lol by ChevRage on 20 Oct 2021 04:50

Austin Powers in Mass Effect

Paizo by icycalm on 16 Oct 2021 00:05

I am trolling them hardcore now: ... ORKERS#241

icycalm wrote:
I don't know how you can keep working with people so openly hostile. When relationships degrade to this point, how can the company keep running? In my mind, it would be best to split up at that point. Everyone goes their separate ways, and if some people want to set up diversity offices or whatnot, they can do that, and if other people just want to sit down and make games, they can do that too.

Coming every day into an environment where everyone sees everyone else as some kind of enemy to extract stuff from...

I'd rather be begging for quarters on the street. ... ORKERS#242

icycalm wrote:
What if I only want to work with black people?

Is that illegal?

Will I be forced to have some whites on staff too at my company? ... ORKERS#244

icycalm wrote:
You are right, I should instead be supporting the brave Paizo workers who are fighting against this evil company.

Down with Paizo! I am stopping my subscription until they enact racial quotas!

Enjoy your woke echo-chamber, until you destroy completely the best RPG company ever.

90% of the forum needs to be banned, half the employees need to be fired. I could get this done in a day.

#bringinicycalm #thegreatpaizoculling

Paizo by icycalm on 15 Oct 2021 23:40


icycalm wrote:
I would fire everyone who unionized.

Shin Arcade Culture by icycalm on 15 Oct 2021 09:24

The fastest gaming 4K projector (only 16 ms lag) will be available on on October 20 for 1,300 euros:


I am trying to see if I can afford it, by liquidating some crypto perhaps. If so, I am taking it to Chamonix to play arcade games with whoever joins me there. With the 4K scanline filters that exist you get better image than on a CRT. Bring arcade sticks! We’ll set up the ultimate arcade in the mountains. I am sure I will not have finished the co-op Makaimura with Beak so we can start with that and take it from there. And btw I have a laptop with a 3080 now, so I can run anything (only paid 400 euros for it, long story, I’ll tell it later). Hell I can bring this setup to all CULT meetups and we’ll have a portable arcade wherever we are! Shin Arcade Culture FTW!

If someone could bring a streaming video camera (there are specialized ones for streaming) or a good camera phone we could stream the whole room so people can see how cool it is to play on a projector. I would like to buy either a new phone or better yet the video camera but there’s no way I can afford it right now, I am not even sure I can afford the projector. If anyone wants to help by sending a few bucks, let me know.

PC New World by icycalm on 11 Oct 2021 23:24

Wow, no building. Earlier versions had extensive building. Like you made entire fortresses. It never occurred to me they would dumb it down this much. It’s an entire new genre now.

PC New World by Archonus on 11 Oct 2021 19:29

I'm level 17 and about 16 hours in so far. Unfortunately I found out that I made my character on a different world than my friends, though we're in the same world set, and the option to transfer worlds isn't in the game just yet so I just did some more questing on my own until the option is in. The PVE is definitely better than standard MMO fare, you actually have to dodge and block. It's been fun ranking up the different weapons and figuring out how they work. My favorite right now is the hatchet which has a Berserk ability and also ranged throws. There's no classes in the game, instead your fighting abilities are based on the weapons you use. Your armor also gives stat increases.

There are three factions in the game vying for control of the world map. I'm with the Marauders. If your faction has control of a region you get bonuses while in that region, like increased XP gain, harvesting speed and even fast travel cost. You can complete faction missions to increase your ranking within that faction and buy stuff with currency you earn from doing those missions in the faction's store to buy weapons and armor. There are PVP missions that require you to turn your PVP flag on, so I've done some of that to see if I can get into some fights. Most of them were pretty quick, with me being dead lol. You can also agree to duel players and I've been in a few of those as well, and they're pretty fun. There are scheduled wars to defend or attack fortifications across the map. There's one happening today Monday at 8pm EST that I'm going to try to participate in. You sign up for these at whatever town the event is happening and wait to receive an invite. We'll see how that goes. As for regular PVP in the world map, most players don't have their PVP flag turned on so you can't attack them. I keep mine on all the time because you actually get 10% extra XP.

