Cult Fleet by ChevRage on 08 Dec 2023 00:09

Bought the Syulen with cash too.

Stanton Derelict Settlements by icycalm on 06 Dec 2023 17:07

[I initially posted this info in the Hints & Tips thread, but have now spun it off into its own Stanton forum thread. -icy]

KriLL3 wrote:
Derelict Settlement Reference Sheet ... 1254762921

Reference sheet covering locations and how to get there, and what's there for all the (known) derelict settlements, made it last patch, but been to about half of the settlements again this patch, and I can't find any changes beyond Picker's Field getting a QT marker.

Big credit to for most of the data, this is mostly verseguide data compiled along with my own observations and pictures.

jehts wrote:
That's great work.

I'll admit I'm slightly disappointed to see that CIG decided "lawful" outposts should just be empty of everything, no shop, no trading and that all services are at pirate outposts (apart from Zephyr).

KriLL3 wrote:
Yeah I think these locations could be great social spaces, just spending time somewhere different than most of the locations of the game, problem being that the more developed ones are run by Dusters and the local constabulary faction wants you to kill 1 or all of them, kinda hard to enjoy your time in the bar when a player is there to kill everyone.

These are the new ones coming in 3.22, they aren't in Live yet. Super-excited for these.

P.S. At the top of his reference sheet you'll find a navigation bar with links to a dozen other of his sheets. Check it out.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 06 Dec 2023 14:43 ... &context=3

Assa099 wrote:
Nah man, begging is always looked down upon, just ask for work and you will earn the cash quicker than you think and meet ppl along the way you may become friends with.

Demoman12b wrote:
This. Ask to be on a crew. You'll make more money than you can solo and as stated previously, you'll make friends.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 06 Dec 2023 14:19

If I ever in a session use Z to activate freelook, I can no longer turn my camera instantly in third-person mode unless I am moving (my mouse turns the head instead). How can I fix/disable this? ... e_freelook

Nomarnas wrote:
Not a bug thankfully, you just have to reset the camera. By default it's F4+numpad*. If you don't have a numpad, you can reset the keybind to something you do have under the Camera section of the keybinds menu.

World_of_Warshipgirl wrote:
Is that called "Reset current view" in the Camera - Advanced Camera controls section?

For some reason I can't seem to get that to work, but I will try some more.

Edit: Oh, I had to first bind "Advanced camera controls modifier (hold)" to something, and hold that key down before the reset current view keybind did anything. Convoluted, but at least now it works. Thanks.

Gang: Dusters by icycalm on 06 Dec 2023 14:06 ... ng_and_not

sexual_pasta wrote:
WHY is the new Dusters stuff clothing and not undersuit + armor?


I went to Picker's Field to find me some Dusters, sorry homies I gotta kill you for the armor (Dusters best Stanton faction).

All the new kit is clothing and not armor. So you can't use it on Hurston because Hurston makes you drunk. You can't use it in space or on Daymar. Some of them have reworked Microid armor or Lynx armor but the bulk of them are wearing clothing.

Watch CIG spawn these guys on airless moons in the future lmao.

Strangely enough these new clothes have 30-40% DR like armor and weapon/ammo hardpoints.

Item description Ixonia Helmet Desert Camo:

Made to withstand the heaviest hits, the Ixonia helmet was crafted with the needs of on-the-ground combat in mind. It features a hybrid composite shell and foam inner core that work in tandem to ensure stability and high impact-reisistance [sic]. An optional hood and camo cape provide protection from the wind when worn with the matching jacket. Please note that this mask is not space-rated and should only be ---

kairujex wrote:
It is in PTU, is it possible it's a bug?

soggy_cave wrote:
The description of the helmets says specifically not approved for space. I'm paraphrasing but yeah. Probably because Dusters just live on the surface of breathable planets. Time to retcon that garbage Hurston atmosphere drunkenness. Please.

sexual_pasta wrote:
What about Daymar? I thought the Dusters were active there too.

sexual_pasta wrote:
I think it's possible that they may be looking to change the armor system so that you can use clothing like this over an undershirt.

Agitated-Ad-8325 wrote:
Can you survive in space or on a moon with it?

sexual_pasta wrote:
Nope. I haven't tried in space but the atmosphere on Hurston was making me drunk, so no protection from atmo effects. You can test but it's an easy guess about hard vacuum.

Cult Spec by icycalm on 05 Dec 2023 15:10

People are looting stuff off the new Dusters gang (yay full-loot PVE!) in PTU, so we're mere days away from having all this gear available to us for potential spec upgrades. Moreover, some of the new derelict settlements come with shops, and I THINK I heard there's some new gear there, hopefully different from the gear the Dusters use. Then again, these settlements are mostly (or wholly?) run by Dusters, so maybe not. At any rate, consult the Stanton Derelict Settlement Reference Sheet [ > ] and help me catalogue the new gear. Anything interesting, post it in a new Stanton Clothes & Armor thread, and if you have specific suggestions for a spec, post them here. I think we'll mostly be using the Duster stuff in the (upcoming) Pirate Spec. I could see the Legendary core and/or helmet being used by the Master Chief perhaps, but... it's Legendary thus hard to get. The Uncommon gas mask helmet is the only piece that stands out to me as nice (reminds me of R6 Siege), and could open up opportunities for a reimagined Master Chief Spec. Otherwise we're definitely using it for piracy.


Gang: Dusters by icycalm on 05 Dec 2023 15:03

They're basically space injuns stealing fuel from miners and the derelict settlements are their reservations. Yay for space racism, CIG!

Gang: Dusters by icycalm on 05 Dec 2023 14:45

Star Citizen Wiki wrote:
The Dusters are an Outlaw pack operating in Stanton. They offer criminal missions and appear in several lawful missions as enemies.

The Dusters specialize in mining-related crimes, such as robbing miners and illegal mining operations on other people's claims.


Finally we're getting a new gang in 3.22! They'll be in some of the new derelict settlements. We're a mere couple of weeks away from encountering them. Can't wait!

I'll post in the Cult Spec thread about upgrade opportunities, though they are a ragtag band of fellows so it won't be a rich selection unfortunately. I don't like the look of them and don't want to be their friend, so we'll mostly be killing them.

Aegis Idris-M / -P by icycalm on 05 Dec 2023 04:10

Idris bridge renders from 3.22 ... s_from_322



This is getting ridiculous. 12 more images at the link.

artuno wrote:
Just blows my mind that in some games, the Idris alone would be its own map.

And still wouldn't be anywhere near as beautiful.

MOST WANTED: Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (PC) by icycalm on 05 Dec 2023 04:07

"Lunch is ready guys!" ... ready_guys



When I grow up I want to be a stay-in-the-ship Star Husbando.

MetaVapour wrote:
You may have seen me on here before talking about “Cozy Citizen”, the role-play, and the importance of food and making your ship a home.

CopperRipper wrote:
I do this too but I only eat by myself. I think I am going to set up a dinner table with a bunch of picos to make me feel better.

StarfyreOne wrote:
You could always kidnap some NPCs to keep you company.

