icycalm's Patreon by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 16:52


Patreon asked me to update my profile pics to higher res because they're making changes, and I don't have them in higher res, so I decided to replace them.


The ship is the Esperia Prowler, the coolest ship in all of science fiction. It's a dropship that lands like a dragon. And the helmet is the matching helmet from the commercial. In lore, the ship and armor were made by humans but inspired by the Tevarin alien race.

Star Citizen: Esperia Prowler


And since I was updating everything else, I also updated the tier images because the old PA ones I had were also low res (I took them from the game files, and they don't exist anywhere at higher res) and were looking rough especially on desktops.


The new images are taken from Star Citizen Concierge levels and are super-sharp and match everything else.

Concierge Levels and Rewards
https://support.robertsspaceindustries. ... nd-Rewards

PC Dune: Spice Wars by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 14:57

This added multiplayer recently, not too much, just 2v2 or 4P FFA, but I like the graphics and thought it might be fun for a few hours. However it looks like it might be too simple even for that: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Webbysan/ ... ed/1605220

Webby wrote:
The problem I think I have with this game is that I grew up playing all the old classics, the original Dune games, C&C and the like. There currently just isn't enough content and a HUGE lack of units/vehicles in game to stay interested for very long.

Yes, i'm sure some of you are going to quote this and that about books, or films or some such about there being no vehicles, but this is a game. I hardly think Dune 2 was accurate, but its one of the greats. Then there is the micro-management of the harvester, this gets annoying very fast. Really, they need to add auto harvest/return. I don't want to waste time hunting them down and click return every time they need to drop ♥♥♥♥ off at base. Sandworms also need a lot of work, perhaps more warning that the few seconds (if that) you get before they take out most of your army or you harvester.

I gave it a few hours and honestly just got bored. I'm not someone who simply puts in a hour or two per game, my library speaks clearly to that, but without more effort made here, and for the love of Shai-Hulud, more units/vehicles... I can't currently recommend picking this up.

It basically sounds exactly like Northgard: looks good in screens, but too simple for more than even a single session.

Griefer Wars! by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 07:26

https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/co ... he_griefer


Some humorless admin won't get the joke and delete my post for "inciting violence", so I am saving it here.

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 07:03

How The Planets Are Made | Planet Tech Overview

Great video if you're interested in the planet tech. It's the most exciting thing to happen to level design since GTA3's "open world" 20 years ago, so you should be interested.

tecnoblix wrote:
I miss the excitement everyone had when the Dev's first landed and walked on a planet. It's crazy how fast we get used to amazing innovations and move on to irritation and criticism.

xtremetuberVII wrote:
I've been working with procedural generation for twenty years, and seeing procedural generation utilised the way Star Citizen and No Man's Sky do it, it floored me. Terragen, was the software I used. I was absolutely delighted when I learned that some of the scenes in G.I. Joe were rendered using Terragen! Once I learned that, I said, if that ever made it to a video game, I would spend all of my (reasonable amounts) gaming moneys to make that project REAAAAAALLLL. Oh hey, 2012, new kickstarter, who dis? Procedural generation in a space game?! Besides Elite? Sign me up! .....45 dollars? Are you...for real? I'm spending 60. Wait, what do you mean I can actually WALK AROUND IN THE SHIP?!

Shane Shepherd wrote:
The only thing I would have added was something at the beginning explaining that in 2016 the hiring of the former Crytech employees and resultant ability to have planets and planet tech was a huge adjustment for the whole project and almost a test of the development clock!

xtremetuberVII wrote:
"What do you mean we can create a planet in six months now? It took us 4 years for the first one!" "CryTekEmployees Son."

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 06:32

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V6Kr0j ... DIB4AaABAg

Uncanny Valley wrote:
But when you, Execute, and Paul talked about 100 vehicles, plus what will have to be at least 200 ships, my mind was blown all over again by what the goal is. To have a legitimate living, breathing universe, with so many different vehicles and ships that you hardly see the same one twice, with logistical vehicles and haulers being the exception.
It really is amazing.

xtremetuberVII wrote:
Whenever somebody ever says Star Citizen has too many ships, I ask them, "How many different types of vehicles do we have for the same function IRL?" The number of vehicles, when NPCs can do the same things as players next few patches, it's going to be a transformative experience. I seriously don't believe there HAS been a truly living breathing world, just yet, in any video game. But, there is another thing that casually cropped up that CR was mentioning back in the 2013 days. With the new event, graffiti is a thing. Part of the dynamic sim was also more trash piling up, gangs possibly moving in... that's starting to be realised right now.