Combat is actually pretty good, there's lots of combos you can come up with using the various skills you can unlock for the different weapon types, and damage for those weapons scales off of different stats. Respec is free until level 20 so I'm taking advantage and experimenting with all kinds of builds and weapons. I just wish the PVP was always turned on for everyone, feels weird running into a Covenant when I'm a Marauder and we're supposed to be enemies and the dude helps me kill a mob and heals me lol. This definitely doesn't feel like Atlas or Rust at all since you aren't building your own bases but holding already established fortifications, but as far as MMORPGs it's not too bad. It's definitely very pretty and I like the music. I'll keep playing for now since my friends seem to like it and I want to do some mass PVP. Hopefully the world transfer is added soon so I can group with my friends.

Cult Meetup Tenerife 2021 by jeffrobot494 on 11 Oct 2021 08:09

Hey guys, my flight gets in October 12th, Tenerife South, at 1:55 PM. I forgot to make that clear when I said I was leaving on the 11th. There's a few long layovers.

PC Age of Darkness: Final Stand by Robomoo on 10 Oct 2021 21:04

Age of Darkness: Final Stand with Robomoo

It's extremely similar to TAB, almost feels like a re-skin. The buildings are mostly 1:1 equivalents of buildings in TAB, and the resource system/economy is exactly the same, they don't even give things different names. The two starting units are an archer girl and a bulky looking soldier guy, who have some voice lines which are exact copies.

I think most of the new stuff is later in the game, so I'll post more impressions when I get further. I've only seen a couple of new things so far: the hero character that you start with, the fog effect during waves, and the lighting system which is a slight twist on TAB's electricity system. These are all cool but don't hugely affect how the game feels.

The one thing that's a real downgrade from TAB is that the zombies look kind of shit when they're grouped up since they stand in a perfectly uniform grid and are all identical. In TAB they manage to make the hordes look way more natural.

I'm pretty sure there's no campaign currently, just a single randomly-generated map.

Introducing Cult Sports! by icycalm on 10 Oct 2021 16:19


icycalm wrote:
If you have some savings and any kind of job that you can quit and get back again at a later time, even if it means having to stay with your mom for a bit while you rebuild your life, you should do it. You want a philosophy lesson? Quit your job and go snowboarding. That's philosophy. That's why I am the best. If I spent my whole life in a room or a routine like every other scribbler ever, I'd be just as depressed as them.

PC New World by icycalm on 10 Oct 2021 10:01

You won't be able to move New World characters between regions after all ... -after-all

You can transfer characters between servers but only within your region.

Myth of Empires by icycalm on 09 Oct 2021 14:37

No time to post more. Google it. I’ll post more later.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4|STA Far Cry 6 by ysignal on 09 Oct 2021 13:38

I played about 8 hours of this with a friend this weekend. Something that surprised me is that it only has two difficulty settings, and the harder of the two settings seems pretty easy so far. As far as I can tell the game just doesn't come with a proper hard mode.

Also, a heads up for anyone planning to play coop: if you want to use the wingsuit then each player must get it in their own single-player game. Only the host can get it during coop, and the point at which it becomes available is past the point at which you are able to start playing together so it's easy to miss it.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4 Battlefield 2042 by Saf on 07 Oct 2021 22:00

I'm grabbing it too.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4 Battlefield 2042 by ChevRage on 07 Oct 2021 05:29

I got access too, and I'm downloading it now.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4 Battlefield 2042 by Some guy on 06 Oct 2021 21:44

Got access too, I'll be mostly free on Friday and the weekend.

PC|XS|PS5|ONE|PS4 Battlefield 2042 by icycalm on 06 Oct 2021 20:25

So the open beta for this started today. Normally, only those who've preordered are allowed access right now, and on the weekend everyone will be allowed. However, I saw that dino has played it today on Steam, and I doubted that he has bought it, so I went to the page to check, and sure enough there was a "Request Access" button. ... ield_2042/


So I clicked on it, and it gave me instant access. So now I can play if I want to. So I thought, maybe this will work for other people too. Give it a try if you're interested.

My experience with BF5 was very bad, so no way would I have bought this at launch, but now it's free for a few days, and the trailer looks not just good, but insanely good.

Open Beta Trailer


Naturally, I don't trust BF trailers, because they are masters at making trailers and little else, but hey it has 128 players. And maybe they have raised the team limit beyond V's four?

