Cult Fleet by ysignal on 22 May 2024 04:54

I bought an X1, Pulse, Pulse LX, Ursa Medivac, F7C Hornet Mk II and a Polaris (cash).

The End of Videogame (and Art) Theory by icycalm on 21 May 2024 19:01

Anonymous wrote:
The best videogame related graph of all-time

It's incredible how much this graph manages to communicate with just one image. I've never seen any other graph attempt to explain the entire videogame playing habits of the entire human race in one image. And not only have I never seen anyone attempt to do this before, but it explains everything. Normies, weirdos, exceptions etc. all different types of gamers are accounted in this graph.

Not only are all of the different types of players modeled here, but all of the videogame genres are modeled here as well. It's completely unprecedented for someone to even mention all videogame genres at all, but to effectively rank them and in a single image... wow.

I'd recommend that if you find this graph interesting to look the URL in the image up, or search for icycalm, and buckle up for a wild ride....

Anyway, I'm curious about what others think about this? What do you see when you see this graph anon? What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Anonymous wrote:
This is a really funny image
Game Master Roleplaying is awesome but you have no idea how many white guys play sports games.

Many also play flight simulators when training as pilots. Should we count those too?

What about CAD programs that rival Minecraft? Photoshop?

They aren't even videogames.

This graph isn't for software. It's specifically for videogames, and the people who play them. The American who only plays Madden and the European who only plays FIFA aren't gamers, and the software they're using aren't really videogames. Ergo, they're not on the graph at all. ("Sports games" on the graph refers to stuff like fantasy sports, sci-fi sports and the like, not to sports sims. There are no sims in the graph at all because they aren't games.)

Anonymous wrote:
I'd bet if you look up the sales figures of one of the 3D GTAs versus an individual Madden or FIFA or whatever I'm sure that 3D crushes those sports games in sales.

The hype around the semi-recent GTA6 reveal took of the Internet for a couple of days. I think their video broke some sort of record for how quickly a videogame trailer got however many views on YouTube. Meanwhile, I don't even know what the newest version of Madden is even called or even if they are still releasing them anymore, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Anonymous wrote:
Could your argument for Star Citizen not being high quality be that it's "vapourware"? I ask because typically when people have anything negative about the game that to say that can be communicated in like a sentence it basically just means that they haven't bothered to google the game in years, or haven't learned what early-access means for some reason.

Anonymous wrote:
Someone that doesn't on a deep level appreciate the entirety of videogames couldn't make comparisons between genres at all that remotely make any sense. Their understanding couldn't resemble anything coherent unless they truly "get it".

Look, if you could name someone who could write in-depth reviews explaining games as different as Rust, Gunvalkryie, Mushihime-sama, Power Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Citizen, Life is Feudal or even the first videogame Spacewar why would they be "genre-brained" or whatever dumb word you used. Someone who could write reviews on games that different obviously plays or has played every remotely artistic videogame that has ever come out. Could you name me someone else who has even played all of these games, or better yet has even heard of them all?

Anonymous wrote:
Have you read his site? His reviews? His essays? His forum posts? I struggle to understand how anyone could accurately appraise his output and call it superficial.

I suppose to understand your argument better maybe it would help if I understood what games you play and prefer. Whichever ones you play and prefer would be the ones where you can most accurately point out "errors" in his analysis so what are your favorites if I may ask?

Anonymous wrote:
I’ve done tabletop
I like it but it can be very time consuming and it’s obnoxious if you have shit players

Precisely because it's so demanding in player ability, it's the greatest genre. Because of the real roleplaying involved.

Anonymous wrote:
There are FP4X games? I've heard of FPS/RTS games but never a FP4X game

Anonymous wrote:
You have to read Insomnia ( to have heard of them. Only icycalm and his readers use the term. It's something he invented. Examples of games in this genre are Life is Feudal, Atlas, and Starbase. Rust is close as survival-builder, maybe that's one you've heard of or played before?

Maybe reading this thread would be a good place to start learning about the genre: ... P4X#p33140

It's mentioned in so many places that I honestly don't know the best place to send people who would be interested in learning more...

Anonymous wrote:
To me this chart reeks of insecure "thing I like is for big-brain chad (me), and thing I don't like is for browns"

That's pretty much correct lol, just without the insecurity but a tremendous feeling of security.

Anonymous wrote:
>rythmn games put on the too simple most popular with blacks spectrum
Tbf, exponential difficulty scaling really kicked in in the 2010s after rhythm games fell off in the west. It's a very niche genre and as a result very few people even know what the skill ceiling is in modern games.