System: Pyro by icycalm on 25 Sep 2022 06:21

What Is The Pyro System & How Is It Different From Stanton?


A 15-minute summary of all info we have on Pyro. Very well-made video, and it will set you up nicely for the massive info dump we expect on the system in two weeks in CitizenCon.

Simpits by Adjudicator on 25 Sep 2022 03:43

This man built a $30K gaming room modeled after a Star Citizen spaceship
https://www.pcgamer.com/this-man-built- ... -spaceship



Jorge Jimenez wrote:
Popular Thai YouTuber Bankii loves Star Citizen, and apparently had an ungodly amount of money sitting around. The result: He built a $30,000 game room based on his favorite ship in Star Citizen, the Crusader Hercules.

Towards the five-minute mark in the video above you see the construction process for this elaborate room, and Bankii goes over the numerous revisions it took to achieve the space shuttle vibe. The process involved placing wood panels on a steel welded frame. It was first assembled at the architect's workshop before it was moved to Bankii's studio.

The spaceship room was built as an extension of Bankii's studio and is accessed with automatic sliding doors—like in Star Trek, or the grocery store. It really does look like you're boarding a spaceship from his office. All that's missing is the hiss and steam of decompression as you enter.

The 'cockpit' features three 65-inch TVs, as well as a curved display that acts as a dashboard for racing and flying games. Below the dashboard is a small HOTAS for flight games and a steering wheel for games like Forza. The PC running the show is a $6,000 custom rig with an RTX 3090.

Later in the video, you get a guided tour of the room, which has everything I'd expect from a 1 million baht (roughly $30,000) PC gaming room. You know, like a built-in kitchenette with space for a grill, air fryer, and electric kettle for making noodles.

Sorry: space noodles.

Want your own dope spaceship to play video games? Bankii broke down the costs:

Ship interior: $11,685
Automatic doors: $1,700
kitchenette and kitchenware: $1,400
3 x 65-inch TVs: $4,400
49-inch Samsung CJ890 curved display: $860
Flight controls/steering wheel: $1,900
LED lights: $860
PC: $6,650

Bankii plans to use the spaceship room to create more gaming content. At the end of the video, Bankii asks Elon Musk for a Telsa (for a collab, of course) and talks a bit about his success with passive income. We tend to take financial advice from popular YouTubers with a grain of salt, but maybe that's why our desks aren't outfitted with $860 worth of RGB lighting.

This is impressive. I am amazed that it is modeled after the Crusader Hercules, a transport type craft.

Star Citizen truly makes non direct combat ships so awesome that their interior aesthetics are admired and emulated.

News by icycalm on 24 Sep 2022 21:27

Weekly Update: Alpha 3.18 to PTU Soon for Evocati
https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/co ... or_evocati


Evocati is a small group of backers who get to playtest everything first.

This basically means that 3.18 is done and we'll be getting it in November.

That said, there are sceptics in the thread also.

rshoel wrote:
I feel a bit afraid that some features of 3.18 will be moved to 3.18.1 and 3.18.2, and that they wont announce this until right before the patch is released...

Ryozu wrote:
I feel a bit afraid they're going to do literally the same thing they do every patch

Bunghole_of_Fury wrote:
Of course they will, that's the whole point of the Evocati and PTU players, to ferret out any truly game breaking bugs arising from the new code so CIG can decide if they're going to keep it in and risk pissing off people who don't want to treat the game as an alpha test, or get rid of it and risk pissing off people who don't want to treat the game as an alpha test.

Org: Umbra Sumus by icycalm on 24 Sep 2022 02:19

https://twitter.com/RobertsSpaceInd/sta ... 1933320195


Umbra Sumus


Terrific intro video. Watch their drunken party at the end.

Official org page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UMBRAE

Only 11 members so far. We beat that at least at this. But now that the official SC Twitter mentioned them, they should grow.

Seems like there's more to their story too:

https://twitter.com/MookieTheif/status/ ... 2646147072

Tao of Mookie @MookieTheif wrote:
I feel like you’ve never heard of the Fremen Pirate Order or the Pirate Coalition they head, and it shows.

https://twitter.com/ManDo11338365/statu ... 5728754690

Man Do @ManDo11338365 wrote:
Or they focused on a brand new org with intention

PS5|PS4|PC Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales by icycalm on 24 Sep 2022 01:33

Teaser Trailer | PC Games
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3wEP8k ... XVyolQO3wj



Coming to PC "Fall 2022".

