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Re: Hints & Tips

Unread postby Discord BOT » 25 Aug 2023 05:29

fully loading the carrack now with all my other ships and vehicles
carrack is loaded with ursa, c8r and fury. reclaimer and the stocked carrack are both at area 18 now

Good idea to preload ships with their vehicles btw. Can save a lot of time when the group wants to go out. Never thought of this before.
You save yourself the trip to a moon outpost to load the vehicles.
It IS one extra trip back to Area18 though that you otherwise would have avoided.
So those with Corsairs, Carracks and Hammerheads should load them with Ursas. And buy multiple Ursas in-game if you have multiple of these ships, they're only 70k.
Herculeses are a bit tougher because you don't know what you'll need, but a couple of Ballistas or Ballista plus Centurion are the most likely useful setups. Novas are rarely needed with the current missions available.
Cutlasses should have a Cyclone MT, or two if they can fit. Or maybe a Cyclone MT and a Mule.
If anyone buys a Valkyrie, that too should have an Ursa.
The above gives us another reason to try to return home after a mission, before logging out, with the ground vehicle(s) intact, instead of just hitting ESC and quitting. Try to plan time for your return instead of playing to exhaustion and just quitting. I know it's hard to do this, but in terms of roleplaying and convenience, it's ideal. It gets hard to do this though because people quit at different times.

i always preload the carrack every time it gets destroyed
and all good ideas

Does repairing a Carrack repair also the vehicles in it?

do not believe so
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Re: Hints & Tips

Unread postby ysignal » 26 Aug 2023 16:18

BigDonne and I tested shooting down Colossus Bombs using the Ballista and Centurion. The Ballista failed. We got a missile lock and fired three missiles but none connected. The Centurion worked, but it's a small window to shoot it down given the low firing angle of the repeaters. Another consequence of the low firing angle is that if the bomb is dropped from directly above, the shoot-down will fail. So, for Ghost Hollow, for example, you probably want to place the Centurion a kilometer or so away from the derelict Reclaimer.
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Re: Hints & Tips

Unread postby icycalm » 30 Aug 2023 16:32 ... g_sessions

CallSign_Fjor wrote:How are people staying logged in for long sessions?

I'm interested in making some longform or time lapse videos but I'm getting logged out in less than an hour. How are people getting these long shots and still staying logged in? Any insight would be great!

hagermanr wrote:I use a mouse jiggler when I need to be afk for a short time

NoComplaint4795 wrote:You can just sit down. Sitting extends your AFK timer significantly. I have no idea what exactly the timer is, but I've gone to make food, walk the dog, take a shower, etc.

Pretty great that sitting has mechanical consequences. Never seen that in a game before. I've barely ever seen sitting period.
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Re: Hints & Tips

Unread postby icycalm » 30 Aug 2023 17:21 ... &context=3

se_are wrote:They are pretty handy but super heavy! When you have one on the back you move around like a mule :)

Railguns slowing you down confirmed.
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CrimeStat for Missile Locks

Unread postby icycalm » 17 Sep 2023 15:26 ... sile_locks

Skladak wrote:Do you get a crime state for missile locks?

Was trying to do some bounty hunting and radar/missile locked a bunch of ships over the course of the hunt. Never fired a shot. Never got out of the ship. Then the bounty disappeared and I got CS3. A bunch of names appeared as if I did something to security personnel. 5 hours in jail. Is this a thing?

isogyre01 wrote:Yep. Missile locking counts as a hostile action. Regular lockons don't.

Nelson-Spsp wrote:if you are in a soft armistice zone, you get a cs1 from it (armistice violation)

Ph11p wrote:Radar locks? no. Missile locks? Yes. Missile locks count as a threat of impending attack. Most players will feel threatened if they are missile locked and the missile lock is not promptly removed in a couple of seconds. Especially around Port Olisar as you are just taking off or landing.
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Stolen Vehicles

Unread postby icycalm » 17 Sep 2023 15:29 ... tolen_ship

freezydasheezy wrote:Questions about stolen ship

Let me preface this by saying, I’m not saying I have a stolen ship, but let’s say I did, I just have a few questions.

Can we repair/refuel? Are we able to land in hangars and leave? Let’s say I want to test drive this ship across multiple gaming sessions, would I be able to do that without necessarily storing the ship?

Pojodan wrote:You can repair/refuel 'borrowed' ships, yes. You can even call for a hangar to land in. However, as it is not yours, it will not show in your ASOP to store and will despawn if you leave it in the hangar.

