phones that no one has figured yet.

This is another cool addition:

Rustafied wrote:
Added support for promoting players to team leader from the app

The more things you can do from the app, the better.

Rust strategy by icycalm on 24 Nov 2020 17:53

The foundations look weird in this program. It took me a while to understand that the bottom blocks are foundations.

One thing I don't get about your design Robo is that it doesn't seem to be any more secure than all the bases we've made in the past. Isn't the whole point of honeycombing security? Where is even your honeycombing? I don't see any honeycomb. You still have just a couple of walls between the outside and the TC, as we usually do. In the working space (what you call "living floor") there is even only one wall.

Anyway, this can probably be fixed simply by adding proper inside walls/honeycombing, and maybe that's what we'll do. But I have a much more ambitious design to discuss. I'll post it in a sec, it'll blow everyone's minds.

[PC] [XS] [ONE] Last Oasis by icycalm on 24 Nov 2020 17:13

I haven't been keeping up with my Steam Activity feed in the last few weeks because I've been very busy, so I missed this by two days dammit... Two fucking days!

Xbox and Wipe Announcement
https://steamcommunity.com/games/903950 ... 2470063573

Donkey Crew wrote:

The question we’ve gotten the most since releasing the BB has been “When is the wipe??”

Today, we’ve got an answer for you: this Sunday, November 22nd at 5 PM CET!

That’s right, in less than a week, we’ll be bringing the changes from the BB over to the main branch, officially starting Season 2 of Last Oasis!

We’ve mentioned in the past that this will be a full wipe, both of the official and private servers. Beta Branch will be closed for the time being, but we'll likely bring it back later on, as it proved to be very useful when it comes to testing and feature iteration. As promised, private servers will also be allowed to host multi-tile realms once the update is live.

This will be a very large update, so extended server downtime might be expected on official as well as private servers. We'll try to maintain the experience as smooth as possible following the wipe, and will do our best to adjust the number of tiles on the fly. Please let us know if you find any issues at the start of the new season and we'll address them as soon as possible. The fastest way to reach us is through our Discord. If you haven’t joined it yet, we encourage you to do so!

If you plan on using up your existing resources in a blaze of glory before they’re gone and have some fun, be sure to share videos or screenshots with us!


Season 2 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz8ySxXoXrA

Season 2 began November 22nd and they announced in on the 17. LiF made the announcement WEEKS earlier, maybe over a month earlier, when it wiped back in the spring. To an extent, I can understand announcing it at the last minute, because once you've announced it traffic falls because people don't want to be building stuff that will be wiped soon, but on the other hand you have to give your playerbase SOME TIME to become aware of the wipe announcement, especially the INACTIVE players whom you are trying to get back in the game, no? and who are therefore less likely to hear of the wipe RIGHT AWAY.

At any rate, I was playing Rust anyway and having the time of my life, so I regret nothing. I'll just wait for Season 3, and hope that many of you will wait with me.

On a more positive note, now both Atlas and Last Oasis are officially using the "Season" designation to make semi-regular wipes official, so they are finally following Rust's lead in this, and not a moment too soon. Only LiF hasn't done this yet.

For more info and commentary on LO, check out the game's thread: https://culture.vg/forum/topic?t=6878

lol by Some guy on 23 Nov 2020 21:25

The PS5 Absolutely Cannot Play Discs - Mega64
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3AiWzA ... nel=Mega64

Rust strategy by ChevRage on 22 Nov 2020 02:04

Oh, right, I see what you are saying.

We could always leave the very roof of the staircase exposed. It's not ideal, but I don't think anybody would be willing to camp there for a very long time, even if they manage to get up there via thatch platforms, which would also be fairly noticeable. The staircase seems isolated from the rest of the base too, via doors at least. And that's if they can see that there's a hole in the top of our base, which they could only see if they fly over it or make the effort to get on top of it in the first place.

And on the other hand, we could instead make the tower taller for more vertical room. We'll definitely need space for even more stuff that we have never seen yet. I only used lockers for the first time yesterday, and if you haven't, you gotta log on and check them out. We have one in our base right now. They basically function as a loadout, and you can save up to 3 outfits and hotbar configurations with it, and swap them with whatever you have equipped at the click of a button.