Jared Huckaby by icycalm on 24 Sep 2022 01:07

https://twitter.com/Choo_HeHimLVL3/stat ... 0636601346


https://twitter.com/Caeled_ISFA/status/ ... 4862709765


His followers aren't bad either.

Jared Huckaby by icycalm on 24 Sep 2022 01:03

https://twitter.com/discolando/status/1 ... 2775945216


This guy are cool. I ought to tell him at some point how much superior Pathfinder is.

Star Citizen Live by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 21:35

So I watched the entire episode and loved it! Learned so much about the game, the people making it, how they make it, and even random game industry lore. I don't know why I never watched an entire episode of these before, but now I'll be watching them in full every week, and even going back and watching older ones. This guy Jared is incredible, never get tired of watching him. He says he has published something like 1,100 videos for Star Citizen in the about 8 years he's been with the project.

So here are some highlights for those of you who won't be watching.

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour worked on Star Citizen in the early days around 2014-2015 before DBD became big. Apparently most if not all early character work plus maybe other designs was by them. Their second-top man, Senior Creative Director Dave Richard was such a huge Star Citizen fan that he even made a 2D shooter based on the game in his spare time! He just presented it at a meeting, and Chris Roberts loved it and now you can play it on the official site:

Hyper Vanguard Force
https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm ... uard-force

The manual is here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/medi ... Manual.pdf

The ships are ships from Star Citizen, and the story ties in with the lore!

Made by "Original Systems" lol, because the Wing Commander publisher was Origin Systems.

graphite747 wrote:
Okay wait, Jared are you saying the Hyper Vanguard Force arcade machines scattered throughout Stanton actually *work*??

Not to my knowledge, they don't, but people are asking CR (Chris Roberts) to put it in the game.

I tried playing on the site, but I don't seem able to get it started. I must have pressed all the keys on the keyboard! If someone figures it out, lemme know.

As for the Dead by Daylight connection, the game is crap. I think there's a 3/5 review on Insomnia, but it's a 2/5 game. I tried it one time and couldn't stand it even for one session.

HOWEVER, the game has experienced character artists and modelers due to all the characters and outfits they pump out for the game plus all the cross-game promotions with stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street etc., and that's why CIG is taking people from them, including this Damian guy who's the guest of this episode and is now leading the character design team, having started at CIG Montreal last March. The reason they brought him in is because a few months back they split the character team into two, with half of them going into Squadron 42, so now they're building back up the Star Citizen team to full strength by hiring more people. "The team will grow a lot, for sure."

So this new guy Damian has managed teams at Behaviour and also worked for Ubisoft apparently, and he's very pumped about his new job. He speaks the greatest things about the scope of the game. He says he's been given carte blanche to build a pipeline to pump out character art, outfits and monsters for hundreds of planets across dozens of star systems, with each line being unique to each system and planet and faction. "It's so big, I need that challenge in my life."

Other highlights:

What blew my mint about the episode is when Jared said he once did an episode with the CIG IT guys. None of the viewers wanted to see this, but he did it anyway because these people are crucial to the functioning of the company and he wanted to highlight them. And he says his last episode before he leaves the job will be with the HR people lol.

Towards the end I realized I couldn't do Jared's job. When he asks Damian what are your inspirations, Damian waffles for a while but doesn't give any movie or game titles. I would have pressed him for names, and if you press people they feel uncomfortable, and interviews like this probably don't go as smoothly.

Looking forward to the next episode!

Star Citizen Live by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 19:07

Star Citizen Live: Out of Character


Star Citizen wrote:
Step out of the normal format and get to know Damien Devaux's character as he works to build a new Character Art Team with our partners at Turbulent.

Star Citizen Live is the long-form SC show, and the episodes typically take an hour or longer. So I don't watch them. I just wait for the YouTubers to do their jobs and summarize them for me while pulling out all interesting shots and videos. But for this one, I might do some skimming and try to fish them out myself because LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!!!

Hints & Tips by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 18:47


From the chat of Chev's latest stream.

We've had issues with this, so it's good to get it clarified.

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 18:21

"There has never been anything like it"


Hanzo581 wrote:
No other game feels like this. Even in its limited content buggy state nothing else even comes close.

Hardware specs by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 03:46


Cloud Imperium Games wrote:
We receive and analyze client FPS data from every machine playing Star Citizen every hour.


Great tool by the developers that compares your specs to the playerbase's and the recommended specs. Haven't seen anything like it for any other game.