They don't understand the difference between form and example. WarCraft is example. The RTS genre is the form. The graph is about forms, not examples (the images are merely illustrative, to help speed comprehension). So it doesn't really matter if blacks play rhythm games. They WOULD be playing them if there were more such games with the simplistic and stupid kind of music that blacks prefer. Plus, keep in mind that blacks don't really play games in general. browns in general do not engage with art, and in the rare occasions when they do, it's very little art, very briefly. So of course in practically ALL genres, Whites will be more prominent than any other race. An exception is for example visual novels that are so retarded that only yellows like them. But that's just an exception.

Anonymous wrote:
icycalm still having an impact, awesome. dude was ahead of the curve so hard it's not even funny. he was on fire back when the indie scene was taking off, it was glorious. but not everyone can handle the neutron style.

Anonymous wrote:
>it explains so much about gamers and their playing habits
No it doesn't. Putting aside the numerous unsubstantiated empirical claims it makes and assuming the theory is sound, what does a statement like "platfomers are low quality" actually explain about the world? It's not explanation, it's religion. It's junk.

Anonymous wrote:
It explains a lot. But you basically have to read icycalm's writings to understand what it does. If I try to explain it I will butcher it, guaranteed.

But some of the things it explains are more obvious. Think about side-view action games for example. Games like Metal Slug, Contra, Castlevania etc. all have jumping in them. But jumping isn't the only action that can be performed in those games, and think about how different say Super Mario World is from Castelvania as a result. Doesn't it make sense then that the best platformer would ultimately be inferior to the best side-view action game since the entirety of the mechanical possibly space of the 2D platformer genre can fit in a side-view action game? It's one thing to say that, but it's another thing to show that in a single image, and across all genres.

It also explains that best 2D platformers are "low-quality" compared to the best Open-world CPRG games for the same reason. Think of how much you can do in a game like Cyberpunk 2077 versus Super Mario World. Doesn't it make sense then that if you're judging the aesthetic and mechanical dimensions of these genres that Super Mario World can ultimately be viewed as low-quality in comparison to Cyberpunk 2077. This doesn't mean that Super Mario World isn't a great videogame. I've played it and loved it, but is it is aesthetically or mechanically complex as Cyberpunk 2077? No.

Anonymous wrote:
Chess is just a turn based game strategy that only has 6 types of units kinda embarrassing most gacha games are more sophisticated

Anonymous wrote:
Black people don't play rhythm games. That's Primarily Asians.

That's because asians are more skewed to the left than Whites. Whites prefer PLAYING ACTUAL INSTRUMENTS, while asians, being far less mature, prefer the stupid version of instruments in rhythm games. And as for blacks, if someone made rap rhythm games, and africa or whatever music games, the few blacks who play games at all would play them, and they would play them a lot more than they play Star Citizen, ergo my theory is proved.

Anonymous wrote:
This interests me but the first red flag I have is listing genres by quality. To say every RTS is better than every CRPG just sounds like a silly comparison cause they go for two different things.

I never said this, he said this, and the graph doesn't show this. The quality axis shows the ceiling of each genre.

Anonymous wrote:
Yes, different people have different tastes, obviously. This is something that the graph demonstrates. Everyone doesn't agree inherently that reality=better, yes, also true.

Yes, I am speaking from my own perspective when I say that realism=better because for me realism is better.

If you personal preference is less real games that's fine. That doesn't change that in Super Mario World you are able to do the following in Super Mario World: move to the left and right, jump, get powerups... and that's close to the entire moveset of your avatar. In Cyberpunk 2077 you can do how many more things? You can run, shoot, jump, drive a car, take missions, customize your character etc. and I've barely begun to scratch the surface of this games' featureset. Just because you can do more things in Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't mean you have to like it more, but that doesn't change that you can do more in Cyberpunk 2077.

Don't talk about realism, talk about immersion and complexity. Realism is MS Flight Simulator, and we don't want that in art, because it is anti-art.

Anonymous wrote:
It's also frustrating to see people be looked at experts on videogames when they don't come remotely close to explaining the things that icycalm does. Frankly, I'm tired of seeing it.

Anonymous wrote:
Your graph seems to imply the most popular genre among asians is action-adventure. This is laughably absurd for anyone who has met a few asians. It explains nothing.

Yeah, the asian curve should peak at say MMORPGs, and Biohazard should be on its right, as "too complex for most asians", so that there would be more Whites than asians playing those games because Whites can appreciate them more.