I think it's worth a try at least to find out. I won't be able to play tonight, but I might play tomorrow or Friday, otherwise certainly in the weekend. I think it would be best if several of us played at the same time, instead of each person playing alone. By all means though, check it out alone if you want. But I think you'd have more fun if you gathered up at least a four-man crew before going in, and more if they've raised the limit. Someone should go in and check what the team limit is.

PC Age of Empires IV by Beakman on 06 Oct 2021 14:15

Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test with Beakman

Please note that I was playing on an underpowered laptop, so the graphics quality is not at its best.

I went through the tutorials while icy was next to me, and had a single 1v1 match against a random afterwards. Mechanically speaking, this is an AoE II remake, constrained to the same up-close camera and medieval eras. There barely seem to be any new mechanics. The only two additions I saw were that in order to advance to the next era you need to build an associated marvel (instead of just clicking on an icon in your city center menu), and that terrain elevation seems to have tactical implications, which is pretty cool (see at 1:10:00 how I was constantly bombarded by trebuchets).

Although the production values look unprecedented for the genre, the game overall seems too unambitious, playing it too safe, which is what the trailers conveyed from the beginning. It grabs nothing from the innovations of Rise of Nations or even from its own series after II. Tiny unit count with an up-close camera that makes e.g. a 4K display tactically irrelevant and with a range of historic eras as constrained as AoE II.

But it's a fun game if after the original AoE II, its HD Edition, and its Definitive Edition, you still want to play more AoE II.

Either the aforementioned RoN or probably something like Cossacks 3 is more representative of what's freshest among the historic RTS type of games, and it's disappointing considering RoN came out in 2003.

I loved the aesthetics, even the menus are beautiful. The audio is a standout. The situational music works very well and the battle sounds and voices are excellent (as good as they are in Relic's WW2-themed Company of Heroes series).

Cult Meetup Tenerife 2021 by icycalm on 06 Oct 2021 04:09

Swim trunks, your driver's license maybe. And make sure you call your bank and tell them you'll be using your card(s) abroad.

Cult Meetup Tenerife 2021 by jeffrobot494 on 06 Oct 2021 01:15

Looks beautiful, Beak.

Beakman and I spoke about where I'm going to sleep. Is there anything else you guys can think of I should bring? I've got my laptop, clothes, etc.

Gamer Uprising by icycalm on 04 Oct 2021 05:13

Anglin linked it in an article and said he’s spending lots of time there now. Maybe he owns the place. Check out this hilarious snitching announcement:

NOW HIRING SNITCHES ... ches.4597/

Seems like a gamer’s version of RVF.

I’ll be looking more into it. Now that Swoop went private and I don’t care enough to get an account, and RVF has become completely boring, maybe this can take over.

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by icycalm on 03 Oct 2021 20:30

Batman: Arkham VR 75% off on Steam: ... Arkham_VR/

Only €4,99. I figure it's worth a shot if you have or plan to get a VR headset.

PC TaleSpire by icycalm on 03 Oct 2021 02:01 ... 3942216712


Unmatched atmosphere. Better than a videogame’s.

You might say, such and such CRPG scene has similar atmosphere. But when you go down a crypt in TaleSpire you’ve no idea what you’ll find: there could be an army of thousands of undead down there, or of humans hiding from an evil emperor and willing for you to lead them. In the CRPG meanwhile you know it’s gonna be a couple of squad-level tactical fights totaling 20 units at the most, rinse and repeat. In TaleSpite the crypt might lead you to the planes or to another planet. Or it could lead you to an entire underground setting full of entire cities that you end up spending months adventuring in. You just don’t know. All that and more are going through your mind when you’re standing outside that crypt. And no one is forcing you to go down it in the first place. You have infinite other options that you just don’t have in the CRPG which basically “hangs” if you decline to go down.

TTRPG-themed mouse pads by icycalm on 02 Oct 2021 15:18

I was looking ideally for a Paizo-made pad that would act kind of like a DM screen, with PF1-specific info on it, but I couldn't find anything like that. I might end up buying an actual PF1 screen and somehow putting it on my desk.

So my next-best option was a D&D-themed pad, with dragons and shiiet, but I couldn't find anything in the XXL size category. Finally, I settled on this:



It's pretty badass in my opinion, and because the skulls are a generic theme, it will work with any kind of game including modern, sci-fi, etc.

