lol by shubn on 03 Feb 2023 15:29

Todd Howard on Elder Scrolls 6 new features:

This is AI-generated as far as I can tell. At least the voice is.

News by icycalm on 02 Feb 2023 23:29

Inside Star Citizen: In The Arena | Winter 2023


At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy this episode because I am not interested in Arena Commander. But it turned out quite interesting indeed.

First of all, it shows that there are areas in Arena Commander that don't yet exist in the Persistent Universe, like for example a floating city racecourse over a planet that's in the lore but not in the PU currently, or a "dying star" arena that looks spectacular. So I definitely want to play matches there, and will do so when 3.18 hits, as they're getting upgrades and fixes.

Moreover, they explain that as the Persistent Universe's mechanics are developed further, death in the game will become too costly to risk lightly, and therefore training in Arena Commander and Star Marine (and eventually also in the upcoming Theatres of War, which is basically Battlefield/PlanetSide) will be helpful. They reference an essay Chris Roberts wrote circa 2013 titled "Death of a Spaceman" that elaborates on his vision on how death will work in the finished game.

Death of a Spaceman ... a-spaceman

It's a long read but worth it. He references Demon's Souls lol. Demon's, not Dark. The point is that you won't be able to respawn infinitely as now. Your character will acquire injuries, necessitating prosthetics past a certain point, and eventually he'll die for good and bequeath all his belongings to a relative, and then you play the relative. Pretty much how my Battlegrounds will work! And now with the skills they're adding, losing a character will be costly because you'll lose all the skills. Again, exactly as with my game.

So the simulators will be useful, and what's more, they seem fun in their own right going by this video. We haven't really touched them at all, but that should change from the next update.

P.S. "Death of a Spaceman" is a reference to Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. Chris Roberts goes to the theatre.

Facepunch updates by icycalm on 02 Feb 2023 20:54

Industrial Update


The industrial update is finally live, and despite their best efforts to make it look cool in the trailer, it still looks dumb. The assets themselves look cool enough as part of an industrial fluid system, but not to move tree trunks and beds around.

Armor by icycalm on 02 Feb 2023 19:06

Can I copy your homework? ... r_homework


Massive improvement/modernization.

Fun-Background-9622 wrote:
Was taught in art school that "all art is theft" meaning you take your inspiration from what you see around you.

Now make a meme saying Lorville is stolen from Blade Runner.

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by recoil on 02 Feb 2023 16:12

I pre-registered.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 02 Feb 2023 15:22

STAR CITIZEN TOOLS V.1 ... -sites-v-1 ... n_tools_v1


Firengineer wrote:

Great list of tools. We maintain a similar list as well!

The Fandom Wiki, however, is rather outdated. The Community Wiki:, is kept and maintained by the community with no ads and constant updates.

Might I suggest a swap?


Mootzzarella wrote:
Updooted. SC's Fandom Wiki is run by a single dude who, as you'd expect, is physically and mentally incapable of keeping up with the game's updates. It's not a viable source for information.

StarHunter_ wrote:
That "Star Citizen Tracker" has been long dead since 2019 and good riddance, it was made by Something Awful.
I don't know why you would list that and not the official CIG tracker: ... cker/teams
You listed many other CIG sites.

And you are missing Bar Citizen:

Nilshrling wrote:
what about snareplan? gotta include all gameplayloops

Citizen_Crom wrote: ... s_megalist

SirGluehbirne wrote:
Wow. Awesome! Thx for the work. For me one super important tool is missing: To calculate the value of your ores during mining missions.

Eeomis wrote:
Ummm no Add that gem!

HerrMatthias wrote:
SC Ships Performances Viewer is all about characteristics related to the propulsion of ships currently available in game. With graphs, it is easy to see performances of a specific ship and compare with the previous version of the PU.