MisterJackCole wrote:
Somehow three NPCs have wandered onto my Hull C and they have yet to leave. Even when I store it and respawn it back, they're still there. It is kinda nice, sort of a pseudo crewed vibe. Now if I could just get them to actually do some work. :P

Ultimate Wild-growing: Stonepunk Era by icycalm on 04 Dec 2023 16:47

EXPLORE ALL ULTIMATE EDITION CITY-BUILDING ASSETS AND ERAS: Mounts & Carriages (Coming Soon) | Ships & Boats | Siege Engines | Stonepunk Era | Nomadic Era | Rural Era | Suburban Era | Urban Era | Imperial Era | Steampunk Era (Coming Soon) | Mythic Era (Coming Soon) | Early Modern Era (Coming Soon) | Contemporary Era (Coming Soon) | Superhero Era (Coming Soon) | Science-fiction Era (Coming Soon) | Cyberpunk Era (Coming Soon) | Science-fantasy Era (Coming Soon)

I left the Stonepunk Era for last out of the initial eras because... there isn't much to it, compared with the succeeding eras, what with the whole point of Stone Age peoples being that... they don't build stuff. That said, the stuff that they do build is quick and easy to build, and requires little time, few resources, and next to no tools. So if the players want, they can build a mud hut right at the start of the game, if they happen to be anywhere near a river, swamp, or just any soggy, rainy region; which can't be said for a house, or even a hut or tent.

Will there be more "buildings" added to this era?

Definitely. To give you an example, there is a skull fort in the pipeline. An enterprising Cult Games intern made an entire fort out of copy-pasting the one skull prop in the engine assets. The walls look amazing, but the fort itself is bad. It's so bad I don't even want to show it to people. But the idea is genius, and I am looking for a good builder to pull it off. So a skull fort will happen at some point, I just don't know when. And since it's an advanced "building", I am not in a hurry to get it done. If some players are racing up the Stonepunk tree and seem like they will get to it, I'll put down as much money as is needed to get an expert builder to build it. Until then, I'll see if I can encourage any amateurs to do a good job of it for free.

And there are other Stonepunk stuff in the pipeline too. Just don't expect as many and as elaborate as the other eras. And by the way, there will be three factions to ultimately choose from, the Civilized, Monstrous, and Wild factions, and the Wild one will be restricted to the Stonepunk Era. So it definitely needs to be fleshed out more, but the majority of the items in it will end up being... flora, because what the Civilized faction(s) are trampling on and clearing out, the Wild faction(s) are planting and helping grow (the Monstrous factions don't care for this struggle either way, and will use any means to advance their power, though they typically start out from caves and dungeons, more on which soon). That's why I am calling this tech tree "Ultimate Wild-growing" instead of making it part of the Ultimate City-building tree.

Look for an update on the Faction mechanics in the Kingslayer thread soon, and everything will make a lot more sense then.























Cult Fleet by icycalm on 03 Dec 2023 17:21

Bought the Syulen with cash.

Cult Fleet by recoil on 03 Dec 2023 03:59

I bought a M2 Hercules with aUEC.

Aegis Idris-M / -P by icycalm on 02 Dec 2023 21:32

Unbelievable quality. The bridge especially is next-level.

IDRIS INTERIOR renders datamined - Leak ... mined_leak







Celemourn wrote:
I wonder if they're bringing the interior in to support the new structural salvage?

Interesting theory.

Cult Spec by ysignal on 02 Dec 2023 09:14

I was able to place a MaxLift into the Pembroke backpack (with room to spare). Here's what it looks like on the Captain's backpack:




Cult Spec by icycalm on 02 Dec 2023 03:33

P.S. I am evaluating shubn's suggestion for the Pembroke backpack, plus I am preparing to make a host of further changes and additions soon.

Cult Spec by shubn on 02 Dec 2023 02:15

I made a few screenshots of the Master Chief Spec with the Pembroke backpack to see if it might be a good fit.






Global Event: Siege of Orison by icycalm on 02 Dec 2023 01:11

I copy-paste below a brief gushing review of Siege of Orison, plus extensive critical feedback, and a complete reimagining of it, plus random comments that seemed insightful to me. Don't be put off by the negative comments. Even at its worst, the mere fact that this event takes place inside a solar-system-sized "level", right next to an entire cloud city no less, instead of teleporting you between tiny invisible wall boxes like any given Halo, makes it a special, unmissable experience. If it happens to be too buggy tomorrow, we'll make the most of it for as long as we can, gleaning valuable experience and lessons, and then we'll switch to Stanton Domination and Hull C convoy trading.

My main takeaways after reading all the material below, for the purposes of tomorrow's sessions, are 1) The new NPC combat AI brought over from Squadron 42 is hella fun, and I can't wait to fight it, and 2) The best way to experience the event is to jump on a near-empty server so that only you and your friends are playing Siege of Orison. This is explained in the very last post below, so if you only read one, make it this one. And because I doubt we'll manage to find a near-empty server on a Saturday, I propose that we do our best tomorrow but ALSO try the event at random days and times when we have 3+ players online throughout the next week. The end date is December 7, so we have time for everyone to experience the event at its best, if we put some effort into it. And since it only shows up once or twice a year, I think it's worth it, and I'll do my best to play it properly. (If you do try the mission in smaller groups throughout next week, post some screens and updates in the Discord #stanton channel so we know how everyone's doing, share tips, inspiration and encouragement, etc.)

This post shows what the mission is like at its best: ... as_amazing

consural wrote:
Free fly player here, Siege of Orison was amazing.

Despite being stuck on the first boss for so long (I mean the first elevator going to the roof, of course) I finally managed to beat the elevator and get in and instantly died to an enemy while I was trying to loot. I was really close to quitting because it was hard enough to gather my equipment and find a server where the elevator worked in the first place. But I kept trying.

And it's a good thing I did, because the second time that I went in, I survived all the way until the end, and it was one of the most immersive and cool experiences I've had in an online game. Star Citizen's way of handling everything in a realistic and authentic way really pays off. When the event started it was daytime, by the time we got to the end it was night. Fought beside many different groups, many people fell behind but we few made it to the end. I think the best part was where we jumped out of a Crusader C2 driving a tank onto a platform, right before the ship was blown up by AA guns. The tank got disabled in the fall and we walked out and went on.

And of course, in true Star Citizen fashion, at the very end we were going through the containers in the barge, we all blacked out and woke up in jail. (As one other thread on this sub also mentions). ... feedback-3

AdmiralGrogan @AdmiralGrogan wrote:
Siege of Orison feedback...

Ok in no particular order

1. Get rid of the video message popups. They rarely work and often leave the black square stuck on your screen. Audio is fine and maybe a text message or some kind of timer to let us know how long til the mission fails. The music, oddly, is louder here than almost anywhere else in the game. Turned mine off.

2. This event has been out a while now and bugs that have been a part of it since the beginning, are still present and have gone completely unaddressed. I get it - there are LOTS of other things to do getting the game ready but, this is a showcase event. Lately it's been run during or immediately after a free fly. Meaning its usually a first impression for new players of how the games big events go. It's not a good look. Led a couple of brand-new players through it a couple of tries and the level of frustration and confusion was palpable. In part because...

3. Instructions and goals are not clear and, not able to be referenced. For example. If the first island receives an unlock code for its orange boxes, but someone comes afterwards, short of begging in chat there is no, to my knowledge, means for players who come behind the initial group, to get the codes. Once the code is unlocked - just unlock the crates or update everyone's mobiglass as you go. The mission is already set up to update the mission details in progress- give us all the info we need.

4. Similarly - loud gunfire, absolutely blaring background music, explosions etc etc. and hearing the directions are often impossible and, even when given, for newer folks, unclear. Hard to see where to go or know what to do. UPDATE in more detail . New players are not getting it.