But then that would open the can of worms of where do MMORPGs go in the graph? Especially asian MMORPGs that are dogshit.

Very far to the left. I would rather play a sports game than an asian MMORPG.

In sum, the reality is much more complex than the graph, and it's impossible to perfectly depict in any graph, or even in any collection of graphs. That's science. Not my fault if low-IQ gamers can't grasp it.

Anonymous wrote:
Think about how many open-world like games came out because of GTA3, and how that changed the industry. Games like Infamous, Prototype, and the later Batman Arkham games owe a lot to GTA3. Cyberpunk 2077 was the first of it's kind, so there hasn't been enough time for the successful imitators to exist yet, but they will. I don't know about sales figures and I assume that stuff is harder to find because of how many PC copies of the game where sold, but from what I understand Cyberpunk 2077 was constantly at the top of the Steam charts. The hype surrounding the game was enormous from what I remember on Twitter. It was a the game to like and hate for a while, so it was popular basically.

Anonymous wrote:
I came into the thread expecting pseud deflection from the OP and I wasn't disappointed

Anonymous wrote:
I feel like I can interpret what the author means, "quality=game wut maek him feel smrt". Games that don't scratch his ego are thusly not quality.

Pretty much.

Anonymous wrote:
Well, we got the ego waggling part when he calls his tastes the fucking Ubermensh.

Anonymous wrote:
Is this the guy that wrote an essay about JRPGs?

Anonymous wrote:
Why the fuck is the last image just a Two Steps from Hell cover?

Nice catch.

It's because I commissioned Two Steps From Hell to contribute to the Battlegrounds soundtrack. Then I bought them out, so they are now part of Cult Music Studios.

Anonymous wrote:
>Adventure and racing games being low IQ
>Open-world games being good
>Implying asians and specially japs aren't smarter than other races
I'm guessing this chart was made by some skinny pasty chud with no friends.

Anonymous wrote:
Chang you live in the shadow of the white man. Your architecture, fashion, technology, industrial society...not a single part of it was not stolen from your betters in europe

Anonymous wrote:
survival-buildingchads we eatin good tonight

Anonymous wrote:
I like how the chart says that fighting games aren't popular with asians, when for the longest while any game's top competition often was Asian, thanks to their arcade culture brewing a competitive environment to really learn in.

Anonymous wrote:
I was specifically referring to fighting games, not all games ever made. It took a while for Americans and Europeans to catch up in some fighting games, and now things are on more equal footing.

Anonymous wrote:
OP you're a faggot.
The chart means shit.
The only thing you're looking at is a chart that compares popularity (Y axis) to games that go from fast thinking (0,0) to slower thinking (+∞, 0) in terms of how much you can rely on reflexes for mechanical arcade machine style gameplay versus more cerebral, strategic manners of thinking.
> Fucking read Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow"
Fuck man I hate R e d d i t jack assery that's festering in the /v/irgin boards.

This is an interesting comment. Off the top of my head I would say that thinking fast isn't thinking, it's just action and reaction. When we say "a great thinker" we don't mean someone who can slap your hand faster than you can slap his. So basically his post validates my theory that intelligence rises from left to right on my graph.

I'll look into the book rec though. It's probably just a specialist text that validates my theory just like his post did.

Hints & Tips by ysignal on 19 May 2024 21:28

You can get rid of the big "F" icon that appears above interactions by turning off Game Settings > Interaction Prompt: Display Input Icon.

MOST WANTED: Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (PC) by icycalm on 18 May 2024 17:17

Official Page: ... re-Beckons

Patch Notes: ... Alpha-3230

Both the official page and the patch notes pages have been massively revamped with multimedia content and interactivity. They're now like an official site for a brand-new game every three months... There is even a header image that's styled to look like a brand-new game's cover featuring all the new features. You can also see it below as the trailer's thumbnail. Amazing.

CIG wrote:
Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 - Adventure Beckons
Embark on Your Next Great Adventure

Alpha 3.23 is one of our most expansive and game-changing releases to date that adds life, excitement, and usability improvements throughout the vast Persistent Universe. From the introduction of the very first wildlife across Stanton’s planets to the Master Modes feature that streamlines vehicle control and ship combat, Alpha 3.23 elevates the Star Citizen universe to its most immersive and engaging height yet.

This release also marks a significant milestone toward the upcoming Pyro system, laying the groundwork and adding many of the front and back-end necessities that will empower players to leap to the new star system in the next patch release.