Ships List | search Performances Data | compare Performances Comparison

ChangeLog | Current data | Previous data

He's working on a v2.

lol by Some guy on 01 Feb 2023 20:20

NEW HBO SHOWS From The Creators of FORSPOKEN and LAST OF US - Mega64


PC Menyr by icycalm on 01 Feb 2023 13:33


Beta roadmap and features list ... ts/3720153

PDF with all the images I posted below: ... s-List.pdf

Glad to see this update as I was starting to worry the Menyr KS is a scam. It's still possible that it's a scam, but the chances are lower now. I have never seen a KS or EA project be this casual about updates so long after launch, and this could mean one of two things. Either it's a scam—and they're dripping out updates and pushing back the release date (which has now been moved from March to June) to rake in as much money as they can via extended backing services such as BackerKit—or they're perfectionists like Chris Roberts and me and just taking their time to deliver something awesome and unmatched. Judging by the quality of everything they've shown so far, plus how much thought has gone into their roadmap shown below, I would guess the latter. If it's a scam, however, there's still an upside. It would mean that TaleSpire gets a reprieve of a couple of years to realize its full potential without the pressure from this behemoth breathing down their necks. Honestly I am happy with either scenario, and if nothing else is achieved by this project at least it will have shown the market how much demand there is for this engine, that obviously someone will end up making sooner or later. Hell, the talk from butthurt backers (of which I am one, to the tune of €49) should help attract even more developer talent to the cause.

It's also interesting that talk of "scam" endures about Star Citizen, though it gets less and less each year. I am also sure some people think my Battlegrounds is a scam too lol. So I suppose it was merely a matter of time before the same accusation was leveled at Menyr. And I am the one making it lol. Mostly because I am just impatient for some media. I would have expected a lot more MEDIA by now, rather than plans and roadmaps etc. But it seems it's just too early in the development process for that.

It all makes sense when you realize that all this stuff 1) Is taking forever to come out, and 2) Seems too good to be true. So, 3) It appears to be a scam, especially to the impatient. And I am certainly an extremely impatient person. Especially when it comes to the work of others!

ANYway, leaving talk of scams aside, what the slides below reveal is a design plan that will totally consume World Anvil, TaleSpire, Dungeon Alchemist, Foundry, Syrinscape, the One D&D VTT et al. All the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together for the greatest videogame engine ever. Because consider this: Which is the best engine on the market right now? It's Star Citizen's Star Engine. No other engine can do what this engine does. But can it do flashbacks? Flash forwards? Can it pause time? So how can you say it is the ultimate "storytelling engine"? Clearly, Menyr will be that, and it will be impossible to make cutting-edge games without it, once it is released. It will make even Star Citizen seem dated at that point. I am sure no one understands what I mean, but when you see fully interactive VR Game of Thrones-level footage running on this thing in a couple of years, you'll understand.

And btw, they're upping the size of the max area from 60 sq. km to 100 sq. km. That's an insane size, it's like an entire Pathfinder kingdom, fully walkable in one scene. And of course you can chain together as many scenes as you want, for an entire planet.

The downside is that it will take a couple of years for the engine to become feature-complete, and I am not going to bet that Menyr's overworld features will be done anytime soon. So I'll go ahead and keep building our overworld in World Anvil, because we can't really keep playing without it at this point, too much stuff happening across too many campaigns to keep it all in our minds without the overworld. And when Menyr's equivalent features launch, I'll just have to transfer them over. It's extra work I don't want to do, but I'll have to do it. Nothing can be done about it. At least the transfer will be easier than the initial inputting of the data. At least half the work is finding and arranging the data, after all.

So that's all I have for now. Take your time going over the slides. I haven't even done that properly myself yet; too excited to get this update and analysis out.










lol by icycalm on 01 Feb 2023 10:56

Are... are we the baddies? ... he_baddies


Human ships by icycalm on 01 Feb 2023 10:39

3.18 In-game Ship Store Additions ... _additions


lol by icycalm on 01 Feb 2023 10:22

Brought Justice To a Klescher Escapee only to receive this some time later lol ... ee_only_to


Hints & Tips by icycalm on 01 Feb 2023 10:11

Ground Vehicle Fitment Index 3.18 Edition ... 18_edition


DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by icycalm on 31 Jan 2023 14:41

Note that they plan a beta test for February but I won’t be taking part. I don’t see the point of it for me since the game will be free at launch anyway. Launch is expected in Q1, and I will pause Factorio while we play this. We could be done in a weekend, or we could be playing for weeks. Since it is a persistent MMO, it makes no sense to pause it for Factorio which we can play anytime.

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by Some guy on 31 Jan 2023 12:49

I've also pre-registered.