5. The new AI upgrades - are GREAT. The opponents are much tougher, and harder to kill but, the severity and frequency of player wounds is incredibly frustrating. This is especially true because not only are med beds rare, but the few that exist don't fix anything but light wounds. And there are no med beds at all on the final island. Me and a squad mate spent 40ish minutes fighting our way to the end boss, with multiple tier 1,2 and 3 wounds... heavily drugged and no longer able to recover and limping with no means of winning. The end boss is behind a bizarre series of climb and jump puzzles and, if you're wounded - you cannot get to him, nor can you heal the wounds on the fly or get to a med bed. Because if you are limping there is no way to make the jump. It's a LOT of work only to discover that the game has roadblocked you and not given you a solution. My suggestion, keep wounds as a possibility but maybe tone them down a bit, and the constant wheezing, blood on your face is neat I guess but, if I cannot fix it, it just induces frustration. Make the med beds able to heal all types of wounds. Add one to the final island.

6. All of the above issues are not going to deter me, and I'm sure others, from attempting the event. I'm all for challenges - but don't put me in a position where victory is based more on luck (hoping for only t3 wounds so i can heal em) than on skill or strategy.

7. When the lieutenants or the leader spawns, the event sometimes shows you an icon indicating where it's been found. Sometimes. Often the icon . In universe we should be sharing info via tech. That's what the game seems to want to do - it just doesn't execute it very well.

8. Fail conditions - if you fail the event - you are not given nearly enough time to get back before you are teleported to jail. That, its ridiculous. Just teleport the players, win or lose, back to a shuttle. Again - create all the challenges and problems you want... but give us a solution. If you're in the final cargo area and the event fails... and you are wounded (and with the new AI you almost certainly have reduced speed) getting out without jail is nearly impossible.

zpreece-CIG @zpreece-CIG wrote:
frequency of player wounds is incredibly frustrating

This is something that has been received positively with how often we trigger them in the contexts of things such as bunkers/outposts.

That being said looking forward towards more extended fire fighting content like SOO it may need some tweaks to the system with how we handle injuries and how treatable they are in the field.

Space Lord Karga @Karga11 wrote:
ORRRRRR you guys could leave the system as is, and go ahead and make a ground ambulance (URSA or Spartan) and park a few of 'em around the platforms. While it might not make the most sense (in lore, not mechanically) to have aid stations all over the place it does make sense to have ambulances and first responders scattered around. It would be lovely if medics had more of a reason to exist than 'point green beam around' and could focus on medical gameplay right around the point where it becomes more relevant (given the increased number of injuries).

And that's the end of my hopium filled request. ... is-too-lin

Coyote of Mars @Coyote_of_Mars wrote:
Problems with Siege of Orison - the event is too linear.


I don't like Siege of Orison very much.

One of my biggest complaints is that it seems to be designed to be completed by a group waiting for the starting bell, and as a drop-in player joining an event in progress, it's very hard to catch up to where the action is, or know what is going on.

Part of this is due to the lack of a minimap and information on which areas are still hostile, which have been cleared, but this is also due to the map design, which tends to present users with a series of buildings that they clear one after the other, and a series of platforms, which they clear one after another.

What I think SOO should have been aiming for is the classic 2004 Star Wars Battlefront game design. One key thing with this game is that the maps had multiple paths of traversal so players have to defend or attack multiple approaches to succeed. Everyone going down a single path will result in enemies coming in the back way and capturing territory.

Of course there are things that SW:B has that SOO doesn't namely a capture system, dynamic spawn points, and AI enemies that will push locations.

If SOO followed a hub-and-spoke map design, rather than a series of platforms to clear, the event would be much more natural to join as a latecomer, as you just hop on one of the spokes that needs to be completed, rather than sprinting through an empty map to try and catch the players at the lead speed running the whole event.

A key concept here is asynchronous objectives. One team of speedrunners shouldn't be able to clear out one objective after another, all players on the server should be able to work towards simultaneous goals.

Suppose there's two teams at the start and a group of latecomers. There's four spokes. Team A has done SOO a million times and has the objectives all memorized. Team B is a group of noobs that is gung ho but doesn't know what to do. Team A starts on spoke 1, Team B starts on spoke 2. Latecomers arrive and defend enemies pushing spokes 3 and 4 as they show up. Team A clears spoke 1 while B is halfway through and returns to the hub to start on spoke 3. The group of latecomers eventually get the numbers to start on spoke 4. Team B finishes their spoke around the same time that A finishes #3 and the latecomers finish #4. Everyone groups back up to go kill the final boss on the barge, launching together from the hub.

Mad Clone @Mad_Clone wrote:
My biggest issue with Siege of Orison, is that it's really a perfect scenario to use the dropships we have paid tons of money for (Prowler, Valkyrie, Vanguard Hoplite and Cutty Steal) and we can't use them?

I mean WTF???

It should be easy to build a map (less exterior and more interior parts of the map) where you can easily shoot a few enemies from the derpships, then implant your grunts and do some support and suppression while the grunts go to do their job.

After they finish an objective, they get picked up by the derpshippers and are transported to the next location.

The current public transport BS is just a colossal waste of an opportunity to finally give those ships at least somewhat a reason to even exist.

Imo CIG fumbled the ball big time on this one. As owner of one of the aforementioned derpships, I will not play Siege again, if it's not improved to a more combined arms approach.

Bring the Valkyries and co into the fray or Orison Security can figure out their shitshow on their own.

Karl Sten @Sten_KIRA wrote:
I'm just going to put it here...that a competent pilot and fps player can solo rush SoO in less than 15m...

Wilkins1952 @Wilkins1952 wrote:
Honestly I expect that SoO eventually will stop being a "Dynamic" Event and most likely be one that an org can pick up to carry out. Something that won't be advertised system-wide but very specifically done by orgs and unable to be soloable.

Investimigate @Anrill wrote:
The absolute most fun I've had with SoO, which I got to experience again just last night, is when the only participants are me and the group I'm playing with. My org managed to get on a low-pop server and the ~10 of us went at SoO and it was a ton of fun. There were a handful of NPCs clipping into the floor that imparted way more injuries on us than they should have, to which few of us did not have at least one tier 1 injury at the end, but managing medical attention and delegating tasks based on who can actually jump and hold a gun straight was a blast at the end.

The quest markers not working for everyone, no-clipping NPCs, and nigh-invulnerable turrets on the Admin platform were the only bugs we dealt with, and otherwise limped our way out after about two hours of great fun.

Its linearity is certainly a thing, but I think it works when it's tackled with a group.

Stanton Trade Routes by icycalm on 02 Dec 2023 00:41

Image from the official Hull C ad page: ... rgo-Empire


Since the Hull C can't land in atmo while loaded, you're supposed to be going between space stations. Not sure why it's only the 4 main stations, but this graph was put together before the 3 jump point stations went in, and those were specifically added to give Hull C owners some more trading points, so now the points are 7 overall.

I have no idea what the graph shows, haven't tried parsing it, but I thought I'd put it here for reference for tomorrow.

Cult Fleet by Adjudicator on 01 Dec 2023 18:57

After IAE 2953, my characters now have these ships added:

Main character: Cutter Scout, Syulen, Storm AA, Redeemer

CULTCLONE-2: Cutter Scout, Syulen, Zeus Mk II CL, Zeus Mk II MR

As the Zeus Mk IIs are in concept, the loaner ships provided are the Spirit C1 (for the CL) and Spirit A1 (MR).

