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Cosmic War

Battle Royale #1: October 7, 15:00 UTC

Moderator: JC Denton

Battle Royale #1: October 7, 15:00 UTC

Unread postby danjiro » 06 Oct 2017 20:38


System design by icycalm
Ground Zero: ... d-zero.pas

Confirmed live cast

Confirmed POV streams
recoil (CULT):
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Unread postby icycalm » 08 Oct 2017 20:18

Screenshot (143).png

BR1 was another big success for us. Wonderful huge FFA with 26 players showing up and fighting for nearly two hours to be the first to gain a victory on the new leaderboard. Lots of surprises and turnarounds, especially in the middle of the game, and some great playing by Diskraip, Titan, noobula, and many others.

Battle Royale #1 - icycalm live cast

The main challenge we beat was lag. mikey and others had told me repeatedly that FFAs with more than 20 players don't work, but we successfully demonstrated a 26-player FFA for nearly two hours with little-to-tolerable lag, as long as the metal and planet size are kept in check, as they were in the system I designed. And I didn't even have to turn on spawning anywhere! Next time I will, however (as long as we get 20+ players), just to experiment with that option too, as well as use Bounty Mode, which was requested by Titan in the game, and I think with good reason. We just have to experiment with the values, because I don't want to set it too low and make no difference to the game, or too high and have the games end in 20 minutes. We'll start with a conservative number, as always, and take it from there.

Next BR event is scheduled for October 28, 22:00 UTC. We will hold these events once or twice a month, as a change from our usual big clan games, and also as an opportunity to open up our lobby to the general community, so they can experience first-hand what an Insomnia event plays like. We got several new Twitch followers and Discord members from the event, and I expect some of these people to join clans eventually and play with us in Clan Wars and Clan League.
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Unread postby recoil » 08 Oct 2017 23:23

It has already been proved that the open-lobby policy of Battle Royale helps with clan recruitment for Clan Wars. Two of the players that participated in BR1 were [BTC] Raikiri and [BTC] LogZz, and a few hours later they appeared in the CW10 lobby as [BSE] Raikiri and [BSE] LogZz. Then Aoki, who played in BR1, joined our Discord a few hours later, and so on and so forth.

Looking forward to BR2, and to all the new players who will be exposed to our events and join us as a result of it.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 01:15

From the Community Discord:

Gitaxian wrote:That FFA was over 30 minutes in
The rest was just Diskraip cleaning up

No it wasn't. He could have been defeated one-hour in, or 1.5-hours in, if the other players had allied against him properly, and indeed that's what the viewers were waiting to see (I mean the real viewers on my cast, not the troll viewers on the troll cast by Marshall, who were just there to jeer and hope the event fails).

Next time perhaps people will ally against the top player. Or maybe they won't and Diskraip will keep winning forever. Either result is fine with me, and I think with Diskraip too lol.

Gitaxian wrote:The length of the game itself isn't how you should be measuring
What you should look at is the total playtime
10 players all playing for 30 minutes
Is more playtime than 2 players playing for an hour
Spawn wars has a worse playtime per player than large team games, since so many players get eliminated immediately

That was precisely my goal lol: to get many players eliminated soon so as to minimize lag. And I succeeded with my goal as with all the other goals I set for myself.

In short, you nerds have not the faintest idea of what I am trying to achieve, and in the rare instances when you do, you don't like it, for reasons I already explained in my articles. If you lack the attention span to play long games, don't play them, but don't be surprised if your rubbish advice is rejected, and do yourself and the rest of us a favor and stop giving it.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 01:29

Bottom line is Gitaxian and Michiel and co. have not the faintest idea of how to design large FFA events. Even mikey doesn't have an idea, since he told me that FFAs with more than 20 players don't work.

Well, I proved that they work, if you know how to design the system correctly. And that was only my FIRST attempt. I achieved with my FIRST attempt what the "experts" were saying is impossible!

So give me a fucking break with your retarded whining and jeering, and find something better to do with your life than try to bring down the best events that have ever been held in PA ever.