Note that my ping is high because my Shadow is in Paris and I play on US servers. Also the Shadow has a weak CPU because they figure the GPU is what matters. Which is true for most games but not Star Citizen, at least not yet (upcoming updates will shift more workload to the GPU).

Ships by icycalm on 23 Sep 2022 00:24

https://twitter.com/TheRubenSaurus/stat ... 0083875849


RubenSaurus @TheRubenSaurus wrote:
Can't sleep, keep thinking about the S tier Drake combo that is about to drop.
The Drake Corsair and the Drake Vulture!

Exciting times!

https://twitter.com/TheRubenSaurus/stat ... 0946956288


RubenSaurus @TheRubenSaurus wrote:
Me and the @SaltyDogsSC crew once 3.18 hits!

A Corsair guarding a pair of Vultures as they go looking for hulls to scrape sounds like a cool setup to try in 3.18.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4|SW The DioField Chronicle by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 22:10

Just came out. I was going to buy it but initial reports don't look good at all.

https://steamcommunity.com/id/buffrat/r ... ed/1399080

Buffrat wrote:
Storytelling is very meh. Painfully obvious when conversations just exist to feed the player information. Difficulty is disappointing for a strategy-type game, even on the hardest difficulty I just run my team into the enemy without much thought and it's never even close. In maps that I can split my party for more efficient clearing I often send my sword and shield character off alone to whichever side has more archers and she clears half of the map solo without requiring any healing or input from me outside of casting a skill once in awhile.

I will continue to play on the off chance the difficulty suddenly ramps up, however I am (most of the way through?) chapter 2 at this time and it is not recommended. Regardless of whether or not difficulty does increase, the first 4-6 hours should not be a snoozefest that you have to force yourself to keep playing.

https://steamcommunity.com/id/wombatkom ... ed/1399080

Cakery wrote:
Yet again Squenix takes a good idea from Square Soft and screws it up. Couldn't stand it for even 30 minutes with their hope that artwork is all the people play games for.

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765 ... ed/1399080

Kixx wrote:
The story is meh. While I can appreciate what they were trying to do with letting you walk around its rather pointless and the resources would have been spent improving other aspects of the game. Normally in this genre I wouldn't criticize the graphics but its Square and they decided to charge $60 for this so the graphics are mediocre at best to bad.

Now lets talk about the meat and potatoes of an SRPG. The gameplay. This game is laughably easy. Most of the difficulty is derived from having to micro your units out of telegraphed enemy attacks. Usually I'd wait to criticize this but from the info coming out, nothing is going to change. Prebattle planning that SRPGs are known for is light and fairly inconsequential.

This game is probably worth a buy when its hits a half off sale if you're a fan of the genre. I might have gone recommend if this was an indie forray into the genre but its a full price game from a major dev. If you're strapped for cash you're better off waiting for Tactics Ogre Remaster.

Tactics Ogre is also garbage btw. Here's the 2/5 Insomnia review: https://culture.vg/reviews/in-depth/tactics-ogre.html

News by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 20:38

Inside Star Citizen: Occupation Localization | Summer 2022


Probably the most boring ISC ever, half of it is about localization. It's kind of funny seeing the localization staff trying to make their job appear exciting.

But the second half of the episode is about improvements to the Siege of Orison, so it's a bit more worth watching.

Should be a more exciting episode next week, and then the week after they're going to blow us all away at CitizenCon.

PC|XS|PS5 Dune: Awakening by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 19:43

Artwork Drop #5: Defenses activated
https://steamcommunity.com/games/117271 ... 5649856840


Protecting its people and stores of spice, at the vanguard of Arrakeen’s defenses are powerful las-cannons mounted on towering plascrete bulwarks capable of slicing an attack ship in half.

The concept art being revealed is very promising. If all this stuff makes it into the game, it must end up quite a complex game.

News by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 19:29

EXCITING Features - Freight Elevators, Gravity & Cutting Tools - Work Starting Sept | Star Citizen

More complex prone movement, gravity engines that can be enabled or disabled on any ship, station and outpost, and finally cutting tools that might evolve to Metal Gear Rising-style slashing, especially if swords are added.

The freight elevators I already knew about and am super-pumped for.

FUD by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 18:44


Paints by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 18:18

So you have all the Vanguard paints now!

Here's how to use them:

Default paint scheme: space operations
Solar Winds: piracy
Frostbite: icy planets and moons
Timberline: all other types of planets and moons

PC Menyr by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 18:11

Guild Artillerist | Beneos Animated D&D Tokens


New model by Beneos. Check out how high-quality it is. I think it is comparable to what's seen in Baldur's Gate III. That's the kind of quality we can expect to see in Menyr. Whole armies of them, and moving in real-time, at least during exploration phase.