Scheduling by icycalm on 01 Dec 2023 17:58

So as aforesaid we're playing BOTH the 1 PM UTC AND 10 PM UTC Siege of Orison slots tomorrow. In the past we used to pick one or the other depending on which would have the highest participation, and it made sense at the time to concentrate our efforts for maximum team size instead of spreading ourselves thin. As the org grows, however, eventually team size won't be an issue, and the priority then will shift towards making sure everyone has as much fun as possible so that the org keeps growing. And missing out on a Global Event because you can't make the designated slot isn't fun.

We won't be formally signing up to events either, from now on. This is done, again, to prevent people from flocking to one popular time slot and leaving the other one empty or near-empty. So just show up to whichever slot is most convenient for you, or play both if you want. That's what I'll be doing, starting tomorrow. My internet situation has been spotty recently, so I'll be going to a specialist gaming cafe in Barcelona that's open 24 hours. They even have rigs with triple-screens lol. Maybe I'll post a review of the place in the Offline forum afterwards.

You don't have to show up on time either. Being on time is best of course, but if you're late the CO will guide you to wherever you need to be. Just make sure you have your Cult Spec gear otherwise you can't play (and as many lives of it as you want to play).

Even cooler, I will use the dead time between the two slots to run... my own Global Event called Cult Event: Stanton Domination. All the details are here:

As you can see, my event is much more complex than all of the official ones put together. And I'll be running this event fairly frequently from now on, certainly more frequently than the official ones run (always on a Saturday, same general time slots). There's no reason to wait for official events anymore with the amount of complexity that's gone in the game since we first got into it last year. 3.21.1 is easily an order of magnitude more complex than 3.17.2 and there are so many goals and possibilities now that we can create our own multi-stage events whenever we want to. And of course Stanton Domination is the coolest and grandest possible event in Stanton (but wait till you see Pyro Domination, coming soon ;)

And IN ADDITION to all the above, ysignal and I have our Hull Cs now, plus the org has I think SEVEN F8Cs by now? So how cool would a dual-Hull C convoy loaded with millions in cargo and escorted by freaking SEVEN F8Cs be? There's so much at stake in such a mission that that, on its own, is a Global Event on par with anything CIG has made. And we can try it tomorrow, if ysignal shows up (or with one Hull C if he doesn't).

See you there, soldiers. O7

Global Event: Siege of Orison by icycalm on 01 Dec 2023 17:32

Official Event Page: ... -Of-Orison

CIG wrote:
Get ready to dive into an action-heavy adventure that has turned the once-idyllic city of Orison into a nightmare.

Opening Cinematic + Trailer


CIG wrote:
The dreaded Nine Tails gang has taken commercial platforms in the idyllic cloud city of Orison. Rally the troops and take back the city and the skies in the latest pulse-pounding Star Citizen dynamic event.

@thepuglas6284 wrote:
Took about 6 hours to complete, between deaths and not finding things. Pretty incredible and challenging af. Well done CIG!

@KurtPollock wrote:
Here's some perspective for you guys and gals. Last year we were complaining about frame drops from Crusader's clouds, this year we are doing a full showdown in the clouds of Crusader with an increase in the player cap. Progress.

@ravenna6543 wrote:
SoO has its broken moments like the rest of SC (alpha game btw) but this event and its setpieces have been the best stuff added to the game ever. It's been such a blast.

@Odeezee wrote:
I love these in-engine trailers as they are much, MUCH more representative of the game and gameplay than CGI trailers, and CIG's look very nice indeed. One day we will be watching screens in-game and get news reports about events in the gameworld that we can go and participate it. Can't wait!

Key piece of advice from the official event page: "Ensure your respawn is set to Orison's General Hospital at the Cloudview Center."

Note that this is the debut of SoO 1.1. The major changes are that the unofficial PVP has become official through the Nine Tails Sympathizer mechanic (not sure what it is, but I THINK I heard that they get a god marker on them, meaning they stay on everyone's radar all the time), plus in order to activate the shuttles to the next platform you must get a code from the 9T boss of the previous platform. This stops people from rushing through the event I think. Also I heard that the start of the event is signaled well in advance, and the elevator up to the Crusader building roof only activates at the start so that I suppose players who want to be there from the very start can now do so.

Maybe there are more changes, but these are the main ones I have heard about (and I might be mangling them because I am going from memory and haven't saved any source links).

We've tried this event the couple of times it has been run since we first got into the game a year and a half ago. In fact our first patch, Alpha 3.17.2, was the very introduction of Siege of Orison, and we played it within our first few hours, before we even knew where to get guns and ammo lol or how to heal ourselves. So we walked into the event with next to no equipment and tried scavenging corpses. Didn't get far that time, nor the one more time (or was it two?) that we played in the time since, mostly because the servers lagged like hell and there were tons of bugs (like being killed by the shuttle doors, or falling through the floor etc.)

This time some people are also reporting bugs, but others are reporting tremendous server and AI performance: ... first_time

benjamindawg wrote:
Just ran Siege of Orison for the first time...

...and the server fps jumped up to and stayed a consistent 20-25. Saw it hit 29 once. Fairly new to SC so I've never ever seen it this high (also playing with Australia internet lol).

All the AI were John Wick and were absolutely laser beaming me from over 100m away through bushes, tiny gaps in cover, it was messed up lol.

Pharrelsson wrote:
Yeah, people complain about the A.I. but their ineffectiveness is mostly due to server performance. On a good server, they are lethal.

Also, this time we have our command structure well in place, and the kickass loadouts of the Cult Spec. Just make sure to fill those backpacks with ammo, snacks and health items.

So I expect us to make a lot of progress, soldiers. See you in Orison. O7

Cult Capital Fleet by ysignal on 01 Dec 2023 04:13

I plan to buy the Polaris at the next CitCon or IAE, maybe earlier. I don't have any specific plans to buy an Idris yet.

HYPE (Coming Soon) by icycalm on 01 Dec 2023 02:43

I've been adding titles to the Hype section recently, about a dozen or so. Check them out. I plan to add a lot more soon.

Scheduling by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 19:18

Yep thanks for the heads-up, I was looking yesterday for the time info and couldn’t find it. We’re playing Saturday and I’ll have the full details up later tonight. Same time slots as usual, 1 PM and 10 PM UTC, but unlike past times, we’re playing both. More details in a bit.

Scheduling by shubn on 30 Nov 2023 18:47

Image ... -Of-Orison

CIG wrote:
Siege of Orison kicks off today, November 30th, and goes until December 7th at 16:00 UTC.

Cult Capital Fleet by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 15:43

Another way to grab cap ships if we need one or more urgently at some point and none of us can afford them is to... simply melt our fleets and put the credits in a cap ship. I think we must be at $20,000-$25,000 as a group by this point, so that amounts to a dozen or more cap ships. The only problem is that you still have to play the F5 Wars, and the credits version of the cap ships go much faster than the Warbond versions. But you can also buy a whale pack if you have enough credits. Something to think about, if we end up needing this option.

Cult Capital Fleet by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 15:32

We need to start talking cap ships, because the first capital warship, the Polaris, is coming in the game less than 12 months from now. Almost certainly it will be in the game for next year's IAE, if not earlier at CitCon. Moreover, Squadron 42 is expected around that time too and CR said at CitCon that they're bringing all versions of the Idris in SC at the same time. So that's TWO capital warships 12 months or sooner from now! And all we have right now is Adjudicator's one Idris. Which isn't bad, mind you, but obviously we need more.