Trailer: ... XVyolQO3wj


@maxinefinnfoxen wrote:
The star citizen roadmap is training us as a society to accept the concept of generational colonist ships irl

@rawdrakeman8152 wrote:
Thank you CIG, Thank you RichT, Thank you CR. NEVER STOP PUSHING

@DigThat32 wrote:
I like that water freshly imported from the Caribbean

Yeah, if you look too closely at the planetary physics... Let's just say you don't want to look too closely. But that's true of everything in this game. Because everything is so detailed, the incongruities stand out, leading the players to ask for even more detail. Uncanny valley stuff. You basically have to know when to shut up and just accept the illusion. It's not real and it can't be real, and it will never please a planetary physicist. Same exact issues with Pathfinder, the players are asking about planetary physics, and Paizo just doesn't have planetary scientists on staff. But no one is asking this stuff of other games, because other games don't have planets, they just have a little square area bounded by black fog, so these questions don't even occur to anyone there. I need to write an essay about this. People are analyzing CIG's vehicles as if they're real vehicles because they LOOK like real vehicles. But they aren't real, so you can't expect them to be designed as if they're real. CIG doesn't have Tesla's engineering staff. No one is applying this level of scrutiny to any other game's vehicles because those all look like crap in comparison, so no one cares. In Pathfinder people are asking for real population migration history in a world with fantasy races lol.

@K4ninchen wrote:
How long do you want the patch notes? Yes.

It's still nothing compared to my game's patch notes. Just sayin'.

@CWJester wrote:
Just got done with a little session and man... that was the most butter smooth experience I've had in Star Citizen in a very long time, or maybe even ever. Let's keep this up! Loving this update!

@Naviss wrote:
This trailer doesn't begin to cover everything in 3.23, Really a major step forward! Still far yet to go. Great work CIG!

@CaptainMikeSparrow wrote:
WELL DONE! This video is beginning to get at the idea that this game can be played on any level.

@Schwing27 wrote:
I’ve been following the development of this game since 2016. It’s insane how far it’s come. Yes, it’s taking awhile. But there’s no other game that does what Star Citizen is doing and setting out to become. This game just continues to grow and get better and better. Hats off to the devs. This update is huge.

I can’t wait for Server Meshing in 4.0. Once that happens... this game is going to blow up HUGE.

@kookiespace wrote:
Having seen this game come from the first hangar module you could barely interact with to this... I'm literally in tears right now.

@cristinejolie2476 wrote:
Coming from elite dangerous this feels incredible.

The persistent hangars aren't in yet, they're coming shortly in a smaller patch, probably 3.23.2. I have a lot to explain about how we'll use these hangars to play the game as a 4X, slowly expanding our reach across the galaxy, and this will tie in to the new Cult Promotion mechanics. I have a lot of things to type out, and will be doing so soon. Until then,

See you in the verse, soldiers. O7

Cult Fleet by shubn on 17 May 2024 19:35

Bought an Ursa Medivac plus Respite paint (cashmoney).

PC Starbase by icycalm on 17 May 2024 18:13

Starbase Development News - April 2024


Starbase is back in development because Frozenbyte finished Trine 5 and seems to have made some money from it. Problem is... we're playing Star Citizen now, and though I've said before that I was planning to go back into Starbase during a lull in SC development... not only have there been no lulls, but development is even accelerating as they release more features causing more players to jump in and driving their income higher which they spend on more staff to accelerate development further. And if that wasn't enough, base-building is coming which will compete directly with Starbase's. So I just can't see any scenario at the moment in which I take a break from SC to play Starbase.

That said, Starbase remains first runner-up to Insomnia's 2021 Game of the Year, so I highly recommend that everyone who hasn't tried it give it a shot, now that it's getting new life injected into it. For my part, I don't even have time currently to watch the new dev video, but I'll let them pile up and watch them in one go down the line. I hear they're putting in PVE, plus the videos are no longer narrated by hobags but by an actual male developer (the director himself?)

@tsunamio7750 wrote:
... Oh-My-God! Not only my dreams live on, and we get the unfiltered, direct voice of the hero working on it himself!

@hornpub6937 wrote:
This video increased Starbase population by about 500% in one day. All I'm saying is this video is by far the best video Frozenbyte has ever released!

@alphamatte4259 wrote:
Huge really awesome plans mentioned in this video - many of them essential and very needed for QOL and to have a thriving MMO population.

Personally, I will only be coming back once these are all on the live server and not just ideas that haven't even made it onto the test server yet.