Real ca$hmoney by shubn on 31 Jan 2023 12:08 ... e-update-1

Zyloh-CIG wrote:
Anvil Hurricane Pledge Update

Hi everyone,

As we announced previously when we updated the Avenger Titan & Origin 300 series, the team regularly evaluates the value of offerings, based on functionality and comparison to the array of other vehicles available throughout the year. I'd like to drop a quick note to share that the Anvil Hurricane will have a price adjustment (increase) post-Alpha 3.18.

We do plan to honor the current price throughout the upcoming Lunar New Year promotion, where it will be available, to give anyone who was already planning on picking one up the opportunity to do so at the expected current price. As a side-note boon, this also means that if you want to upgrade your Anvil Hurricane later down the line, post Alpha 3.18, the upgrade value of your Hurricane will be increased.

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by ChevRage on 31 Jan 2023 12:03

I've just pre-registered too.

News by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 20:06

Updated view of 3.19 coming with roadmap update on February 8th ... _update_on


Feb 8 we find what's in 3.19!!! Star Citizen roadmap updates are more exciting than anyone else's ENTIRE GAMES!!! (and not only because the updates have more content than entire games).

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 15:47

I am just going to register again, with another email, for the US region.

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 15:46

I might have made a mistake with the form, since we'll be playing on the US servers...

DAY 1: UNCHARTED WATERS ORIGIN by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 15:37


Game thread:

I am playing this Day 1, no matter what day it launches. If it's midweek, so be it, it's a persistent universe, and it helps to start right at the start. Even if you can only play an hour or two, it's better than nothing. I've already made a new Discord channel in the Cosmic War category, go check it out. That's where we'll be posting updates etc.

If you pre-register now, you get a bonus on launch day, so I did it. It's not complicated, you just fill out this form:


Pre-register for Uncharted Waters Origin Global ... 5318614385


The reward for pre-registering will depend on the number of people doing so:


We have to choose a colonial power. I say we go with England.

For England!


PC|TAB|MOB Uncharted Waters Origin by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 15:16

Moved this thread to the Cosmic War forum. The game seems to have rendered the entire Earth, it's strategic, it's massively-multiplayer... It's not PA2, but it looks like a good way to pass the time until then, so it belongs in the Cosmic War section of the site.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by schadenfreude on 30 Jan 2023 14:54

Check out this survival bundle on Humble:

For $15, you get Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition, SCUM, Starsand, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, SurrounDead, The Long Dark: Survival Edition, and Volcanoids.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 14:18


Good poster.

PC|TAB|MOB Uncharted Waters Origin by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 13:29

Uncharted Discovery ~ Mediterranean Sea ~


Contents Preview : Battle


Contents Preview : Trade


Contents Preview : Voyage


Looks like a Sid Meier's Pirates JRPG MMO. Not a fan of the big heads, but everything else looks great. I wonder if you can build anything.

I am definitely in day 1. It should make for a fun weekend at the very least.

Also funny how the Mediterranean video calls the region "the center of culture" or something. Someone should cancel these people.

Graphics cards by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 13:08

NVIDIA's RTX 4080 Problem: They're Not Selling & MSRP Doesn't Exist


Gamers Nexus wrote:
The NVIDIA RTX 4080 has a problem: No one is buying it -- or at least, not enough people that board partners are feeling relief from their investment. They're on the hook for millions upon millions of dollars in inventory, and it's because NVIDIA's pricing structure is so egregiously bad that sales have finally slowed. NVIDIA got comfortable with a market where literally anything would sell, no exaggeration, and just existing would guarantee a sale. But that market is over, and now NVIDIA has an RTX 4080 problem. The other issue is that MSRP cards don't exist -- partners launched some, then stopped stocking them.

I still don't see any advantage in prices due to this...

PC|TAB|MOB Uncharted Waters Origin by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 11:46

Two more tidbits.

First, it's free, so it'll cost us nothing to give it a try.

Second, according to Gematsu, it "first launched in South Korea on August 23, 2022", so we're just waiting on the localization: ... -available

PC|TAB|MOB Uncharted Waters Origin by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 11:42

Image ... ers_Origin

Commemorating 30 years of the Uncharted Waters series. Sail through the vast oceans, massive worlds and contents. Open world exploration RPG Uncharted Waters Origin.

This is one of Koei's strategy series (it's strategy, not "RPG") that I wanted to play on my Amiga back in the early-'90s, but couldn't find a translated version. Not sure if any of them were translated back then. Maybe fan translations exist today.