So first order of business for me was to buy the Perseus to Polaris Warbond CCU that's available only today. It's $25 but it has a $75 value, so that's $50 saved. That's a significant saving considering the price of the ship is currently $750. And keep in mind that prices increase at release. It could well end up close to $1,000 by the time it's out, but now I've locked in the current price so I don't care, and I did it with only $25 up front. By chaining a bunch more Warbond CCUs I've been hoarding and will keep accumulating, I should be able to get it at about $500 come the summer. Which is a steal considering what this thing can do.


The new armor model that's coming in the game by the way will mean that large ships are basically invulnerable to small fighter fire. Big ships already pack a punch in the game, but by next year the only way to defeat a big ship will be another big ship, or a dedicated bomber ship like the Retaliator. So we need more big ships.

Polaris commercial from 7 years ago:

RSI Polaris: UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative


ISC episode on the Polaris from 11 months ago (the Polaris segment starts at 7:00):

Inside Star Citizen: Finding the North Star | Fall 2022


And above all, the Polaris segment at CitCon a month ago:

Polaris - CitizenCon 2953


The thing can take a Scorpius, the heaviest dual-seat fighter in the game. It's still in greybox, so expect a shitton more detail. In the video you can see it releasing the Scorpius as it fires four giant torpedoes that down an Idris.

@az_3kgt714 wrote:
It's like thousands of Idris owners cried out in terror and then... Silence.

@Mud_AleX wrote:
Carrying 10 size 10 torpedoes, yes, you can take a couple of Idris' down, but after that you will have to rock your way with empty pockets... looking good for big fleet skirmishes...

@e.b.4872 wrote:
Big boat killer... There something big right there for firework... But it will be not efficient against smaller ship fleets while the Idris is. Chose your role. That's the definition.

@Lordparable wrote:
How many Arrows you think you can fit in that bay? Like 4.

Or Furys lol. 10-20 at least.

@fredrock3488 wrote:
And it has 28 torpedoes total.

Capital ships will be THE ships to bring to Pyro. We'll be able to live off them even without a base. But base-building also goes in the game within 12 months. At least the T0 implementation. And how do you defend a base in lawless Pyro? With cap ships.

So let's talk cap ships. If you have any plans to buy one, let us know here so we can coordinate our acquisitions. I haven't talked about the Idris yet, but that's an even bigger deal than the Polaris, and it costs twice lol. That has several versions including a military one that's very hard to get, or maybe even impossible now? I think Adjudicator has the gimped P (Peacekeeping) version. And moreover you can only buy an Idris twice a year, and even then only if you manage to win the F5 Wars (about which I am compiling sources for a ca$hmoney thread post soon). At least the Polaris isn't hull-limited and you can buy as many as you want, again only twice a year or so, but at least you don't have to fight the entire whale playerbase for one of them.

P.S. The exterior of the Idris has been in the game for a long time because you fight it in several missions, but just a couple of days ago the INTERIOR also went in, in the 3.22 PTU. Things are heating up in the verse!

Older videos of the Idris interior:

Idris interior "Captain's Quarters"


Exclusive Aegis Idris Interior Tour


P.P.S. The Hammerhead isn't a cap ship, it's just a giant gunship. Glad we have several of them, but it doesn't count as a cap ship and can't play that role in Pyro etc. The 890J IS a cap ship, but it's a leisure craft. Totally unsuitable for combat ops. I WILL buy one as soon as I can afford it, but the warships take precedence, so I am not buying it until I have both cap warships coming out next year. And you must win the F5 Wars to get this too btw. But we can buy it in-game, and already have one in fact, so it's definitely not a priority, and in fact it's a cool credit sink for us. I wonder if/how you'll be able to buy the cap warships in the game once they go in. I think I've heard you need maxed reputation with the UEE, and tons of credits. Not to mention operating costs lol.

P.P.P.S. The other major cap ship to start thinking about is the Pioneer. That's the base-building ship, and it's the only way to build XL base structures. But that's 2 years away at least. Still, you need to win the F5 Wars for it, so the earlier we start thinking about it, the better.

P.P.P.P.S. Any hull-limited ship that therefore requires you to win the F5 Wars cannot be CCUed to, or gifted. So you can't even get it from the grey market. The only way to avoid the F5 Wars and get these ships on demand (i.e. without having to wait for IAE or Invictus) is to buy one of the whale packs on the Concierge store. So that's something to look into for those who can afford it. I can't afford it for now unfortunately, and for the foreseeable future, so F5 Wars it is for me, and my first try will be in the summer at Invictus, crypto gods willing.

Cult Fleet by shubn on 30 Nov 2023 14:46

I completed and applied CCU chains for the Vulture, Corsair, 600i Explorer, and Cutlass Blue. The Vulture and Corsair give me a Buccaneer loaner (only one—they don't stack), and the 600i Explorer gives me a Cyclone loaner (and a 325a, but I already had one for my 400i).

I also have a CCU chain ready to go for the Polaris. I didn't apply it yet, because I might get more savings on it between now and the time it is released, but the point is we effectively have a Polaris.

I hadn't reported the Cutter Scouts I bought, because they're just LTI tokens, but I currently have three.

Also bought a Mule with aUEC, and bought the Smokestack paint for it, as per the Cult Spec.

Cult Fleet by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 14:37

Bought a Cutter Scout with cashmoney. The Warbond version should be going out of the store in the next few days/weeks, and it's a great LTI token because of its small price (though I bought mine to keep), so grab one or more if you want them.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 12:07 ... ev/6450348

Aaron Rayne @Aaron_Rayne wrote:
did you know if you tap F while looking at something it will do it? Tap f while looking at pilot chair, you sit, tap f while close and looking at gun on the ground it will pick it up. but yeah all that's being re-worked, there's an entire UI/UX that's been developed for the past two years for s42, that is coming to SC. If you check the UI presentation at citcon you will see it. it's much better.

Argo SRV by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 02:38

Doesn't look like there's an SRV commercial, but the first part of this recent ISC episode highlights the ship very nicely.

Inside Star Citizen: Arrasted Development


And a fun discussion I found on Reddit to get the creative ideas flowing: ... eir_size_1

Silverton13 wrote:
Would anyone be interested in having their Size 1 ships with a slow QT drive be transported across system by an SRV to save time and fuel?

Considering the SRV comes with a Size 2 QT drive, with an XL-1 drive which is one of the fastest drives in the game, you could theoretically tow people across planets to save them time and fuel right? Cutting a 16 minute qt time to like 3-4 minutes seems nice for smaller ships. Thoughts?

spezeditedcomments wrote:
Intriguing idea, especially for older gamers with kids.

Devstep wrote:
A poor man's Liberator. As a person that enjoys non standard space ships I'm worried about fitting in UEE standard landing pads, the idea of being ferries by a srv is a fun idea.

Wild234 wrote:
Interesting idea for a service to offer. I think some people might take you up on it. But you would basically have to have somebody standing by at every planet for it to be useful. If the person has to wait for you to travel to them, they could just fly to their destination in the same length of time instead.

But I'm cheap, so I would spend the extra 10 minutes in quantum rather than paying for the taxi :P

riscten wrote:
Could spin up a quick Web service for people to request tows at specific places. Then use the harvested data to predict where the next request is most likely to be. Basically Uber for Star Citizen. When's the Series A?

Dizman7 wrote:
This will probably be viable once Pyro is in!