If some AI can be added to the program, it could have massive ramifications for real-time tactics as well. So far I have been talking about a revolution in TURN-BASED tactics with TaleSpire, but Menyr has the potential to upend real-time tactics as well.

Which reminds me of Robomoo by the way lol. He is working on a Tiny Metal clone right now, and I told him that he doesn't even know the good tactics games, so how can he expect to make a good one? Because Tiny Metal isn't good. It sure looks good, but it isn't good. The best tactics game is... Pathfinder. So if he wanted to make a good one, he'd have to make a new RPG system. That's why I am not making a tactics game: we already have the best, and I can't make a better one, so there's no use trying. It's a waste of time. What I am doing instead is inserting the best tactics system into the best MMORPG and overworld system, which is my Ultimate Edition and Battlegrounds. And what Menyr can potentially bring to this table besides first-person and high-fidelity graphics is REAL-TIME play, specifically real-time exploration and, hopefully some day with some AI added, real-time tactics.

Real-time action a la Cyberpunk 2077, on the other hand, is coming too, but probably not with Menyr.

Paints by Adjudicator on 22 Sep 2022 17:55

First time I spent the cash on the paints, but it is really worth it, as your recommendations are impeccable.

I have obtained the Solar Winds 3-pack paint (Avenger series, Vanguard series and Gladius series), and the Frostbite paint you mentioned earlier.

Vanguard Frostbite Paint: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pled ... bite-Paint

The game also offered me a bulk discount for another skin and I decided on the Vanguard Timberline paint as well.


Real cashmoney by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 17:28

2017 referrals are too many. If you look at the list of top referrers, only about 6-7 people have managed this many so far. There's no way I could do this, for example. On the other hand, it makes sense not to hand out Javelins like cookies, so it's a good balance they've found there.

More interesting to me is the 1042 referrals level. That's still impossible for me, but it should be possible for a couple dozen people. It grants them access to an exclusive in-game club! I wonder where that club is.

Million Mile High Club Access
Party at the trendiest club in the ‘verse. The Million Mile High Club is an exclusive, in-game facility for the most dedicated Star Citizen fans.

Real cashmoney by Adjudicator on 22 Sep 2022 17:10

icycalm wrote:
Ah, you can't direct-link. You need to click on "Prices" at the top-left. The most expensive ship is the Javelin for $3,000.

Note that the Aegis Javelin-class destroyer can be theoretically obtained by a player's account without needing to pay for anything except a base game package.

The account simply needs to have successfully referred enough new players that end up buying a game package of at least US$40 (2017 new users using the account's referral code).

Further details on the Star Citizen Referral Program are at this link:


The referral tier and reward in question:

Lt. General - 2017 RP*

Star Crossing
Voyage across the ‘verse in commanding fashion with the Aegis Javelin, one of the UEE Navy’s premier warships

Cult Fleet by recoil on 22 Sep 2022 16:47

I now have the Cyclone TR, the ROC and the Nomad.

Cult Fleet by ChevRage on 22 Sep 2022 16:11

I've bought a Nomad and a Cyclone AA.

PC Homeworld 3 by Adjudicator on 22 Sep 2022 09:20

There is a new trailer showing in game footage summarising a single scenario mission showcasing the features of the game.

PAX West Gearbox Showcase | Kesura Oasis Gameplay Trailer – Extended Cut


The importance of terrain is very interesting. The use of large tunnels for alternate attack routes and large debris for cover seems a bit scripted - a dormant jump gate surrounded by wreckage of the previous inhabitants / garrison, but perhaps the final release version of this mission will give better context.

Cult Armory by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 08:40

So sniper rifles, grenade launchers and the giant railguns with which you can take down ships used to be sold in stores but they can only be found in loot spawns now. This is a great design decision but it doesn’t make much sense in terms of the setting. A better way to do it to maintain setting coherence is like Rust does it so that you could find all weapon types in stores and superior military-grade variations in loot spawns.

At any rate like I said I love it as a game mechanic so what we have to do is 1) Loot more and figure out where the best loot is, and 2) Start saving what we find for PVP events where we’ll be facing players and orgs who have them.

Now I would like to make someone Armorer and hand all these heavy weapons to him, but the only person who can guarantee to be present for all events is me, so it’ll have to be me. So post here when you find something, and we’ll arrange on Discord to meet up so you can hand it over.