Rust strategy by Robomoo on 21 Nov 2020 20:03

What you said can be done but it takes up a bit more space. You'll need at least two tiles per floor to make an 'airlocked' staircase:


Whereas a single staircase takes up just one tile per floor, which gives you much more room overall if you're building a small base:

(A single staircase using triangular stairs, like in the base design I posted earlier, takes up two triangle tiles per floor. An airlocked triangular staircase would take up 4 per floor.)

An airlocked staircase is also more secure than a single staircase, since once a raider breaks into a single staircase that gives them access to every floor of the base through just one more door.

Another way to avoid breaking the ceiling would be to build your entire staircase before the rest of the building, but that looks pretty stupid:

If we built a base with a single square staircase, we could also replace it later on with an elevator.

Rust strategy by ChevRage on 21 Nov 2020 18:19

I'm curious to see how it looks in-game and with all the different materials the base will eventually be made of, like sheetmetal, etc.

One way we could save ourselves having to constantly break the roof like you say, is to simply build a single tile into the next floor, complete with door as exit onto the current roof, as preparation for each floor. And once we are ready with the necessary materials we expand properly onto that floor. I've seen this type of thing happen with other people's bases to some extent over the last two days.

Rust strategy by Robomoo on 21 Nov 2020 15:59

I came up with a design for a base we could try next time:

The complete version above costs about 40-50K stone, but we can build it modularly and only add as many floors as we need.

The base starts off like this:


The first floor + roof airlock costs 12K stone total.

A three-floor version of the base, with a living floor and a firing floor, costs 25K stone:

Living floor:

Firing floor:

For comparison, this part of our beach base costs 29K stone:

One problem with my new design is that you have to break a ceiling every time you want to add a new floor, which is annoying but ultimately saves space internally.

I have quite a few other ideas for how I could adjust this design. Let me know what you guys think.

[PC] [ONE] Atlas by Archonus on 21 Nov 2020 13:56

https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/at ... 18-v515_17

Now this is interesting, they're letting players build defensive docks for ships now. We used to have to do this ourselves by encasing the normal docks with large stone walls.


As a survival sandbox, the gameplay surrounding the risk of losing your stuff is part of the appeal. However, there is a balance to it and we recognize the need to introduce some elements to help with survivability. One of the first things we’ll be introducing are Armored Docks, as seen in the preview image, to protect your hard earned ships!

With tonight’s update, players will be able to build the first one - the Large Armored Dock, which can be found in the Seamanship Tree under the Expert Shipwright skill. For 1200 Alloy, 1800 Fiber, 6000 Stone, 2000 Thatch, and 2500 Wood and a daily upkeep cost, players will be able to build a Large Armored Dock to park and protect their ship in this 300,000 hp Armored Structure.

But the huge news is the barrel bomb nerf. Barrel bombs can no longer be shot out of cannons, which means cannons on carts drawn by horses and bears. They can still be shot out of catapults. And they also need 80 gold to craft.

lol by Some guy on 20 Nov 2020 10:52

The Gaming Commercial
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypgw3Nj ... ilJamesson

[PC] [XSX] [PS5] [ONE] [PS4] [STA] Cyberpunk 2077 by Beakman on 19 Nov 2020 22:44

Official Gameplay Trailer


Shadowfrax videos by icycalm on 13 Nov 2020 19:32

Twitch drops, supply drop V2 | Rust update 13th November 2020


Lots of minor additions and fixes, but the big news comes right at the end: the drone is being worked on... It's been in the game files for ages, but they are restarting work on it. Plus work on the rail system continues, and the new art assets.

This is what the drone looks like:


Seems like a pure surveillance drone. I imagine you will be able to control it from your base to patrol the map or guide your friends into a raid, while you sit on the computer and watch via the screen. But I would imagine you would need a walkie talkie to talk to your friends—if we ignore Discord—so I hope that's coming next.