In fact... I'd almost guess this is why they released the SRV now, cause actual carrier ships (and associated mechanics) like the Liberator, Idris and Kraken won't be in game when Pyro goes live and smaller ships, especially fighters are going to need help getting around Pyro. Probably even industrial ships like Prospector and Vulture too.

I am glad we have 2 SRVs and can't wait to get them to work, especially in Pyro.

We also need to go over our entire fleet and find out which of our ships have had their tractor beams activated, now that the mechanic is in the game. It will make some ships more useful for having it, and others less for not having it. And we need to experiment with each to find out exactly what they can and can't do.

Star Citizen Rigs, Chairs & Simpits by icycalm on 30 Nov 2023 02:07 ... ell_new_in


bcfred20 wrote:
Ready for fracture salvaging in 3.22.

Tsubo_dai wrote:
Avoid this hotas wherever possible. It's hot garbage. Look at VKB NXT and TECS.

bcfred20 wrote:
I use the X56 for about 8 years and no issues.

Tsubo_dai wrote:
You are one in a million. And bought it when there was only one other more expensive option. Pleased for you though.

MOST WANTED: Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (PC) by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 18:44

The Insomnia Best Game of All Time Award: Star Citizen
Thank you God
"There has never been anything like it"
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wipe
The Chow Hall Drama
Too Good to be True
The Most Released Game of All Time
The Year of Chris Roberts
The Coolest Thing You'll Ever Own

The Coolest Thing You'll Ever Own

Like millions of other gamers, for years I didn’t understand why people were throwing so much money at Star Citizen, and how the game was generating its unprecedented crowdfunding returns. When I learned that players were mostly buying spaceships, I became even more befuddled: What would there be left to buy in the game—since it was a spaceship game after all (or at least so I thought at the time)—if they bought everything before even starting playing?

For years this made no sense to me, until I played the game. And even when I started playing, it took a while for me to get it. I remember telling my clan right at the outset to buy the cheapest ships they could so as to leave more to buy later in the game, and therefore enjoy the game longer. I even cringed inwardly when some of them chose to buy the Titan for a few bucks more despite my advice to the contrary: I was sure I’d have more fun than them working up to it in my Mustang.

We played like this, zero-to-hero essentially, for a few weeks, until one day I saw... the Scorpius with the Stinger paint. It was the coolest spaceship I’d ever seen: a stunning mix of X-wing and TIE fighter reimagined for the 21st-century. The design was so versatile that the look of the ship would change between Evil and Good depending on what paint you had on! I had to have it no matter what—and immediately—along with its evilest paint; and when I learned that, at the time, it couldn’t be purchased in the game—and moreover the paint, which basically made the ship for me, would likely never be available in the game—I pulled out my credit card and threw it at the first grey market store that carried it. And once I took the ship on its maiden flight and realized that, far from lessening my excitement to continue playing, it heightened it tremendously, I started buying ships and vehicles left and right, and today I fully plan to one day cash-own every vehicle and piece of gear that will ever be put into the game all the way down to coffee mugs—not to speak of hangars, apartments and base modules, to afford which I am prepared to live in a van down by the river if need be.

But let’s constrain this analysis to ships for the time being. Is there some way of explaining even to the ignorant befuddled gamer that I used to be before playing the game the extraordinary appeal of buying these ships, and especially of buying them with real cashmoney?

I think there is, and this is what I’ll try doing here. But I don’t think anyone will fully get it before playing the game for themselves. It’s like trying to explain the appeal of sex to virgins. Proust himself could write thousands of stunningly illuminating lines on it, but you would still have to do it to fully get it. But, after doing it, I don’t think Proust’s words would have been rendered futile. I think you’d come to understand them, and sex, even more, and more deeply appreciate it—which is the power of criticism, and why Whites read it, and write it.

So to cut, at last, straight to the chase, the reason so many hyperintelligent and hyperdiscerning gamers (Star Citizen has the smartest community in all of traditional gaming) are throwing so much money on these ships is because these ships are THE COOLEST THING THEY’LL EVER OWN—the coolest thing ANY human will ever own in our lifetimes: even Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Or what? You think either of them owns, or could ever own, anything cooler? Like what? A stadium-sized mansion, for example? But the coolest room in that mansion would be the Star Citizen simpit room lol, and the coolest thing you could do inside the mansion is to dim the lights in that room and play Star Citizen. Same with a superyacht: coolest thing you could do in it is play Star Citizen in the middle of the ocean, and the boat itself would never so much as compare to a Star Citizen ship. It doesn’t even have any guns lol! It’s illegal to mount guns on yachts. Torpedoes? Forget about it. It can’t even leave the water lolz. These guys spend a small nation’s entire GDP to buy a ship that can’t even fly, while SC players own space superyachts with swimming pools and basketball courts that can carry the lovechild of Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s ships. In Star Citizen we can own capital ships hosting dozens of fighter craft and hundreds of our friends in their own bedrooms with lockers for their guns and armor and with mess halls the size of Bezos’s superyacht. Even MOVIES don’t have ships this cool, or so extensively and painstakingly designed and rendered, and you wonder why people buy them? Are you fucking kidding me?

And that’s not all. That’s not even half of it. Because OUR ships can travel anywhere inside a GALAXY. Where the fuck can Bezos’s superyacht go? Back and forth across the Atlantic? Even if it could go ON THE MOON, THERE IS NOTHING THERE. I mean there are dozens of points of interest on Star Citizen’s every moon and planet, and people are STILL complaining that there aren’t enough things to see and do, so can you imagine if we sent those people on the actual moon where there is literally NOTHING? Mars is the same issue, and the gas giants are even worse. But the gas giant in Stanton has a whole flying city above it which is cooler than any place I’ve ever lived in (and I’ve lived in all the coolest places on Earth). And you’re telling me that for a thousand dollars I can fly my space superyacht there and live there forever?

It’s a steal! It is literally the biggest bargain in the entire history of trading! I’d pay $100,000 for this privilege, let alone one k lol. You must be kidding! And THAT is why some people ARE paying $100,000 in Star Citizen.

So you see, the solution to this riddle has two parts. The one part is simply the coolness of the vehicles themselves. These are hands down the coolest vehicles any of us will experience in our lifetimes. I wouldn’t drive a Lamborghini in Star Citizen even if it were free, because it can’t go anywhere on these wild planets. Even on Earth, a Lambo can only go on roads, and well-maintained roads too, because of its tiny ground clearance. If you drove it in a brown “country” you’d ruin it. Not to mention the locals would pull you out of it and eat you. But a Cyclone with two buddies: you could kill a lot of browns before they got at you. And with a few Atlas Platforms you could take over their “country”. And that’s before you’ve brought in any ships, let alone cap ships that carry enough ordnance to level small cities.

But even beyond that, a Cyclone is simply such a cooler-looking vehicle than a Lambo. There’s no comparison. The super-aggressive styling made for war not touring, the wild science-fictional tyres, the thick leather seats and full-throated engine sound. I’ve been in a Lamborghini, they could take design cues from the Cloud Imperium designers. And you can have a Cyclone for 50 bucks lol. Andrew Tate can keep his Lambo.

Note that I’ve been comparing Star Citizen’s ships with real vehicles, not with videogame ones. I won’t even bother comparing them with videogame ones, because it’d be a ridiculous comparison: the videogame ones are like matchbox toys that Musk’s son would carry in Musk’s Lambo. Every other game vehicle feels like a child’s plastic toy when compared to a Star Citizen vehicle. Halo, Far Cry, PlanetSide, Crysis: forget about it. They aren’t competing at all. I’d gladly take even a cheap used Ford over any videogame vehicle ever. And besides, what would I do with a vehicle inside an invisible wall game like Halo, Far Cry, PlanetSide or Crysis: bump it against the invisible walls until falling asleep from the sheer boredom?