Of course if you want to keep the odd such weapon to use outside events, go ahead, but I doubt many of the missions require them, while in events they’ll prove a huge boon I am sure on top of helping make our loadouts and tactics deeper, so I would counsel restraining yourselves and saving the weapons. It would be so cool to build a huge weapons cache (which one day we’ll be able to see racked inside our bases!) and then strategize of how many of them and what kinds to take along to the various events, and who will carry them, and the certifications he’ll have to have or earn, etc. So let’s start building our weapons cache! Try to add a bit of looting to your weekly routine, and share any info on looting here, plus as aforesaid report when you find something.

And remember, when you do find something, consider dropping everything you’re doing and heading home to safely deliver it!

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 07:13

If you want to see hundreds of claims of upcoming features made by CIG over the years, check this out: https://starcitizentracker.github.io

It seems grossly out of date, as plenty of things they say haven't been delivered have now been delivered, plus more things have been promised than what's on the list, but there're still tons of things on the list I hadn't heard of before. The list seems to stop at about January 2020. Here are the features that haven't yet been mentioned on Insomnia:

Cash sales only for new concept ships and top tier capital ships
Farming and agriculture
Autopilot while player walks around ship's interior
Vaulting, sliding, mantling, cover
UEC purchasable with real money (which basically makes it a real currency)
Manage space stations (!)
Pirate insurance for questionably obtained ships
DirectX 12 graphic engine support (crazy that the current game is only DX11 and still beats practically everything)
Passenger space transportation
Prepare and deliver drinks on passenger flights
Contagions and epidemics
Ship naming
Sleeping (sleeping simulator!)
Showering (showering simulator!)
Fake hull IDs
Visual limb damage (cripple simulator!)
Alien languages (actual languages developed by professional linguists)
Organization headquarters
Escalating downtime between ship replacement by insurance if abused
Ship aging
Wear and tear on all equipment
Varied laws and rules for different environments
Designated planet-side combat areas with brawling
Loaning out your ship to other players
Spying and changing appearance
Black holes
Accurate skybox (Constellations)
Ships models that change over the years and classic ships
Jump point discovery
Player named jump points
Plastic surgery
No sound in space preference setting
Magnetic boots
Customizable AI voices for different aspects of your ship
Damage any item
Cargo damage becomes item damage
Cybernetic repair facilities
Shared organization hangars
Organization reputation system
Character collaboration with Warhorse Studios (yes the Kingdom Come devs; not sure what this means)
Player generated missions (this is already in to an extent, with revive and transport missions, but maybe they plan to make it deeper)
Nothing in-game you can only buy with real money
Immersive in-game discovery of new alien race
Artifact hunting
User generated content
Team reporting player driven events as in-fiction news (already in to an extent)
Player run broadcasts (sounds like MMO GTA radio stations!)
Player designed ships (Starbase Citizen?)
Unregulated border worlds
Player to player trading
Player or organization run medical facilities
Cyborg characters (cybernetic techno-Overmen!)
Ship Trade-in and buying used ships
Give orders to NPCs
Decals to decorate hull
Combined arms missions
Ship cleanliness and deterioration
Highlight camera
Bribe NPCs
Trade tariffs
Taxes within Organizations
Landing fees
Detailed procedural ship destruction for large ships
In depth non-FTL communication
Hireable NPCs
Character aging (I'd been wondering about this with a universe whose metaplot continues for centuries!)
Character histories and ancestral trees
Retired characters persist as NPCs (Chris' Roberts' Stargrounds!)
Command and Control Center
Booby traps and trackers for cargo and their pirate countermeasures
Organization infiltration
Reporter career path
Player owned factories (Starsatisfactory!)
Data transport career path
Commercial pilot career path
Wreckage as a navigational hazard
Player designed outfits
NPCs gain experience (Starfinder!)
Benefits for ejecting from a ship about to explode
Player influenced politics
Vote for in game politicians (Make Stanton Great Again! Build the space wall! Eject aliens!)
Engine Tuning Kit
Organization shared Assets
NPCs prevent organization conflict in safe zones (the police squads we've been hearing about)
Keep a failed boarders ship (basically steps towards full Rust-style vehicle jacking)
Inertia on objects not anchored down
Beam weapons for larger ships (Death Stars!)
Player owned business
Stock Market
Stellar cartography room
Organization bank accounts
Level restrictions masked by licences and real world barriers
Immersive haggling with NPCs
Immersive buying of ships
3D Starmap inside ships
Playing as another alien race
Shuttles for larger ships to interact with stations and planets
Ship specific Manuals
Hired NPCs can fly in your wing (we could be flying in 30+ craft wings in that case)
Angle penetration damage
Jane's Fighting Ships style manual
Hull breaches
No Pay to Win
Using inertia for flight rather than burning fuel all the time
Tablet companion application
Fly from space to planet as a cinematic
Cockpit decorations - bobbleheads, photographs, dinosaurs, fuzzy dice, nose art, posters
Private real estate
Capture derelict bases
Capture bigger ships
Capture asteroid bases

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 22 Sep 2022 06:14

https://twitter.com/discolando/status/1 ... 1281815552


This is Star Citizen's Creative Lead and host of Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live.