@ScorpyX wrote:
OMG - In future updates: Warp, Map, Markers, Trade panel from map!
Preparing for nations and PVE content, LOD optimizations, Ship Insurance
Editors for build of stations and capital ships, Inventory 2.0, Ship Blueprint selling
Make it real, and i will buy skins and emotes for sure :)

@ZaffBox wrote:
Well that's an unexpected but welcome surprise. Glad to see some of the pain points being addressed, like ship repair, travel time and inventory.

@Red_Bastion wrote:
We are SO back.
Not only in the sense of "this game is being made again!!!", but these changes (especially looking into PvE content, and territory control mechanics) are VERY promising and feel like strides in the right direction!

Territory control means it's officially a FP4X now.

Full official announcement:

FrozenbyteGames wrote:
Starbase Development Continues!

We're happy to announce that Starbase development continues. In the near future, the Starbase Public Test Universe (PTU) will be changed from a Beta branch into a separate app ID, so you'll be able to have both the Live Universe, as well as the Test Universe simultaneously installed.

We will start to update the Starbase Test Universe with a number of new features as soon as we wrap up a viable patch.

It's been a long development pause, and we're happy to be back at it!


00:00 Intro
00:15 Starbase Test Universe changes
00:37 Ship Warp
01:41 Universe Map
03:17 PVE Content & Events
04:02 Ship and Station LOD Improvements
05:04 Ship Insurance
05:36 Station & Capital Ship Editor & Blueprints
06:18 Siege Mechanics
07:23 Also in Development
08:22 Outro

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 17 May 2024 17:27

PSA for those having issues with bedlogging not on radial menu, TAKE OFF YOUR ARMOUR! ... ogging_not

Cool update. Makes perfect sense to have to take off your armor before sleeping.

Invictus Launch Week 2954 by icycalm on 17 May 2024 17:20

Invictus Launch Week 2954


The End of Videogame (and Art) Theory by icycalm on 16 May 2024 13:21


V3 of the videogame genre graph, that I mentioned a while back I was working on, is done. Some points:

Stuff to be added/revised in V4, in addition to the turn-based 4X issue:

Cult Fleet by recoil on 13 May 2024 00:20

I paid cashmoney for the F7C Hornet Mk II plus Ironscale paint, Pulse plus Dominion paint and the Pulse LX plus Dominion paint. I also upgraded to the F7A Hornet Mk II.

Cult Fleet by shubn on 13 May 2024 00:12

I upgraded my F7C Hornet Mk II to the F7A Hornet Mk II. Also bought five Pulse plus Dominion paint and five Pulse LX plus Dominion paint.

Cult Fleet by Adjudicator on 11 May 2024 19:05

Before 3.23 went live, I had my character and CULTCLONE-2 purchase ships with aUEC.

The details:

Main characte: Hercules A2 and an Ares Ion.

CULTCLONE-2: Hercules C1.

Post 3.23, I logged in to both characters and confirm that these ships are available, along with previously purchased aUEC ships.

Cult Bank by shubn on 09 May 2024 13:41

Balance after we went shopping yesterday: 27,765,657 aUEC.

Cult Fleet by shubn on 09 May 2024 13:39

Bought an Avenger Stalker, Cutlass Steel, Freelancer MIS, Nova and ROC with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by Archonus on 09 May 2024 03:48

I bought a Cutlass Black, Cutlass Steel, Freelancer DUR, Freelancer MIS, M50 Interceptor, Mantis, Dragonfly, HoverQuad, Nomad, Greycat ROC, Constellation Pheonix, Argo RAFT, Mirai Fury and Mirai Razor LX with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by Some guy on 08 May 2024 22:00

Bought a Gladiator, HoverQuad, A2 Hercules Starlifter, Cutlass Black, Cutlass Steel, Dragonfly, Freelancer DUR, Freelancer MIS, Mantis, Cyclone AA and Cyclone MT with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 08 May 2024 21:52

I bought an Ion, Constellation Aquila and Valkyrie with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 08 May 2024 20:42

I bought a Centurian, Ballista, Spartan and a Gladiator with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 08 May 2024 20:12

I bought a Freelancer MIS and DUR with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 08 May 2024 19:58

I bought a Prospector, Eclipse, Sabre, Mantis, Cutlass Black and a Cutlass Steel with aUEC.

Aegis Javelin by icycalm on 08 May 2024 17:55

Star Citizen Wiki wrote:
The Aegis Javelin is a destroyer utilized by the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). Designed as a modular spacecraft, the UEEN could make major conversions to the Javelin for different roles rather than constructing individual specialized capital ships. Javelins are used as convoy escorts, fleet support, orbital fire suppression, reconnaissance in force, and fast interception missions. Surplus Javelins have been sold on the civilian market. The ship features a total of five decks, each with a variety of crew positions and areas to explore and utilize.