So you can see that the second part of the equation is the environment: it must be open so you can be free in it, enormous so you can keep traveling across it without ever getting bored, and stunning so you can enjoy yourself in it. And Star Citizen’s environment is all three of these things, and it’s the ONLY traditional game for which this is true.

In short, this is the Matrix, it is the promised metaverse that’s better than reality, and of course its vehicles will also be better than real vehicles, so of course people who love vehicles—meaning the high-IQ/high-T straight White males who invented vehicles in the first place—will quickly recognize this and flock to this universe and these vehicles en masse, and throw tons of money at them—some of them practically everything they own.

And of course anyone who isn’t a high-IQ/high-T straight White male will have no idea wtf is going on with this game and these crazy-“expensive” vehicles (they are dirt cheap for what they are), and no use for it, or them. They won’t even be able to get immersed in the game’s world at all, so they’ll quit playing after a couple of sessions—if they even bother to try the game at all—which is the subject I will analyze in the next chapter.

P.S. As for why buy the vehicles with real money when they can (mostly) be purchased in the game: They wipe in-game purchases roughly twice a year, and lie that it’s for technical reasons. This is how the greatest real-time artwork ever is funded: by lies, because humans can’t handle the truth, not even White ones. Well, the rich can handle it, but the poor can’t, and CIG isn’t yet ready to tell the poors to piss off, as I do in my Battlegrounds. So we get lies.

MOST WANTED: Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (PC) by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 18:09

They locked the thread lol because it was too "polarizing". icycalm still enraging midwits with practically every word he speaks. Still, one guy's reply made the whole thread worth it. There were other smart replies, but this one takes the cake.

Hal Endor @HalEndor wrote:
There is a difference between forming a cult and acknowledging someone's work history. It's a simple statement of fact that CR (as well as Tony Z, just to expand the scope a bit) have been building games that have set the standards in their genres since the 1980's. These guys are OGs in the field. And the mission statement of this project is a direct rebuke to what a lot of people argue is the source of the biggest problems in the gaming industry. In my observation, this tends more likely to be true with gamers who have been gaming for as long as these two have been making games. So, if you're familiar with that history, there's a logical reason to set expectations very high.

And that necessarily means that the other side of OP's statement is true too. If you're not familiar with that history, then what's to lead you to believe that CIG is any different than EA, Ubisoft, Activision or Bethesda? I'd be skeptical too if I hadn't been there to see it first hand at the time. So I don't think it's a stretch to argue that the foundation of the project is built on the reputation of these two.

This guy got exactly what I meant, and beautifully elaborated it. Cheers, bud. See you in the verse. O7

MOST WANTED: Star Citizen & Squadron 42 (PC) by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 04:25

My first Spectrum thread lol. It's only a few minutes old and it's already blowing up: ... os/6447475


Nurseman @Nurseman wrote:
I prefer to understand that CR, everyone in CIG and even some people on spectrum are human.

imperfect wonderful humans

we don’t need to form a cult and pretend CR can do no wrong or make mistakes

Bah @Bah wrote:
Well, his name quite literally starts with CULT, at least he is consistent

Grammaton @Grammaton wrote:
So... You "know" CR but just came around in 2023 to joining in on his next project after you played all his previous titles on release?

I figured if you felt so admirably for his previous'd have been an early Backer when they first launched live on Kickstarter..or at least within the first year of backing after the KS ended?

I wrote:
I stopped playing his games when FPSes were invented and he failed to move into them. I am writing an essay why he stayed away from FPSes. It's the reason his star declined in the industry. But eventually he came back and utterly dominated the FPS genre. I am calling the essay, "The Greatest Comeback in Gaming".

Severin Grimm @SeverinGrimm wrote:
I would like to read that honestly.

The internet reacts to Insomnia articles... by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 04:18

Anonymous wrote:
Honestly I think a DMC3 remake/remaster is much more worth doing. The game has potential but even if you like it and its main differences from NG or DMC1 don't bother you, there's a lot that's indefensible and dragging it down. Fix or replace some of the problem bosses, fix or replace the problem enemies, make the game not almost entirely take place in drab, interchangeable gray corridors (seriously, people give flak to DMC5 for this when it's not even as bad about it yet fucking icycalm is the only one who calls out 3 for the same thing) and there you go, the version of the game that should have existed in the first place. I'm surprised that it doesn't come up more often in discussions of game that could use remakes when it's so beloved and yet has unanimously agreed-upon aspects that are dragging it down so strongly.

Always a decade ahead of everyone.

Not that it matters now. I don't review invisible wall games anymore. I haven't even played DMC5, and probably never will.

Star Citizen Rigs, Chairs & Simpits by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 01:07

Just wanted to share my recently complete DIY setup. That is all. ... mplete_diy


This guy is doing it right. Never seen a SC setup with a wheel before, but as you may have noticed, the Cult Spec includes it.

All cool people have a wheel ready for playing Star Citizen. The only question you must ask yourself is: are you cool?

Low_Soul_Coal wrote:
The real flex is this mofo rocking the Ember special edition self warming coffee mug.

Yavin87 wrote:
How do you type in chat or play fps stuff?

SurfsideSmoothy wrote:
He has a pull out keyboard tray underneath the wheel.

defenistrat3d wrote:
Maybe a silly question... but can easily you use a steering wheel for land vehicles?

Or do you move that when playing SC?

Sim-Junkie wrote:
I can easily use any and all of it in SC. Kb is out till I get in cockpit or driver seat of ground vehicle. Slide kb tray away and have full freedom to fly or drive. It makes loading vehicles easy.

TheJungfaha wrote:
Very cool! very cool indeed. Now that you have a taste of that, upgrade your driving aspect of the cockpit to FANTEC gear, and then you're on a whole other level with forced reaction feedback.

Sim-Junkie wrote:
Yeah, I know. I've driven an accuforce on a buddy's setup. Moza r7 is next on my list. Thanks for the compliment.

Ooh, something I didn't know.

Cult Engine 3 (internal codename: TaleSpire) by icycalm on 29 Nov 2023 01:04

The MEGADUNGEON Update in Cult Engine 3!


If you can't get enough of Cult Engine 3 (and who can blame you), here's a video Istallri put together of the assets in the last couple of updates. Towards the end you also get a little preview of the advanced camera movement features I've been gushing about. Only a little preview, mind you.

MOST WANTED: Alex Kierkegaard's Kingslayer (PC) by icycalm on 28 Nov 2023 23:57

Made some additions to the last chapter's text. All the bolded text below is new. I had meant to bring up these points in my original pass, but I forgot about it. There are just so many points that need to be made that, if I am not being meticulous with going through my notes, I forget some. I have a dozen pages of notes on this essay, and imma get through all of them by the time this is done.

I wrote:
Moreover, even though all these styles differ, there is still an underlying unity between them, since they all use the same building blocks that Cult Engine 3 provides, and THIS underlying unity is the River Kingdoms style that differentiates the region from Brevoy, Numeria, Galt, and all the rest of the Inner Sea states. And the rough, blocky nature of the assets—their slightly Minecrafty nature, to put it plainly—accords well with the rough, warlike nature of the River Kingdoms where powers rise and fall faster than anywhere else in the Inner Sea, and where buildings therefore don't tend to last long either.