Not only did they make the best game ever, they even educated millions on game development.

GTA6 will still suck tho. Nothing to do with the leak.

Exclusive gear by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 17:21

Actually, now that I've thought about it some more, it might be best to keep this armor for myself as the pirate leader, and we can find in the game suitable armor for the pirate troops. I'll look around and report back.

Exclusive gear by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 16:52

Bought this armor from the official store for €12.25:

Gear - CCC Aves Armor and Helmet Set
https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pled ... Helmet-Set


The design borrows cues from an alien race, the Tevarin.

To tie into the release of Esperia’s Tevarin recreations, CC’s Conversions has taken a well-known silhouette and given it a Tevarin-inspired twist. Though the Aves helmet references the Tevarin’s use of structural latticework in their vehicles, it’ll look the part in any ship or teamed with any armor set.

I plan to use this set for my crimestat missions and piracy. The alien/evil look will go well with unlawful activities, and the red accents should match the pirate ship skins' red accents [ > ].

There's only one problem with it. When you buy it, it's placed in your inventory, but when you lose it, it's gone—not from your account, but from your inventory. And there is no way to get it in-game again. CIG plans to add a way, but they haven't implemented it yet. Until then, you have two ways of getting it back: 1) Character reset, which wipes a bunch of stuff you don't want to wipe, or 2) So-called "melting" the item in your site profile for store credit and then repurchasing it. I will go the second route and report back with the results. As long as the process is quick and easy, I'll just keep doing it. As I said, I don't plan to use this armor on a daily basis, only in specific situations, so I don't mind the extra hassle to achieve the look I want.

I would like if everyone who goes out pirating with me has this armor. I could gift it to you, I don't mind. It's not a limited item anyway, it should always be in the store, so you have time to get it if you end up wanting to go pirating with me.

Meanwhile the regular clan outfits will be more traditionally militaristic-looking. I like this contrast, and the added variety it will bring to my activities in the game.

PC|MAC|ONE|PS4 Rust by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 14:14

We might be getting automation everyone, can't wait to conveyer belt some items
https://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comme ... _cant_wait


It's hard to get excited about Rust updates after having played Star Citizen. They put in more in three months than Rust does in a year. SC really makes Rust seem old now, just like Rust made PlanetSide 2 seem old (and which next to SC looks archaic).

But I'll keep covering news on Rust and playing at least one full wipe a year, during some lull from SC updates. I can see the writing on the wall though: Rust's appeal is coming to an end. When/if SC adds even a mediocre building aspect, there'll be no reason to play Rust anymore. Compounding the issue is that the programmers in charge of Rust have no idea where they're going with their game, so that much of the stuff they've been adding and plan to add clashes with the game's theme, which theme they haven't even properly finished. Are these random naked lunatics who are for some reason stranded on an island and trying to kill each other going to reinvent the industrial revolution? Don't even get me started on the ARCHIPELAGO of identical connected islands they're trying to create now.

Star Citizen will utterly swallow Rust's playerbase when the building mechanics go in. It's already a much better survival game in many ways.

PC Menyr by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 12:39

Village Generator


Hotdamn. And this is all garbage procgen alpha.

PC Star Citizen by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 10:55

Thank you God


icycalm wrote:
For allowing me to live long enough to see this.

PC Menyr by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 09:47

Menyr Lets You Build A Whole Damn World For Your RPG Campaigns
https://kotaku.com/ttrpg-rpg-d-d-dungeo ... 1849555946

Kotaku linked Menyr and their KS jumped to nearly a quarter of a million. They never mentioned TaleSpire because it's isometric, not really animated, etc.

The Best Videogame Player In The World by icycalm on 21 Sep 2022 08:20


I moved this subforum to the High Scores forum, because that's where it belongs. It's not an ubergame, it's just a contest, so it doesn't belong in the Ubergames section.