This is the most expensive ship in the game that can be purchased by players. Costs $3,000 ($2,700 Warbond) and we still don't have one. We iz poors :( Only saving grace is that it's not available in-game yet. Well apart from recent hijinks like below.

If I grabbed one, I would never let go, never turn off the computer. We should look into how to get one.

Javelin Arrival on Clio


@RMap_ wrote:
Hey everyone. I noticed that the Idris arrival videos both performed exceptionally and in 3.23 it is indeed possible to steal Javelins now. We stole one of them and an Idris and did flybys with the Javelins. We hope you enjoy :].

@dero985 wrote:
perfection - jesus christ.

I believe it's the coolest cap ship in all of science fiction. It was designed by David Hobbins who has worked on Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Underworld, Guardians of the Galaxy, After Earth, Dead Space 3 et al.:

@voodoo22 wrote:
Landing gear? Those M9 Laser Beams Holy

@mateoemanuel3517 wrote:
what size are the big guns?

@rmap_ wrote:
Size 9 I believe. One of them barely fits into the 890J front hangar because it is so big.

@Checkmate-gx5ve wrote:
Javelin: "Let's do a little flyby on the planet!"
- causes Tsunami.

@nepenthy9804 wrote:
You can you do the forward unto dawn ark entry from halo3. I saw you did it with hammerhead earlier, really cool!

@AgentXRifle wrote:
@rmap_ use the Hercules to capture the marok birds like a whale eating plankton. I bet you can catch them alive and have them kept inside

You could make a Noah's Ark-type zoo lol. I bet eventually someone will travel the galaxy collecting flora and fauna like this. Hell, I'd do it. Then you could start a fight tournament, and get people to bet on them. So many possibilities not allowed in invisible wall gaming.

@setaindustries wrote:
I'm a bit out of the loop, how did you get a hold of a Javelin?

eltreum1 wrote:
The NPC Javelin is in the game for 3.23 missions, and it can be stolen the same way as the NPC mission Idris. The interior is only partially there in sections. This year for fleet week in 2 weeks we will get to formally tour the SQ42 completed Idris and have to board one as the final XenoThreat event mission. I have seen it once, it's huge, a flying FPS arena. The Javelin has a partial bridge and 3 of the central decks we toured for fleet week last year.

@Rat_Poobrain wrote:
Cool vid. But isn't the Javelin not supposed to be able to enter atmo?

@rmap_ wrote:
It isn't quite meant for that, however Clio and the places we went to have rather weak atmospheres. If you ever get your hands on one, don't take it to microTech or any of the main planets because it will stall and you won't get back up :].

@Kaiser_Geromey wrote:
@Rat_Poobrain I tried on microTech, and while it IS possible to barely hold yourself up, it's not in "combat shape".

@SolomonTheVengeful wrote:
The Idris isn't supposed to be as fast as it is in game either or as maneuverable. These ships are far from complete and I'm guessing some day the Javelin will fall like a brick in the right atmospheres.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 08 May 2024 16:23

I bought a Nomad, ROC, Dragonfly, Hoverquad, Cyclone, Cyclone AA, Cyclone MT and a Ursa with aUEC.

Cult Bank by Some guy on 08 May 2024 11:56

Deposited 5 million, current balance is now 93,780,000 aUEC.

Cult Fleet by shubn on 07 May 2024 11:18

Bought with aUEC: 85X, M50, Hurricane, Nox, Valkyrie.

Also got the P-52 referral bonus.

Cult Bank by shubn on 07 May 2024 11:17

Previous balance: 98,830,000.

I sent 5M to recoil and Exiled each.

Current balance: 88,780,000 aUEC.

News by shubn on 07 May 2024 11:14

Star Citizen Live Q&A: Alpha 3.23 and Beyond


Featuring Senior Game Director Rich Tyrer, Design Director Rick Porter, and Assistant Design Director Jonathan Jacevicius.

One question was regarding a potential wipe for 3.23, to which JJ answered that they were looking to wipe aUEC and rental ships. Unless he misspoke or misremembered, or they change their minds, it means aUEC-bought ships should persist. There's a high chance 3.23 goes live this week, so now's a good time to empty the bank and buy ships.