Rust strategy by icycalm on 12 Nov 2020 15:49

Great tips, I especially liked that you noted that with more players, you start attracting attention and need a new strategy. That said, the initial 2x1 build order should be the same regardless of group size, and we ALWAYS get that wrong (because I am in charge lol and keep forgetting it). Let's try not to next time.

Rust strategy by Robomoo on 12 Nov 2020 15:34

Here's my idea for a more aggressive + PVP oriented strategy than what we usually do, which we could try out in Ciarog's game next week.

My strategy the past couple of times I played has been to build in wooded areas near a small monument, preferably a harbour. The closer you are to a monument the quicker it is to get scrap, which is the main limiting factor in teching up for most of the game. Playing on wipe day we might struggle to gain a foothold, but with 2 or 3 of us I think we could manage. All we need to get started is a 2x1, which I can usually manage to put down after a few tries playing on my own on Sunday afternoon.

These areas are usually quite densely populated with 2- or 3-man bases, plus the occasional small clan base. Every run out of your base is likely to turn into a fight, so you will lose stuff every now and then, but you can mitigate this by mainly making short trips and banking your stuff frequently. The advantages of playing in this kind of area are:
-It's quicker to tech up overall because more resources
-Lots of fights are good practice (and more fun if you prefer that kind of playstyle)
-You have the potential to leapfrog the tech tree if you actually win fights, which becomes more likely the more you practice fighting

So it's higher risk, higher reward, and you reduce the risk by investing only minimally in your base and gear, and using all your scrap on research as soon as you acquire it.

This is my usual build order:
Sleeping bag/s -> stash -> stone tools -> stone/wood 2x1 -> airlock -> furnace -> internal metal door (+code locks) -> workbench 1 -> wood armour + crossbows -> research table (75 scrap)

At this point, we continue farming scrap from the surrounding area, until we unlock the basic guns, either by heading to the bandit camp with 250 scrap or winning one in a fight and researching it. Then after this we farm up and build a new base to replace our crappy 2x1, maybe in a less populated area.

This strategy is probably best for a group of 2 or 3. Maybe 4 at most. More than that and we will attract too much attention and will have to actually start dominating the area around us, which I think we lack the skills for currently.

Here's a tip for putting a base down quickly: get 1200 wood + 600 stone / 400 wood, and place 2 foundations, a TC, and lock the TC. You can get that done in about 5 minutes with just a rock, and pretty much no one is going to bother knocking it down just to get at your two pieces of foundation. Then you only need about 1500 wood or 2000 stone to complete the rest of it with one door.

A tip for getting your first sleeping bag down: If you spawn near a small monument, it's worth it to run into it and hit some crates. If you find a jacket, a tarp, a rope or several other items and recycle them you'll instantly have enough cloth for one bag.

[WEB] BattleMapp by icycalm on 11 Nov 2020 21:29


TaleSpire has competition!

BattleMapp is another next-gen 3D VTT, the big difference is that it has ANIMATION, making it even more like a videogame! Watch the video here: https://twitter.com/BattleMapp/status/1 ... 2449848321

Unlike TaleSpire, this is browser-based, and you can already use it here: https://www.battlemapp.io/

Some features are locked behind Patreon access: https://www.patreon.com/battlemapp

Cool naval mechanics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Gb5IE0DQ8


Facepunch updates by icycalm on 11 Nov 2020 18:34

This has huge implications even for the regular game. Now all the clans will have their own numbers in the server's directory listed under the clan name, and they will be able to contact each other and set up alliances etc. within mere hours of the wipe. Just because people use Discord doesn't mean they have the Discord address of every clan in the game, in fact in my experience the opposite is true. So now even the regular servers will become much more strategic, though of course still nowhere near the level of Uberust. (And note that this is something that games like LiF and Atlas can't do because of their theme.)

Also note that I distinctly remember years ago that there is a walkie talkie asset in the game's files, or at least concept art of it was posted on the roadmap at some point, and that would be even more of a game-changer for Uberust if it made it into the game. And now that the phone is in, I think the walkie talkie can't be far behind.