What's intriguing about this is that it's labeled an "MMO". I thought it would be a typo, just Japs not knowing what the term means, but looking in the Steam forum it seems the series has been MMO for a while. There's some grumbling about P2W also, and some more grumbling about imbalance or Koreans or whatnot. Check it out: ... 3088105990

Sharpe wrote:
The game is very p2w, or was when i last played it on the Korean/Australian server a couple of months ago. For example you could buy port investments, higher level ship blueprints, officers etc with diamonds. But the p2w aspect didn't bother me, the main issues were the way too long turn based battles and the nation imbalance. Also they allowed cross-nation guilds which makes no sense at all in this setting. Official English forums have been dead for a few months now. BUT they released a ton of patches since i quit so there is hope. Will try it again when a european or US server opens in 2023. ... 3088113077

Sharpe wrote:
The server was dominated by Spain (by p2w korean players) when i quit.

I am definitely up for trying this with a team when it comes out.






About This Game
The Return of Koei Tecmo's Epic Game Series
Enter into the Endless Possibility, ‘Uncharted Waters Origin’

A story that unfolds in the 16th century, a time that was still shrouded in mystery.
Now, it is time to set sail into an open world with excitement you've never felt before!

Experience freedom and joy as you journey across the globe through the game’s various features, including sailing, adventures, combat, and trading!

[game Features]

■ Enter into the Endless Possibility ‘Realistic Open World’
A vast world that shows 1/320 of the real world.Detailed weather conditions and environments based on historical data.
Historically accurate sailors, landmarks, and relics.
Experience the vast seas of the 16th century within Uncharted Waters in 4K 3D graphics!


■ A Massive World you can Experience through Uncharted Waters Origin
Experience an expansive, detailed world with 8 national powers, 200 ports, 60 villages,over 300 battlegrounds, and over 20 types of weather.

■ Create Stories with Admirals and Follow their Chronicles
Follow the admirals recreated from the original series,collect historical figures from the 15-17th century,
and experience the game’s rich campaigns!

■ Real-time Trade System
With numerous regional specialties and goods,and market prices that fluctuate depending on demand and supply,
strategize your investments and use the golden routes to obtain your riches!


■ Endless Freedom of Gameplay on the Vast Seas!
Become a big fish through trading to invest in developed cities.Become an unbeatable pirate king using strengthened ships.
Experience free and fluid gameplay befitting of the Uncharted Waters series!

■ Moving OSTs and a Lineup of Passionate, Veteran Voice Actors
More than 104 fully orchestrated soundtracks, including the famous soundtrack that represents the original Uncharted Waters series, composed by the famous composer, Yoko Kanno.
Our lineup of passionate, veteran voice actors will help players immerse themselves in the game.

- Japanese: Kensho Ono, Yui Ishikawa, Takuya Eguchi, Kenta Miyake, Jun Fukuyama,
Takehito Koyasu, Akari Kito, Noriaki Sugiyama, Junta Terashima, Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Set sail now on Uncharted Waters Origin!

Pre-Register Trailer ... XVyolQO3wj


TBA 2023.

Planetary Factorization by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 10:22

Only one video for this session because Chev didn't make it. Planetary Factorization #2 with ysignal and The Cult 15

No base pic because ysignal forgot to zoom out enough to see the northern oil outpost we made, so no point to it, but we did take a pic showing the new cargo rocket silo and landing pads: ... 2925153278


Space Exploration guide we might need:

Guide: Launching Rockets ... ng_Rockets


Session progress:
- Finished cargo rocket [still need cargo]
- Made thruster suit and landing pads
- Captured new oil field

High-priority tasks:
- Fill the rocket with cargo [for space science]
- Capture another oil base

Medium-priority tasks:
- Capture uranium
- Nuclear power
- Capture another iron patch

Research goals:
- Space capsule navigation
- Artillery

News by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 08:23

Shh... ... 0ofuzy/shh

Star Citizen 3.18 Stealth Updates You Didn't Know About (Hot Tea)


Hints & Tips by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 08:06

PSA: Removing Weapons and Components makes a HUGE difference In Racing ... kes_a_huge

Star Citizen: Do Weapons and Components Really Affect Movement In Racing? Mythbuster


In other news, people are hanging out in 3.18 along the racetracks and shooting racers down lmao. Sounds like good target practice if nothing else. And now that they'll be removing their guns, they won't even be able to fire back.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 07:00 ... remed_tips

Captain_caveman1 wrote:
I want to hear your "pre-med" tips

i have recently learned that "pre-med" is a thing. you can use drugs to buff, like running faster, becoming more damage resistant etc.

can you share which drugs have these effects?

the 2 i know

Demexatrine, this can be used to prevent blackouts when you have gsafe off.