Also, a note from myself on 3.23: While deleting your 'user' folder between patches is not really necessary a lot of the time, it's probably a good idea to do it and start with a clean slate for this release, as there have been a number of changes to various settings and keybinds. You can backup 'actionmaps.xml' and 'attributes.xml' beforehand if you want to keep a reference of your current settings.

icycalm wrote:P.S. I just noticed the new suit, backpack and headphones on the chick in the thumbnail. I hope this stuff is actually coming.

The undersuit looks like the TCS-4 Red Alert, and the backpack like the Arden-CL. The headphones look new.

Invictus Launch Week 2954 by icycalm on 04 May 2024 16:40

Save The Date - Invictus Launch Week 2954


Cloud Imperium Games wrote:
Mark your Calendars. Stanton's annual military expo, Invictus Launch Week, returns to Area18 from May 17 to 29. Be part of something bigger:

The trailer showcases the Polaris, but it won't be flyable. It will just appear in a flyby, though players have managed to hijack "unflyable" flyby ships before, so who knows. But it doesn't look like we'll get the Polaris before CitCon, which is a huge disappointment. And of course nor the Idris.

The other stuff hinted at in the trailer is welcome, but far less exciting. You can spot the long-rumored medical Ursa (behind the guy in the homage Medrunners loadout), a version of the MPUV that seems to come with a tractor beam, and of course the new gravbike, the Pulse, will be on display.

These are all small vehicles though, and I was hoping we'd also see something bigger. Maybe they're holding something as a bigger surprise. Some people even hope that the Polaris will be flyable, and they say there's precedent for CIG calling it a "flyby" but actually releasing it. We'll see.

Cult Fleet by ExiledOne on 02 May 2024 21:24

I also bought an Ares Inferno yesterday.

News by icycalm on 02 May 2024 17:02

Inside Star Citizen: Patch Dispatch 3.23


Footage is culled from the recent episodes, which is disappointing as I was hoping for new footage. On the other hand, it's understandable, since the episode had to be produced in short order since they didn't know in advance exactly when the new patch would be ready. Either way, it's an astonishing amount of features; Facepunch would take YEARS to put in Rust what CIG put in here in 4-5 months.

The second half is the new bike, and that of course is all-new footage. Pretty cool bike. I didn't realize how small it is.

The update is imminent. Could even drop tonight.

P.S. I just noticed the new suit, backpack and headphones on the chick in the thumbnail. I hope this stuff is actually coming.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 01 May 2024 22:20

I bought an Ares Inferno with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 30 Apr 2024 17:55

I bought a Carrack with aUEC.

Cult Engine 3 (internal codename: TaleSpire) by icycalm on 29 Apr 2024 18:36


Quick update on how work on Cult Engine 3 is coming along, and there will be a more extensive one in a few days.

We recently launched the creature mod tools, and we have HUNDREDS of new ones in a mere few weeks. Pictured are merely SOME of the NEW ones. As you can see, the scale and variety on offer is unmatched, and if you could picture these armies in the actual sets and terrains, you would be dazzled by the sight.

On top of everything else, VERSUS ARENA FIGHTS are coming to Battlegrounds, in arenas unlocked via the roleplaying and/or adventure-strategy layers. We have over a dozen different arenas already, and we're creating more, and you'll be able to play these fights practically any day of the week, with the results feeding back into your roleplaying and/or adventure-strategy layer efforts. There will be specialized arena soundtracks, effects, and more, and even storylines to unlock as you get further and further in the ranking!

More soon.

The End of Videogame (and Art) Theory by icycalm on 27 Apr 2024 16:38

Anonymous wrote:
Now that the dust has settled, is it about time we finally admit that Alex Kierkegaard was right the whole time?

Anonymous wrote:
Yes, that's correct. Smarter people tend to get bored with simpler games.

Anonymous wrote:
Icycalm is just trying to scientifically prove that his taste is the best taste in the world. Because he is the Overman; obviously. Whatever.

The Overman; reduced to streaming Rust on Twitch.

Anonymous wrote:
This is the same guy who thinks star citizen is the second greatest game of all time, just underneath his own vapourware title

Anonymous wrote:
What are some good First Person 4X games, /v/itizens?

Anonymous wrote:
Star Citizen

Not yet, but it will be.

Anonymous wrote:

No, icycalm is genuine.

Anonymous wrote:
He is the schizo-philosopher. I'm a huge fan.

Anonymous wrote:
>First person 4X

What the FUCK is this shit?

Anonymous wrote:
In terms of mechanics and systems. Dungeon crawlers are simple enough that a toddler could play them.

Not a toddler. I played them around 10.

Anonymous wrote:
Mediocre games are the most popular, that's all it means, which is pretty true

Yes, and great games are as unpopular as bad ones.