It is still a very cool idea of course. But it's way lower on my priorities than the ubergames, and until I have all of THOSE up and fully-100% running, I won't give this contest a second thought. I remain open to someone coming in and organizing it under my supervision, but the fact remains that the people who'd take part in it are also the ones who're currently engaged in all my ubergames, so they will not have the time to participate in this, and neither will I.

So ultimately the only way this will ever become a reality is if some complete outsider does it and seeks contestants from outside my clan, and I am perfectly happy with this arrangement and wish him the very best.

Real cashmoney by Adjudicator on 20 Sep 2022 20:40

Wow. That is one very long Ship Upgrade chain (previously known as a Cross-Chassis Upgrade - CCU).

The Real Money pledged value (also known as "Melt Value") of the pledge is USD 195. This is the amount of pledge store credit this upgrade chain is worth, despite the true value of the RSI Scorpius being more than that.

The original owner compounded multiple discounts by planning a "CCU chain" - the term used by grey market/real money pledge resellers for this kind of complicated "discount upgrade" mechanics.

This Reddit thread best explains this: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/co ... _like_im_a

It's a combination of two features in the RSI store:

1. Warbond; is a ship that can only be purchased with new money. The alternative is "Standard", which can be bought with new money or store credit you get from melting ships you don't want anymore. Warbond always offers a small discount on the price so a ship that is usually $250 Standard might be $230 Warbond.

2. CCU; is a cross Chassis Upgrade. Simply put, you can use the current Standard value of a ship you've bought to upgrade to a more expensive ship and only pay the difference. I highlight "Standard" because even if you bought the above ship at $230 with Warbond, its CCU value is still $250.

Now, the chain is when there are multiple ships, all with Warbond. You can start with a low cost ship, buy a Warbond CCU to a higher price ship, then another CCU to an even higher price ship, and continue as long as there are discounted Warbond ships available. Each new CCU will subtract its savings compared to the Standard from the total price while keeping the Standard value for upgrading it again. So you end up with a "stack" of discounts equal to the total discounts of all the Warbond ships in your chain.

The other method of saving money is to have a ship you purchased before its Standard price went up. You'll get the new value towards the next upgrade.

The downside is if you ever melt this "stack" you lose all of the saved value because you can't recover a CCU once applied. You'll only get the store credit equivalent to the total you paid or the "melt value". This is why people will often show off a very low melt value on an expensive ship to prove they made a really good CCU chain.

For the Anvil Hornet, I found the answer with more research.

The RSI Scorpius, in its current incarnation (NOT fully flight ready - cannot be purchased with credits in game), is incomplete and lacks its full features.

The Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet is given as a developer "Loan Ship" stand-in for those who pledged an RSI Scorpius.

There is an official game support page elaborating on "Loaner ships": https://support.robertsspaceindustries. ... hip-Matrix

Roberts Space Industries Knowledge Base wrote:
Have you found yourself in possession of a pledge with a ship that's not yet Flight Ready? We've got you covered, providing you with a loaner ship to ensure that you are able to fly inside the current version of Star Citizen Alpha.

Below is our Loaner Ship Matrix that currently has all ships not available in the PU (Persistent Universe) and their respective loaners until that ship becomes "Flight Ready."

There are a couple of points to note about this list:

The concept of "ship loaners" was introduced to allow players who owned a game package and a single ship to play the game when that ship was unavailable. The loaners for each ship are not intended to be a 1:1 "best case substitute" for the ship that isn't flight ready.
The presence of a valid game package is required for loaners to be granted to an account.
If a new ship becomes Flight Ready and is a better substitute, the loaner will be updated.
Due to the current restrictions in Arena Commander, certain ships have a secondary loaner to allow them to play in all game modes. For example, Freelancer owners receive an Anvil Arrow for use in Arena Commander play modes.
These are not permanent additions to your fleet. Once a ship on this list is Flight Ready, the loaner will be replaced by the ship you purchased and removed from this thread.

Real cashmoney by icycalm on 20 Sep 2022 20:09

Maybe it's a loaner? But a loaner for what? My Scorpius is already in the game. They say loaners are comparable ships they loan you if your ship hasn't been added to the game yet, but mine has been in for a few months.

Must be some kind of glitch.

Cult Fleet by icycalm on 20 Sep 2022 19:57

Adjudicator and I were having a discussion on real-money pledges in this thread which I have now moved to the "Real cashmoney" thread here: https://culture.vg/forum/topic?p=35870#p35870

Paints by ExiledOne on 20 Sep 2022 19:56

I also have the Gladius skin now.