Roxophen, basically gives you a 15 min window to drug up without OD

Cult Spec design must start taking pre-med into account. I've passed this info on to the relevant parties at CULT HQ on ArcCorp.

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 30 Jan 2023 06:41

New video, Star Citizen cinematic ... _cinematic

It's only an alpha


Added it to the Ultimate Trailer Ranking.

Profession: Medical by icycalm on 28 Jan 2023 22:22 ... e_pamphlet

Blueshift1561 wrote:
Been having a blast as a solo medic in 3.18 lately. While I still hate bunker rescues due to the turrets, it's been fun doing other rescues like from crash sites and derelicts.

Had a great rescue last night - guy got downed on a Siege of Orison platform mission. Took a similar mission so I wouldn't be trespassing, landed on the path right near him and began taking fire from an NPC. Rushed into rover, took out the NPC, dragged the player into the C8R and placed him in the bed, reviving him.

I like to use the Medbed to revive people, it's that little bit more immersive. The screen pops up welcoming them to the ship and informing them they've been rescued etc. I even keep a hospital gown in the patient storage locker in case someone needs transport to hospital :P

Worth mentioning for you C8R owners with PTU access, but the medical cabinet no longer restocks when you store and retrieve the ship like it does in LIVE. If you can test it and contribute to issue council report STARC-58141 it'd be great, would hate to lose such a helpful feature!

FireflySAR wrote:
I need to try 3.18 more, I just became a subscriber but haven't tried it much.

Blueshift1561 wrote:
It's good fun! They're improved dragging a lot so you can actually drag people up the ramps of the Cutlass Red and C8R without dropping them, and placing incapacitated players into medbeds has been fixed.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 28 Jan 2023 21:18

3.18/3.17.5 Medical guide pamphlet ... e_pamphlet


FauxTrot2010 wrote:
Very cool and thank you for updating for 3.18. The one thing I might add (not necessarily to this image) for those experiencing medical game play from 3.17 to 3.18: Server FPS has increased. More frames from the server means more compute cycles for AI. When performing a ground rescue expect the AI to be more deadly and plan accordingly. Bring a friend, use the Cutty Red with an STV or PTV for transport back to the ship (for unfriendly bunkers), and go slowly through the bunker so that you arrive to your rescue alive.

If CIG were ever paying attention, we need this: if someone is downed in a bunker and our lights are on, please allow the player/party to perform the rescue. Better yet, if a downed player has a beacon that is being responded to, allow trespassing. Medics shouldn't have to arrive under fire for lawful rescues. A cool mechanic might be contacting the bunker to disable the turrets on a medical emergency channel. If that fails, maybe add a minigame where we have to avoid getting blown up but get a hacking terminal in most medical ships (say in the Cutlass Red and bigger) that allows us to turn off automated turrets. This would encourage group medical play as you would need a pilot and a support person to perform the hack.

He left out OxyPen:

Star Citizen Wiki wrote:
The OxyPen disposable oxygen consumable manufactured by CureLife. It is a solution that is injected directly into a character's arm, which is able to recharge the oxygen reserves of a suit.

Armor by icycalm on 28 Jan 2023 16:14

Space Security looks amazing ... ks_amazing


New Security Post Kareah armor.

We'll be able to loot it and stock up on it of course. What other games can you name where you can grab anything anyone is wearing including NPCs and use it?

Pretty much only D&D, and if there's a videogame that gets close to that, it is a D&D adaptation.

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 28 Jan 2023 16:07

Reminder for Miners ... for_miners

Hero_knightUSP wrote:
Just a quick reminder for miners. I have seen ppl you know asking in chat that they need help with rocks because they are full and can't take anymore. I have tried box marking that does not work well.

OM (Orbital Markers) are situated in a grid. If you have distances from 3 OM's that are not on the same plain you can accurately pinpoint a location in 3d space.