And finally, this from a year ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comme ... e_in_rust/

FriyMan wrote:
Radio communication is now possible in Rust!

Now that the new detonator has been added to the game, I realised that we can now create working radio telegraphs, that will use morse code to communicate. Just hook up a radio receiver to a light, and boom! you have a radio telegraph that can receive messages in morse code from someone clicking a detonator. I do not think that it would be widely used, as, well, discord is a thing, but anyways, I think there is something to be explored in this case. Hopefully, we could have a full working telegraph some time in the future.

TelonTusk wrote:
just wait for someone to make a dot matrix display with lights and computer and you can send ascii characters over radio signals

FriyMan wrote:

Meanwhile, none of us has ever reached the electricity stage either in the regular game or on Uberust lol. I am up for playing a wipe soon and trying to rectify this. Maybe in December.

Facepunch updates by Ciaróg on 11 Nov 2020 13:50

Stables Update


In addition to the main feature of stables and some more variety of weather which are welcome additions to the game Rust also just added Telephones. This is huge in particular for Uberust because of the way we play using only the in game chat. It adds so much extra possible depth to the game.

Facepunch wrote:
Catch up with friends and prank call your enemies with the new Telephone deployable. Once deployed and connected to power, you can use the telephone to call any other telephone on the island. Simply enter a number, hit Dial and the other phone will start ringing and can be picked up by anyone.

Looking for someone new to chat with? You can use the Directory tab to see a list of public phones. Any phone with a name will be listed in the directory, so to make your phone public you just to need to name it in the Dialing UI. You can delete the name of your phone to disable the public listing if you want some peace and quiet.

You'll find Phone Booths in several Monuments that are available for use if you wanted to check in on your base while in the outpost. Monument Phone Booths are all publicly listed and will appear in the Directory tab for everyone. There are also a small number of Phone Booths on the side of the road.

If you find yourself calling friends regularly you can also use the Contacts page to manually save numbers for future use.

Imagine phoning home because you found an incredible stash at a monument and you need help to carry it home safely only to hear one of your enemies laugh down the receiver and inform you your base is now under their control.

[PC] [ONE] Atlas by Archonus on 04 Nov 2020 15:27

Atlas is scheduled to wipe on November 10.

https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/at ... ment-r341/

Early next week, we are expecting to release the third part of the Trade System which will introduce the actual Trading functionality. In order to implement this, a wipe will be required. Currently, this is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 10.

vorpX by ChevRage on 30 Oct 2020 18:57

This is a cool looking program that allows you to play games through a VR headset even if they don't normally support one. I've got a headset of my own coming in hopefully within this year, and I'd really like to try this out when I can. Hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 will be supported by it when it comes out.


Vorpx In 2020 - Is It Worth It?

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 IN VR - VorpX Oculus Rift Gameplay

[PC] Darkest Dungeon II by Some guy on 26 Oct 2020 22:15

Teaser: "A Glimmer of Hope"

Red Hook Studios wrote:
It’s time to face the failures of the past.

Lash your gear to the stagecoach, fix your eyes on the horizon, and prepare to roll into Early Access on the Epic Games Store in 2021!

Wishlist Today: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p ... eon-2/home

[PC] [ONE] Atlas by Archonus on 24 Oct 2020 11:03

Patch Preview: Setting up the Sea Forts!
https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/at ... orts-r329/

News about the next patch. The devs talk about the new Trade System and show off a new type of island that players can capture to control trade routes called Sea Forts.


And they finally address wipes!

Grapeshot Games wrote:Many players were also concerned upon hearing about “more wipes.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s going to suddenly be wipes left and right, only that instead of hesitating to wipe or waiting until a new “season,” we will perform the wipe if a situation calls for it. However, it does mean that a wipe can happen at any time, but only when necessary. We're going to do our best to minimize the possibility, but the possibility is always there. We'll announce wipes when we're sure, although how much of a heads up we can give is going to depend on the situation.