The event was AMAZING, and it will be getting more and MORE amazing as the weeks and months go by, and I continue experimenting with it and improving it, while all you losers will be sitting in your pathetic dead Discord and talking rubbish about me.

Have fun with that then.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 02:36

Gitax wrote:It was obvious that they wouldn't team up
Just as it was obvious Diskraip was in a winning position

It was obvious to no one. Hindsight is 20/20.

Moreover, you cannot design AN ENTIRE EVENT meant to run for YEARS based on what some inferior players chose to do on a single Saturday. It's not my fault that Loren is not good at alliances, and I am not going to design my entire event around what a random player chooses to do. Your suggestions are rubbish.

Gitax wrote:Second, you did manage to solve the problem of lag in a 20+ player FFA
By killing off half the players right away
Thus making it a significantly smaller FFA

Exactly. But at the same time I accomplish the goal of bringing a lot of randoms into my lobbies, some of whom will work to improve their skills and come back, and do better next time, and give the better players a better fight. Then others will join the clans, and play in our other events, as several did, etc. Already the two CULT players who died within 10 minutes are practicing to do better next time. They enjoyed their 10 minutes, and aim to last 11 minutes next time, and nothing you can say in your dead Discord will stop them.

In short everything is working according to my plan, and it is tiresome to have to explain every little thing about it to teenagers who have the attention span of Homer Simpson.

Gitax wrote:As I said, it makes more sense to measure by total playtime (edited)

It makes no sense at all, like all your other suggestions. It's just stupid annoying rubbish.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 02:51

Gitaxian wrote:They want big armies
They just want to figure out how big they can make them before the server crashes
And convert that to an optimized lobby setup

Even more important than big armies is lots of players, as I have explained in detail here: ... -to-huge-i

That's why I am deaf to suggestions to limit the number of players.

My priorities are:

1. Deepest/most complex mechanics
2. Maximum number of players possible
3. Maximum system size
4. Maximum unit count

Unit count is the very LAST of my priorities. It is an important priority, but I have three more important ones than that.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 08:22

Gitaxian wrote:Icy, I'm not saying you need to sacrifice player count
I'm saying players who aren't actually playing don't count

I don't give a fuck what you're saying mate. I've already explained everything, and you've read it, and you are too dense and slow to grasp it.

icycalm wrote:Let me also reiterate that if we get more than 20 players, we will turn on spawn anywhere, and the first part of the game will be more or less pure comm-boxing, so if you don't like comm-boxing, it would be best if you didn't join, to avoid disappointment. The best way for you to think of the event, so that you won't be disappointed by it, is as a COMM-BOXING EVENT, with proper FFA play happening ONLY for the SURVIVORS of the comm-boxing. Interestingly, that's exactly what happens in Battle Royale fiction too: there are usually a bunch of deaths right at the start, followed by a slowing of tempo, with the occasional death here and there, and then another big bunch of deaths right at the end, so the event (whose name was Robo's brilliant idea) should live up to its namesake.

I will not be replying to you again because there's no point to it. Everything I am saying to you goes right over your head.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 19:29

Marshii wrote:Get a grip on reality. Why would we want PA events to fail? Deluded.

Because you are stupid and malicious.

My stance is only going to harden from now on. I have already spent 2+ months dealing with you retards. I thought at some point you'd just get tired and leave me alone, but since it doesn't look like this is happening, I will simply become even more hostile to you.

Marshall is banned from anything to do with Insomnia events for ever. He recently asked me if he can at least play, and I said yes, but now I take even that back.

Whoever wants to have anything to do with Insomnia events, STOP HARASSING ME. If I tell you that your views are unwanted STOP GIVING THEM TO ME.

Your behavior is affecting my HEALTH and my WORK LIFE and SOCIAL LIFE, and I will NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE. I will kick out of my events every last little retarded fucker who thinks I give a shit about his retarded little opinion. If this means that I am left with only my friends to play with, SO BE IT.

I have spoken.
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Unread postby icycalm » 11 Oct 2017 19:35

Whoever thinks they can run better events than me, go ahead and do so. You have my permission to rip off any ideas of mine you want to rip off. I don't even ask for credit.

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