The rocks won't despawn and are persistent in the session so just mark all the distances to OM's and you can return using triangulation like when finding Jumptown, Orphanage, or some other unmarked spots it's extremely simple.

I even do scouting in arrow this way.

Exclusive Cult Fleet by icycalm on 28 Jan 2023 15:57

For the folks worried about buying the Scorpius in-game ... e_scorpius


Crazy news. So only the Vulture will need to be paid for with cash. I could melt everything and pre-order the Hull C without spending anything. But I probably won't. In fact I think I am going into the CCU game to get some discounts. I'll have more on that shortly.

Concentrate_Worth wrote:
Good stuff. Because I am always interested in the nuts and bolts of things I wonder why CIG are releasing new ships so soon now?

tjmortimer1989 wrote:
Probably to make up for the massive lag up to this point caused by longer times between major patches - we’re still waiting for ships added at Invictus last year to be buyable for aUEC.

If I was them I'd make people wait YEARS.

Games by icycalm on 27 Jan 2023 15:55


Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:
it's the same size as the one on the MSR at the moment which is a table. I originally was going to have them static on the 890 too but thought fuck it and made it so you could pick it up thinking it would make good use of PES

Armageddon Speaking @ArmageddonSpeak wrote:
is this playable and portable too? i love playing chess on my msr in the past would love to do it on the go

Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:
Location of the pieces on the board persists aswell:)

Armageddon Speaking @ArmageddonSpeak wrote:
That’s awesome need to find it in game! Is it a secret or ?

Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:
Nah it's in the 890

Damn and I thought we could just buy a few sets.

Planetary Factorization by icycalm on 27 Jan 2023 15:23 Planetary Factorization #2 with ysignal and The Cult 14 Planetary Factorization #2 with ChevRage and The Cult 14 ... 2917969125


Session progress:
- Built cargo rocket silo and space capsule
- Increased concrete wall production + upgraded many walls
- Increased copper production
- Big increase in robot production
- Researched all prerequisites for artillery [still need space science]

High-priority tasks:
- Build and launch cargo rocket
-- Need to figure out what cargo to fill it with
- Increase battery intake at new robot production

Medium-priority tasks:
- Improve iron ore utilization
- Bring nuclear power online
- Increase concrete production

Next big research goal:
- Artillery

The cargo rocket is an extremely resource heavy construction task, so we definitely want to fill it with as much useful stuff as possible. There was a tip that popped up when we made the silo that mentioned something about bringing construction materials for a space platform with us as well. Probably something we can read up on in the tutorial pages. We might want to look at that before committing to the trip

It was space scaffolding, one of the ingredients was the low density structure, the others (which I don't remember) were more common
It sounded like the space version of landfill but we should look it up next session to see if we can build it here, it would be more efficient than having the ingredients occupy 3-4 slots in the cargo rocket

News by icycalm on 27 Jan 2023 11:13

Inside Star Citizen: Lorville Revisited | Winter 2023



Seanenanigans wrote:
Building Interiors?! So hyped right now

Jade Star wrote:
Meanwhile in the Elite Dangerous universe they dream of just basic ship interiors.

Note that there are already building interiors in landing zones, but I think what they're saying here is further out into the city. And it sounds like they'll be connected with the upcoming "law offices" where you'll be able to pick up bounty missions and return criminals using the new restraining system. So it sounds like this entire feature-set will be the premier feature for later this year in 3.19, to tide us over until 4.0.

Beyond that, the new shanty towns also seem ready for 3.19, and they should add a lot of variety to the existing points of interest in Stanton. They have beds in them, so I am hoping you'll be able to base yourself off of there for a while.

I can't wait for the next couple of weeks of ISC. Just happy to be getting ISC again tbh. I am so pumped to play right now, but there's no point with the imminent wipe.

Actually, as a subscriber I COULD play the 3.18 PTU now if I wanted to lol. I think me, Chev, Archonus and Adjudicator are the only subscribers here, so we could all play. There's even a Jumptown 2.1 playtest happening... right now I think.

But nah... I'll wait for Live. I am keeping a close eye on the progress on Reddit, and it seems like it's coming first couple of weeks of Feb. Fingers crossed.