I am certainly in the market for more pads, perhaps switching them out between games like the skins of Fantasy Grounds. In the long term I might even design and print some myself.

Hell, in the long run I might make an Ultimate Edition one, once I commission a proper UE logo.

PC TaleSpire by icycalm on 02 Oct 2021 11:21

That modder I was talking to a while back has managed to get “macros” into TaleSpire, meaning he has a working D&D 5E combat resolution system. Previously the DM had to calculate everything in his head as if he was playing on tabletop, but now with this mod combat is largely automated as in Fantasy Grounds. With much lower level of automation to start with of course. Check it out:

Moreover there is some rudimentary animation being used. I.e. when someone gets hit he has made the miniature jump up via an emote.

This is a tremendous improvement on Fantasy Grounds, and I suspect it means that if you import a 3D model from a videogame that has animations you can connect these animations to the various moves and statuses of the rules so that when he shoots his bow you see him shooting, and when he dies he collapses etc. The battles will be unreal if it works this way. The miniatures can already fly for example, since this is a default TaleSpire feature, so imagine them shooting bows or spells from the air.

I asked him if he plans to do the Pathfinder rules too, we’ll see what he says, but I think it might be doable for us to do it ourselves by editing his mod to get basic functionality in if he doesn’t plan to do it.

TaleSpire is getting VERY playable for us now.

Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 01 Oct 2021 23:58 ... 1298601992


D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by Beakman on 01 Oct 2021 17:52

Well guys, this is something I thought I would never say to you: There's a PlayStation sale... on Steam.

Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Predator: Hunting Grounds are discounted. ... isherevent

D&D: Deals & Discounts (Games) by icycalm on 01 Oct 2021 14:25

Contra: Rogue Corps is 90% off on Steam: ... GUE_CORPS/

Only €3,99 whereas it's normally €39,99.

It's four-player. Buy it if you want to play with me or other people.

The funniest hardware video you'll ever see by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 21:27

If you only watch one hardware video in your life, make it this.

The Verge's $2000 PC Build Reaction Supercut


[PC] [ONE] Outer Wilds by ChevRage on 30 Sep 2021 16:47

So the expansion is finally out and I have it installed and ready to go, but... I want to play it in VR, and the VR mod is only compatible with an earlier version of the game. A version I can't roll back to with the current EGS functionality. I really should have tried it out before the update to see if the VR is worth waiting for.

At least it looks like the mod's dev will update it for the expansion eventually.

Is there plans to support echoes of the eye dlc?

Raicuparta wrote:
Yes, it will eventually be supported. There's just no telling how long it will take.

There was one "small" update they did once which didn't really have any visible changes for most users, and it took me a week of constant development to make NomaiVR support that version. So I imagine that a whole new DLC has the potential for much more complicated changes.

Encumbrance by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 15:16 ... 1972651014


PC TaleSpire by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 14:25

Look at this fucking scene: ... 3344693251


Or at this Curse of Strahd enemy: ... 8493561858


The first link btw says that Wizards is working on a TaleSpire program for D&D. There have been rumors that they’re working on a VTT but I had assumed it would be 2D. This is the first time I see a rumor that it’s like TaleSpire.

Information sûre à 65%:

D&D travaille sur une version à eux de Talespire, le VTT de mapping 3D.

Plusieurs développeurs le sous-entendent dans leurs publications mais rien que je puisse affirmer :)

SW|PC|ONE|PS4 Kaettekita Makaimura by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 08:22


God of War series by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 06:10 ... 1822027778


PC Dyson Sphere Program by icycalm on 30 Sep 2021 05:24

They've sold 1.7 million copies.

They've started work on a combat system.

Dyson Sphere Program TGS Message & Combat System Forecast ... 6026822552

There's nothing to see yet apart from some concept art. The ETA is "second half of 2022".

TGS2021 Trailer

This is the most annoying trailer I've seen in my life. I wanted to murder them while watching it. It's divided into two parts, a play footage one with retarded narration, and one that shows the producer speaking, and he's one of the most annoying homo sapiens to ever live. You really should watch this trailer.

I think I hate them. That they have the technology to make one of my dream games (but obviously never will) makes me hate them even more.

Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 29 Sep 2021 19:24 ... 3964861451


Click through to the thread I am quoting to see how bad most DMs are. Not ONE of the responders seems to run professional adventures. Everyone is a douchebag and their games sound retarded!

You don’t know how lucky you are to have me as DM and be playing in my world.

PC|SW Steel Assault by icycalm on 29 Sep 2021 00:22


PC TaleSpire by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 23:55

The future of role-playing: ... 4931313664

Don’t miss this video.

PC|MAC Fantasy Grounds by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 23:34 ... 1340148736


PC Starbase by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 22:57

Steam rating is back down to Mixed again, and the playerbase is reportedly declining. Same exact fate as all games in the genre, but far quicker decline here because of far higher complexity and grind requirements.

Steam review (I am on my phone and don’t have the link):

I feel that i need to define very clearly, i never cheated, exploited, griefed or was banned. I played solo and observed and am leaving this game permanently.
Starbase has public relations problems and developer mindset that is unhealthy for the potential growth of the game. The devs appear to be resistant to criticism and not very objective with regard to their declining population. They are convinced that they have the right recipe to bring back their following through perpetuation of anti griefer policies and a "exploit reward reporting" system that encourages banning people who engage in griefing or "unhealthy pvp".
The big issue with these policies is there is little measure (or method thereof) for fairness in the arbitration. That simply reporting a PVP player who tracks players coming out of safe zone and attacks them is bannable. Its pure insanity, their numbers are falling fatally and they are oblivious to constructive criticism, labeling anyone who debates these points on their forums a "cheater", "griefer" , "basement dweller" or worse. Worse yet, their PR developer LauriFB is in lockstep with these narratives and is encouraging more restrictive measures, not less.
Right now the PVP is near non-existent, and the player base that was excited for pvp combat is walking on eggshells. Since EA launch i accumulated 531 hours and made 5 YT videos with plans for releasing a free ship and continuing a series of videos to promote the game indefinitely. Given the response i've received from their community and devs on the forum. I've given up. In complete seriousness, barring a serious change in their policies, i don't see how this game has any chance of success. There is a carebear mob shouting their accusatory and repetitious talking points into an echo chamber that LauriFB is funneling straight into his/her ears. Seems like he/she is not concerned at all.
I am utterly gutted here. Such a great gameplay and building mechanic are being completely wasted here.

I told their president. Scroll up in this thread and you’ll see it, I told him. But he can code include statements and he figured that makes him an expert on art too.

Now it’s getting to two months after release and they have not released even a SINGLE of the tons of features they had announced for August and September. They are rowing up a creek without a paddle, or whatever the expression is. The players are asking for some PVE and it never occurred to them to add it, so who knows how many months it will take them, assuming they listen to the criticism, which is doubtful. Even Life is Feudal had some PVE, and Atlas has tons. Rust has a bit too.

I could turn this boat around in 24 hours. That’s all it would take me. Wipe everything, reduce the grind to 1/10th, and open the server only on Saturdays for four-five hours.

Best game ever right there. And with zero extra coding.

But they are not hiring me, or even just listening to me, because I know what I am talking about.

Enjoy shutting your game in a few months like Life is Feudal then. Maybe you can pay your rent by making Trine 5 next.

Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 18:23 ... 6118584322


I’ve been getting better at gaming Twitter. And in the TTRPG space I have more of an effect because it’s so much smaller than the videogame one.

Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 17:59

He blocked me because someone in his comments told him that I am “homophobic” lol. And I am sure the retweet is gone too now. Fun while it lasted!

Will just have to do this the hard way, as with everything, grinding it out over years and decades.

Meanwhile Colville will be forced to adopt the even more dumbed down 5.5E that’s coming out soon. Eventually the dipshits will get back to playing 1974 D&D with a bunch of histrionic trannies on a Twitch that outright bans depictions of heterosexuality.

Fudging rolls by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 17:51 ... 0864201729



Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 17:39 ... 4664724480

Image ... 6378521604


Fudging rolls by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 17:31 ... 3506349056



Role-playing Culture by icycalm on 28 Sep 2021 17:19

He just tweeted the Battlegrounds site to 100,000 people. Not even random people but TTRPG fans.

If I can get three more players for a fifth group out of this it will be worth the hazing I am currently getting in the comments.