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[PSV] Tearaway

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[PSV] Tearaway

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Embark on your own unique adventure through a vibrant papercraft world that you hold in the palm of your hand. Tearaway™ for PlayStation®Vita is the next creative masterpiece from Media Molecule, the critically acclaimed developer behind the award winning LittleBigPlanet™ franchise. Inspired by and created specifically for PS Vita, the tactile world of Tearaway is a beautifully crafted 3D open environment built completely out of paper that behaves with the real world physics of actual paper material brought magically to life.


Tearaway is a “buddy-movie” style adventure, between the player and their new friend, a papercraft messenger from another dimension. Locked away inside their envelope head is a unique message, and to release that message, the player and their friend will need to travel on a rites-of-passage adventure together.

Players choose between adventurous messenger IOTA, or female ATOI, to be their faithful companion on their journey through a world inspired by classic stories and folklore.

The Messenger is controlled with the PS Vita’s sticks and face-buttons, but whenever they need some more dramatic help, the player can reach into the PS Vita and effect the papery-world, sometimes in tactile creative ways and sometimes in dramatically destructive methods.

Utilizing PS Vita’s unique features, players themselves will co-star and appear in Tearaway, merging the real world and the game world. Players will get to see their surroundings appearing in-game through the use of the PS Vita’s cameras, and the PS Vita’s microphone will allow them to breathe storms into this paper land. Players will also see their own fingertips push up into the environment to come to their messenger’s aid via rear touch, or unfold areas of scenery with the front touch. Bringing a world they can feel in their fingers and control right in the palm of their hands.

Tearaway playfully blends the real world with the game world, allowing players to see elements of their own lives appearing inside the game, whilst being rewarded with real papercraft elements to print out and make as they progress.


Paper Engine With Real World Physics
Tearaway’s exclusive game engine creates a 3D animated world from sheets of paper to capture the real physicals of paper material that will tear, fold, or crumple, especially when the player reaches out and touches part of the world.

Immersive PS Vita Controls
Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the PS Vita’s signature controls, Tearaway uses the full range of input features to deliver a more immersive unique gameplay experience that only PS Vita can deliver. Brought to life throughout the world of Tearaway, be it through the camera, microphone, tilt-sensors or as they see their own fingertips push through into the environment via rear touch.

Unique Experience for Every Player
From unlocking the unique message inside their messenger’s head, to decorating their journey, and even customizing how they appear inside the game, Tearaway delivers a personalized gameplay experience. Players can even choose how their in-game finger shows up on the screen to resemble their own real-life fingers.

Imaginative Environments & Characters
Travel to far off whimsical colorful worlds from lost islands, magical forests, to snowy valleys. Meet the wildlife that inhabits the world of Tearaway along the way, making quirky new friends and even encountering some dangerous enemies.

Core Gameplay Variety
From traversing and platforming to solving challenges and mini-puzzles, players will explore the open world environment during their journey to uncover their hidden message.

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