Exclusive Cult Fleet by icycalm on 27 Jan 2023 10:00

Incoming PTU patch has added Centurion, C8R, Cutter, Corsair, and Mule to in-game shops!! ... c8r_cutter

The Centurion and the Mule were sort-of expected, but the C8R, Cutter and Corsair were totally unexpected as they only launched a couple months ago.

Note that there is a chance they added them in the PTU just to test them, so I wouldn't go melting anything just yet if you own any of these ships. But from what people are saying, it does look like they really will be purchasable with credits in 3.18.

So for example ysignal could upgrade his Corsair to the Hull C if he wanted with a couple hundred extra dollars, and I could melt a couple of ships and do the same as well. My problem is that... I don't really want to melt anything. I would lose a bunch of LTIs this way, and I am just too attached to my vehicles to sell them. So I don't know what I am going to do. I know it's dumb to hoard dollar-vehicles which you can just buy in-game, but... I like it. And I will be posting an essay soon explaining why it's so addictive. This is basically what powers the game's funding. If everyone stopped doing this, they would have to scale back the game considerably; maybe altogether shut it down.

So I don't know what I am going to do. At the minimum, I am buying a Vulture for my clone when 3.18 hits. Beyond that, I want the Hull C badly, and it's only going to be on sale until February 6 (due to Lunar New Year). Then it will show up when it's flyable, probably with somewhat increased price. Another consideration is that the current sale doesn't give LTI, so to get LTI I would have to upgrade something, meaning losing an existing ship. And we don't know if LTI will be offered when the ship becomes flyable. Not a huge deal if it's not offered, since you can always buy a small vehicle with LTI on the grey market, and then upgrade it.

What I will PROBABLY end up doing is wait until the Hull C becomes flyable, and then buy it. UNLESS I have an epiphany and stop hoarding ships, in which case I'll just melt a couple of ships and exchange them for the Hull C, and just keep exchanging and melting to always have the latest vehicles.

My problem is that I also want to spend a lot of money on Pathfinder/RPG stuff, both physical and digital, and can't afford to go all-out on both fronts. So I am being cautious, but still spending a lot of money. Hopefully crypto will come back and then I'll be able to splurge on both hobbies like a madman :) This stuff is the best stuff ever and I want ALL of it.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Hardware) by shubn on 26 Jan 2023 17:23

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is 15% off for the next couple weeks:

Might pick one up for Star Citizen.

PC|XS Hi-Fi RUSH by icycalm on 26 Jan 2023 03:27


Not a fan of rhythm games, I think I've explained somewhere why (probably in the GuitarFreaks essay), but this has Jet Set Radio styling (even if the character designs are way inferior), so I would consider giving it a go for nostalgia's sake.

Hi-Fi RUSH, a new rhythm-action game from the developers of The Evil Within, is out today ... per-direct

Jay Peters wrote:
Tango Gameworks, a Bethesda studio known for The Evil Within series and last year’s Ghostwire: Tokyo, announced a new rhythm-action brawler during Wednesday’s Xbox Developer Direct called Hi-Fi RUSH. And best of all, it will be available on Wednesday.

In the game, you’ll explore a colorful animated world and smash baddies and robots in your way. Because of the rhythm-action focus, you’ll do better as you string hits in time with the music.

And things around the world also pulse in time with the music, which looks like it will really add to the game. (Watching the video during the Developer Direct, I found myself regularly bobbing my head in time with the music.) Hi-Fi RUSH will also include licensed music from real bands such as The Black Keys and Nine Inch Nails, so it seems like there will be some good music to look forward to.






Official Launch Trailer


Official Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer


Haven't put it on the release schedule yet. It will go up in the next update.

Hardware specs by icycalm on 26 Jan 2023 03:09

Star Citizen RTX 4090 at 4K Max settings. Tested with different ram settings +1080p, 1440p. Same identical lorville run average of 3 runs. Patch 3.17.4 (Pre 3.18). Interestingly slow ram still bottlenecks the 4090 in 4k ... ngs_tested


WEB Hero Forge/Eldritch Foundry/ANVL by icycalm on 26 Jan 2023 02:52 ... 6616243200

Rezal Vision @RezalVision wrote:
The evolution of my D&D character Drezur. The last image is a running joke that my Monk will eventually turn evil :D

Thanks to @HeroForgeMinis for just being amazing, and having such good integration with @talespire.


$4 per pose with the sub. So about $60 for one character. Not bad if he gets to use him for 1-2 years.