Battlegrounds wrote:
The River Kingdoms of northeastern Avistan have long been a haven for inland pirates, anarchists, exiles, and anyone else who does not fit into the more "civilized" nations. The Kingdoms are by no means a unified nation, but rather a constantly shifting group of small city-states and fiefdoms (never larger than a few thousand souls), each at odds with the others, both to gain more power and prevent their own demise.

Pretty cool how that worked out, no? A fine synergy between Pathfinder lore and the practical realities of Cult Engine 3 development. All I am doing here is making the best of all these tools and assets, and as you can see the end result I have achieved is a tremendously superior approach to what every other GM does, which is pull from Tales Tavern any building in any style that he happens to need, and plunk it down in any region, until everything everywhere looks the same. In contrast, when you step into a new region in my game, you'll know instantly it's a new region.

So now you've also had a brief intro to the River Kingdoms, to help you decide if this region and campaign fits your tastes.

I still have about half a dozen big chapters to post before the entire design is online. It's the craziest game design ever, you won't believe the scale and scope and complexity I am going for. Two irl decades to play through. Not one, as I've stated in the past: Two.

We'll see how many are crazy enough to begin this adventure with me on January 1. Never mind how many will finish it. The important thing is to get the ball rolling.

Once the entire design is online, we'll start a separate thread in the Battlegrounds forum for sign-ups. I expect this to happen about the middle of December. And then January 1 we start rolling characters.

That's my New Year's Resolution, and I can't wait!!!

Cult Bank by icycalm on 27 Nov 2023 22:53

I sent 10M to myself and 10M to ysignal so we can buy cargo to load in our Hull Cs and try the big-time hauling/trading career. Note that the C is bugged so we'll play around with small amounts before we try bigger ones, plus we should always have fighter escort. I'll talk more about this in a dedicated post/thread.

I also sent 10M to Barney to buy back all the ships he melted to send me his credits.

Current balance: 19,850,000 aUEC.

This might seem like a huge blow to our finances, but remember ysignal and I still have the 20M we received, and we'll likely grow those amounts if we figure out the Hull C trading. I want to buy back my Scorpiuses and Nomad in-game asap with the profits.

P.S. If anyone needs to buy fighters to escort us, you can use the bank funds for it.

Cult Fleet by ysignal on 27 Nov 2023 06:27

I melted the Prowler, Talon, Dragonfly and one of my Ursas and bought a Hull A, Mercury Star Runner and C2 Hercules. This completes my Hercules collection and rounds out my cargo fleet, which I plan to make use of soon. I can buy the Prowler back at any time using the buyback, so I will have it in my fleet again in the future.

Unreal Engine by icycalm on 27 Nov 2023 04:16

Unreal Engine 5.3 - MAWI - Most Realistic Realtime Forest Ever!


Real ca$hmoney by icycalm on 27 Nov 2023 00:35 ... me_package

DemonOfElru wrote:
PSA: Concierge Includes Game Package

I am sure there are plenty of new Concierge members since IAE started, so hopefully this helps someone out.

Once you become Concierge, you are granted a copy of the Star Citizen Digital Download as part of your rewards. You can find it and verify it in your "My Hangar" area of the RSI website. It is listed under the reward for High Admiral.

This allows you to melt your game package (if you want or need to) and put that value towards something else. In my case, I was able to recover the cost of my Cutlass Black game package and put it towards something else.

Hope this helps someone out.

DaveMash wrote:
PSA: your extra game packages will convert to additional character slots on your account. It will eventually be possible to use these as NPC crews.

BOTY123 wrote:
Although I'm fairly sure the last time CIG talked about that is already years ago. Might not hold true for the future, same as things like modding and private servers.

--SaL-- wrote:
That article/clarification in question: ... rification

Yonks old, nevertheless they have not taken it down.

MarcvsPrimvs wrote:
I managed to have a SQ42 add-on long ago for $15. Right now I have 3x game package, 2x future custom NPC.

Sangmund_Froid wrote:
I tried cleaning up my game packages when this was implemented, since I have both Sq42 and SC attributed to my High Admiral status. But the game packages I have are so valuable (savings) it's impossible to get away from them.

SirGreenLemon wrote:
Even if I was Concierge, I sadly could not melt my starter pack because it is one of the old ones that still included Squadron.

ochotonaprinceps wrote:
If you were holding onto it on the date that this policy rolled out, and you were Concierge by that date already, your High Admiral reward item was supplied with both a PU access token and a SQ42 access token.

This was a one-time process and anyone who didn't actively have SQ42 on their account (not in buyback but actively owned and waiting for SQ42 launch) or who wasn't Concierge on the one day they ran the script missed out.

I totally understand not wanting to melt your old pack and there are very good reasons not to other than simply having SQ42 included, but it might be worth checking your High Admiral reward in your My Hangar to see what all it includes now.

Swatmat90 wrote:
PSA on this PSA... if you have a SQ42 combi package, you won't get SQ42 when you hit Concierge unless you did it a long time ago, so if you melt that, you lost your SQ42 digital download.

DolphTheDolphin_ wrote:
What happens if you gift things to someone else?

Usual-Application916 wrote:
You still paid money to CIG before, so that status stays.

Whatever you buy in CIGs pledge store adds to that sum, no matter what happens after that - only exception, if you actually refund.

MasonStonewall wrote:
Subscription and physical merchandise also add to your totals.

CaseCompetitive3039 wrote:
Also a SQ42 copy not only SC which is at least 20USD.

Vayne7777 wrote:
Not anymore unfortunately. This was changed last year. New Concierge only get the SC part now.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4|SW The Last Faith by icycalm on 26 Nov 2023 02:07 ... ed/1274600

WoodenMage wrote:
Also: you can't pause the game. Just like in Souls and Bloodborne. Except, the reason why that's a thing there is because of constant online interactivity in those games. Last Faith is a singleplayer game.

Between copying bad elements from Bloodborne and the mentioned above no pause, this game and its relationship to From Software titles really makes you think of those tribal people that ended up carving out wooden clubs in the shape of muskets. No understanding of why something exists or how it works, just blindly copying it (including copying the mistakes, like the vials from BB). ... ed/1274600

HypnoJuice wrote:
the combat is painfully basic and drags things down for me. ... ed/1274600

niccobrik wrote:
I'm a big fan of all of the inspiration that this game references (castlevania, Bloodborne, Blasphemous) and of the metroidvania genre, yet here all seems shallow. Beautiful backgrounds with nothing to do in it. I found myself simply passing through scenarios with simplistic (if any) platform layout, one or two enemies and that's it?

The combat didn't also cut it for me, i mean i can bypass all the map problems if the combat it's good, but even here terrible first impression. The attacks are very basic with very little flare to it. i choose the "gunslinger" archetype and shooting it's locked in a straight line? i mean it's -ok- it's a design choice not a bad thing in on itself, but then you immediately present me with dogs i cannot shoot and flying enemies i cannot shoot?. it feels like the enemies are calibrated for another combat system kinda? again nothing "wrong" per se, it's serviceable, but being serviceable isn't enough with the other problems. The writing it's also -fine-, it's ok, it's dark, moody soulslike dialogue that here, i don't know, they talk too much for saying so little. I've played basically any metroidvania you can think of, and i get that the genre takes time to get really going (even hollow knight has ONE attack and a basic jump at the beginning) but every other game has "something" that makes them stand out. Here i found sadly a collage of other ideas that on paper are basically made for me and my taste but severely lack something.