Understandably, many of you were also anticipating a wipe after hearing this news. This next patch will NOT include a wipe. However, as we continue to implement the Trade System, a wipe will be a necessary part of the process. We do not have a date for this yet, and will make an announcement once we do. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

[PC] [ONE] Atlas by Archonus on 21 Oct 2020 10:30

Captain's Log #41: A New Direction and Trade System + Ramming Ship Tease
https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/at ... ease-r326/

The dev team have announced that they will be releasing new content at a higher frequency from now on. They're already working on a new Trade System and have teased the first of gold-purchasable ships, the Ramming Ship!


dndbattlegrounds.net by icycalm on 21 Oct 2020 06:16

Two new settings are up today, Ravnica and Ghostwalk (the latter with a theme music up already): http://dndbattlegrounds.net/


Ghostwalk is pretty cool. If you die, you continue the game as ghost. Plus it has cover art by Brom. The book also includes seven adventures from levels 1 to 12, so it's quite playable even though nothing more has been released for it. It will make for a perfect bonus/extended setting in-between more epic adventures.


Ravnica I used to have up, then I took it down, then I took another look at it and put it back up. It's pretty cool too: a city extending to an entire world. It also has no material for it, but there should be enough hooks in the book to make another bonus/extended setting out of it.

There are still a handful of settings left, and I am examining them. All the major ones are done though. It's only minor ones left now, but I am taking my time because I want to vet every one of them carefully. I think I'll be leaving at least a couple of them out, because they seem low-quality.

Beyond the above, I am preparing a very cool update that, among other things, will explain the differences between Ultimate, Mythic and Epic mechanics. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready, otherwise in a couple of days.

Starting instructions by Some guy on 20 Oct 2020 13:00

About The Will and the Way, it lists some mistakes in The Complete Psionics Handbook such as devotions being mislabeled as sciences or powers having the wrong prerequisites listed, I think one or two powers are even in the wrong discipline. So we should use it just to make sure psionic powers are correctly categorised when we pick them. The book does make small additions to the rules of psionic combat but they are optional so we can just use what we need and then ignore the rest of the book until it is properly unlocked.

Starting instructions by icycalm on 19 Oct 2020 17:47

I have news for all groups.

1. First up, the D&D3 page: http://dndbattlegrounds.net/groups/dnd3/

On second thought, I removed two of the three new books I added earlier today. They mostly add brand-new classes which are better left as unlockables as the campaign progresses. So the only new book you get is the Advanced Race Guide. This includes both rules for specializing the core races, plus brand-new races. It is only the former that you're allowed to use for the time being (i.e. pages 1-76). You'll be unlocking the new races as you play.

2. I also made some pretty heavy edits to the D&D1 and D&D2 pages:


First off, I removed the older maps and replaced them with a single larger one, which now contains all the currently-unlocked adventures. This is the same map that features on the frontpage of the site.

Second, I've removed THREE of the books. That's partly because they feature some spoilers in the lore, and partly because I've decided to make that material unlockable later. If you've already read some of that stuff, it's not a big deal, you just won't be able to use it for now.

This update CONCLUDES the group pages for now. All the material you will need to make your first characters and start playing is now online. You've already picked your adventures. We're ready to go as soon as you roll your characters, and this will be happening this week.

Starting instructions by icycalm on 19 Oct 2020 14:03

I finally have news for group D&D3. Check out your updated group page: http://dndbattlegrounds.net/groups/dnd3/

These are the updates:

-Pathfinder theme music now plays whenever you load the page, though for some reason it's kind of buggy on Firefox. It usually plays the first time, but if you reload the page it doesn't. That doesn't happen with the Dark Sun theme in the other two group pages, though the code is identical, so my only surmise is that it has to do with the PF theme being longer.

-The Trove's restructuring and domain change had broken the links to the two PF books, so I fixed them. Make sure you let me know if you notice broken links anywhere on the site.

-Three new books have been added. Check them out if you want, but if you don't have the time or inclination, it's all cool, they are just additional specialized options, you can ignore them and just pick something from the Core Rulebook. dan might offer some more explanations soon. We are considering giving you more books, but we're not sure yet. For now you have these five. This is what a small PF book collection looks like:


We'll be making all the books available via unlocking. We're just trying to figure out precisely how many to offer at the start.