Anonymous wrote:
>Pseuds like being given puzzles with many pieces that take ages to solve while lacking the intelligence to see that it is a waste of time.

You could say that of any genre, including fighting games and arcade games. I think you're just coping with the fact you got filtered by genres that actually require intelligent thinking to get good at.

Yep, everyone who prefers dirt-simple games like FTGs to Rust et al. is massively filtered by reality, which is far closer to Rust than to an FTG.

Anonymous wrote:
Best Massively-multiplayer Multigroup Survival-building 4X Overworld GMRPG (Ultimate Edition) games?

This person understands.

Cult Fleet by Archonus on 27 Apr 2024 15:34

I bought an Ares Inferno with aUEC.

Cult Fleet by ExiledOne on 27 Apr 2024 13:34

Bought a Vanguard Warden.

INSANE ACTION by icycalm on 26 Apr 2024 15:28

3.23 New Screaming Gladi and Water Physics


Don't miss it.

News by icycalm on 25 Apr 2024 15:45 ... o_for_real

VagrantPaladin wrote:
NPCs now have limited ammo? For real?

I heard a YouTube content creator claim that since a recent 3.23 build NPCs now no longer have unlimited ammo. I did not see it in any patch notes, but may have missed it.

If true, that is simply amazing! I know they can pick up weapons and they can heal their buddies. Do they run out of med pens too?

Tactical_Ferrets wrote:
There's a lot of things added to patches that aren't in the patch notes. If CIG added everything to the notes, they'd be a few pages long.

Alex_Mason1212 wrote:
The patch note section was referring to NPC ships not FPS ammo, NPC ships in 3.23 no longer have unlimited capacitors/ballistics. I'm assuming we're going to see the ground NPCs with limited ammo soon considering the distribution centers have non-interactable ammo boxes around and it was mentioned at CitizenCon and supposedly everything shown there is coming before October o7.

Edit: In the Pyro Playground the hangar 13 mission had ammo containers and the NPCs would loot corpses for ammo and actually equip it on their armor.

CptKor wrote:
Heard the same thing and I think it will be a welcome change. It does make you wonder if the AI will be smart enough to conserve their ammo though. Can't say I know a lot of games that limit AI ammo.

News by icycalm on 25 Apr 2024 15:10

Inside Star Citizen: The H2O Show


Star Citizen 3.23 EPTU | Character Water VFX and Physics


I can't think of any game with comparable water simulation. And it's only the beginning. Don't miss these videos. You haven't seen anything like them.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by earthboundtrev on 12 Apr 2024 03:41

Ghostrunner is free on Epic until April 18th:

Cult Fleet by Some guy on 10 Apr 2024 19:17

Forgot to mention last week that I bought an Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet with aUEC. I also exchanged my C8R Pisces Nightbreak paint for store credit and bought the Frostbite paint for Super Hornet as well.

Cult Hierarchy & Specs by shubn on 09 Apr 2024 10:26

For the Stitcher armor, I checked in game and it has 6 magazine slots. I fixed it on the wiki.

As for the Lynx Core, since it's light armor, it indeed only supports light backpacks.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by earthboundtrev on 09 Apr 2024 01:58

The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition is free on Epic until April 11th: ... ce-edition

Thief (2014) is also free on Epic until April 11th:

Cult Hierarchy & Specs by icycalm on 03 Apr 2024 01:16 ... tarcitizen


This backpack doesn't look bad at all for the Ranger as option for something larger than the small backpack we've given him. I need to see it in the flesh though because good photographers can deceptively elevate the material. I can't even make out its color in that light.

Screenshots by icycalm on 03 Apr 2024 00:58 ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen

Image ... tarcitizen


Cult Lore by icycalm on 02 Apr 2024 17:05

If your ability to temporarily downgrade your rank to play for a day as a lower rank messes with your immersion, here’s a quick lore fix for it: Cult Officers routinely gear up as lower ranks in order to check incognito that everything runs smoothly at all levels of the organization. Even the Cult Emperor himself has been known to don Inquisitor gear and fight on the frontlines on occasion.

Same with the industrials ranks. These people are just too perfectionist to fully trust anyone, and they therefore often zoom into every aspect of the org to ensure they’re running perfectly. Which is exactly how I am irl btw, everyone who’s ever worked with me on anything knows this.

Which is also how Chris Roberts is, by all accounts. Everything that goes into the game has to be signed off by him, and past employees complain on corporate review sites that he micromanages everything. He would love CULT.