-At the bottom of the page you can now see the cover of Kingmaker: Stolen Land, the adventure you picked. You can click on it to view it at full res, which is much higher than the version offered on the map. It's a gorgeous cover.

-Cover quality for the five books at the top is not ideal, and I'll be improving it in the future. Cover quality for Kingmaker: Stolen Land is ideal, and that's why I am hosting the file on the site instead of hotlinking it off Amazon or whatever. When you see a file hosted on the site, it means it's in ideal quality, and the plan is eventually to have everything hosted on the site.

The Trove and other resources by icycalm on 19 Oct 2020 05:31

The folder sizes provide essentially a ranking of the games from best to worst lol, as I explained in Role-playing Culture. Look at Fallout with 180 MB lol.

The Trove and other resources by shubn on 18 Oct 2020 19:42

I downloaded the following Trove folders:

- Call of Cthulhu (33.5 GB)
- Cyberpunk (4.9 GB)
- Dungeons & Dragons (310 GB)
- Fallout (181 MB)
- Pathfinder (65.5 GB)
- World of Darkness (31 GB)

In my previous post, I mentioned having to specifically include PDF files in the HTTrack settings. I did a test, and it seems I was wrong. I suspect this option has to do with linked files located on other domains than the one specified. I skimmed the manual and couldn't find this information.

Another thing I learned: HTTrack seems to limit the max transfer rate and the number of connections at first, but it is possible to increase these values over the default limit during the download, via the Mirror > Modify options menu option. I'm not sure changing the max transfer rate actually works, but changing the number of connections definitely does (I used 14), making the overall download time shorter.

[PC] [ONE] [PS4] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint by ChevRage on 16 Oct 2020 18:31

I've been getting a significant amount of input lag when playing this game, so I've done some googling, and found this guide:

https://www.en.magicgameworld.com/how-t ... g-low-fps/

Changing the Nvidia settings and running the game in Vulkan mode fixed it for me. You can find the Vulkan mode by launching the game from Uplay, and selecting the Vulkan option that pops up. I wasn't getting that option when running the game from the Epic Game Store.

dndbattlegrounds.net by icycalm on 13 Oct 2020 05:19

Added a bunch more stuff: http://dndbattlegrounds.net/

First off, Council of Wyrms! It's right at the bottom, check it out. Including its theme.

And then I also added themes for the Forgotten Realms, Eberron and Greyhawk, all picked with my impeccable music taste, as always.

Only two settings remain without themes, but I am planning on adding a few more settings as well, mostly minor ones, and group them into categories, etc. Then a bunch of logos need to be touched up, and I also want to do something about that Greyhawk map because it's ugly and gives the impression the setting is crap, which it isn't. Unfortunately that's the only one I have found that covers the entire planet, so I don't know what I'll do.

I am definitely getting very close to a state that I'd be happy with to start playing. Very, very close now.

dndbattlegrounds.net by Archonus on 12 Oct 2020 20:40

Yeah, it all sounds great. Birthright's "Victory" sounds fantastic, I agree Chev. Very nice build up with the vocals in the background, the female especially, she really belts it at the end lol. Dark Sun's theme is cool, too. It starts off desolate and somber, then ramps up quickly. I think my favorite is Pathfinder's theme, I love how strong the strings are. Good stuff!

dndbattlegrounds.net by ChevRage on 12 Oct 2020 18:56


It's so hard to choose a favourite, but at the moment the Birthright track resonates well with me. The Dark Sun track is a close second.

The music players work perfectly on Chrome too btw.

dndbattlegrounds.net by icycalm on 12 Oct 2020 17:45

Really cool update on the site today, check it out: http://dndbattlegrounds.net/

Five of the settings now have theme music: Planescape, Ravenloft, Pathfinder, Dark Sun and Birthright. You can play the tracks with the embedded music players placed to the right of each setting's description text. Note that the controls are a little fiddly, and the "hitboxes" for the buttons are all over the place. Just click around and you'll figure it out. Worst case, just refresh the page. It should work on most browsers, but I've only tested on Firefox; if all else fails, just use that.

Note that these tracks will play at the climactic fight of every adventure that takes place in the respective settings, so when you hear them you know it's make or break time.

More cool stuff coming soon, but for the time being enjoy the tracks, and let us know if you have a favorite.

[PC] TaleSpire by icycalm on 12 Oct 2020 13:04

Insane giant new game board by Istallri Astra.

LOW . DETAIL . CITY - Your Small Maps Bigger Than Life - [TaleSpire]


Istallri Astra wrote:
Here is my latest project, LDC or Low Detail City is a set of tiles that will allow you to make overworld maps and gigantic maps with little to no FPS or performance cost!

It's much bigger than in the pic/thumbnail above. Gotta see it to believe it.

Starting instructions by icycalm on 12 Oct 2020 06:36

Big updates today for the Dark Sun groups, check them out:


First thing you'll notice is we now have the official Dark Sun music theme (if it doesn't work on your browser, let me know and I'll look into it; in the meantime try another browser, it should play automatically on loading the page). Don't ask where I found this music; as far as you are concerned, this is the official Dark Sun theme. I spent half a day looking for it so that you can enjoy it and allow it to draw you into the setting, so let it do that. There will be lots and lots of music on the site and throughout the campaigns, and trust me when I say that the best way for you to appreciate this music and become immersed in the setting is to not inquire on its origin. Just accept what I give you as I give it to you. It's for your own good.

Moving on, you will notice a bunch of new books up. Use them to better understand the rules, the setting and your character options. Use them to create specialized characters, and be ready to tell me your build when I contact you later during this week. Only the books that are up are available to you. You will be unlocking further books as you play, but for now you only have what's up there. Also, don't worry if your particular character class doesn't have a specialized book up. That doesn't mean it's a worse class. First pick your class from the Rules Book, and IF it turns out that it has a specialized book, continue with that, otherwise just stick with the core Rules Book, and you're good. Same goes with the races. The game is very well balanced and trust me when I say that super-specialized characters come with as many headaches and pitfalls as advantages.

Note that the pages are still a work in progress. In particular I will be improving the quality of the cover scans, even going as far as touching up imperfections with Beakman's and shubn's help via Photoshop etc. Another thing is that the two main Dark Sun books—the Rules Book and The Wanderer's Journal—still link to the entire boxed set, which means you must navigate its contents to find them, and take care not to read the adventure at the end. With Beak's help I will break down the boxed set into separate PDFs, then upload those to the site so that when you click on a book, you'll get precisely that and not the whole boxed set. The rest of the books are okay, but we'll also be rehosting all of them eventually so that you'll never have to leave our website to read up on the campaign material.

And we're still working on the Pathfinder group's page. The setting will be getting its own theme music and a bunch of more books for you to check shortly.

Why the Highest Artform Attracts the Lowest Lifeforms by icycalm on 10 Oct 2020 07:10

Dogs being chased away by Apex Legends characters. Hilarious.

https://twitter.com/NostalgicVGEdit/sta ... 4579252226


Melanin McRawrz @Mc_Rawrz wrote:
the betrayal in his eyes!

[PC] Dyson Sphere Program by icycalm on 10 Oct 2020 06:35

Dyson Sphere Program looks like an interstellar Factorio
https://www.pcgamer.com/dyson-sphere-pr ... -factorio/

Fraser Brown wrote:
Youthcat reckons it'll be in Early Access for around a year, with the team introducing more planets, custom mechs, the ability to build in space and monster attacks.

So there will be enemies, but in the typical city-building mild form of "monster attacks" inherited from SimCity... It's not great, but it's better than nothing, and as long as there are enemies in, maybe you'll be able to mod them to be a real challenge, or mod more types of them in etc. Also, building in space will be awesome, and together with free spaceflight is precisely what a PA2 should have, as I mentioned earlier. Custom mechs is a cool feature but not very important. Still waiting to hear about multiplayer.