The only possible way to keep a 'borrowed' ship across multiple play sessions is to park it somewhere you can return to where others are unlikely to also borrow it, and the server you are on remains up through your multiple sessions. If that server crashes, the ship is gone for good.

freezydasheezy wrote:Appreciate it sir. I promise to be responsible with this information.
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Radar & Stealth

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Sep 2023 01:52 ... ectable_by

Nelson-Spsp wrote:ground vehicles have (in theory) already such low signatures that you need to be closer than 200m to see them

sexual_pasta wrote:The dragonfly is a great way to sneak into JT. I rarely get caught.

Land at 20-30km, dismount quickly and offset your travel path a bit. Ditch the dragonfly 2km or so before JT and continue on foot, depending on how busy it is.

Dig-a-tall-Monster wrote:I suppose that's great for solo, I don't usually do JT without at least one other person though and my strategy is to be on a dragonfly in the back of their ship with the ramp open, they fly within 10km of JT and drop me off then fly away until I've cleared the area on the ground with my railgun and sniper rifle, then they return to fly in circles to spot incoming hostiles and warn me while I'm inside collecting drugs.

If I'm solo I land at least 50km away and spend five or ten minutes driving over on a dragonfly with all my stuff set to stealth to further reduce my signature.

tom771 wrote:In theory the current system is already pretty good I think, for example the Ballista is really hard to detect with shields off, because the rockets don't use lots of power the electromagnetic radiance is low. With the Centurion the electronic cannons emit so much radiance that you detect it. However, swap these to ballistics and problem solved.

SoDavonair wrote:Regarding shields, I would gladly entertain shields with low base loads while on and the capacity for significantly over-charging them in combat scenarios that emits a proportionate EM signal. Could help distinguish industrial shields from military ones as well.

logicalChimp wrote:Iirc CIG did say years ago that 'recharging' shields would generate a stronger signal than just maintaining them...

trudesea wrote:One huge problem is that in game, detection can be accomplished through obstructions (mountains, etc). Radar is line of sight. I should be able to hide behind a hill with a ship or ground vehicle to avoid detection.

This would make a huge difference tactically in game, but it's CIG so maybe another 5yrs or so. Same time we get night vision.

TrueInferno wrote:The weird thing is, CS (which is essentially radar) does behave this way according to CIG and as shown in demos where the radar is configured to only detect CS signatures. It's the IR/EM which are usually detected, and those seem far too strong- and it detects all three at once.

Hoping with more scanning work (especially when they develop gameplay for scanning/sensor stations, where the only thing to do is scan) this will be resolved, but... eh.

SepulcherGeist wrote:Ground vehicles are very hard to detect for ships as it is, so I very much disagree with this assessment. Ground vehicles like the Ballista can wipe out airborne vehicles with relative ease. Making them more invisible than they already are is frankly a terrible idea.

Warden_of_the_Lost wrote:It would encourage ground assets to scout areas before moving in aerial assets. Taking out AA similar to an actual operation. Or like stated scout variants able to actually spot them due to their advanced sensors while staying out of their threat range.

Skormfuse wrote:the system uses signatures, just making them invisible by default wouldn't make sense to the system they created.

for most ground vehicles their signatures are low, while others you can turn off functions to lower signatures as a risk/reward as if they do catch you some critical systems maybe offline.

There will also be other types of scanner including things like a salvage scanner designed to detect things with very low heat and EM signatures by focusing on cross section signatures.
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Always Check Patch Notes

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Oct 2023 19:14 ... _heres_the

Mindshard wrote:For all the new players just joining us, here's the best piece of advice you'll get

Every patch has a section in the patch notes of known issues. It takes a couple minutes to read through, but it'll give you a very good idea of what to avoid or watch out for.

Knowing which bugs to avoid makes your experience significantly more enjoyable.

Those of us who've been here for years enjoy the game because we're used to avoiding the problems, not because we just power through them.

It only takes a couple minutes to do, but I guarantee it'll save you hours of headaches!

TrueInferno wrote:When we had that bug with stuff not streaming in properly back during... was it 3.20? Was really recent.

Anyways, back when that happened and sometimes entering or exiting the elevator would plunge you into the void if it didn't load properly, I could easily tell the Vets from the Rooks- the Vets stopped, looked, saw, and sighed painfully before going back. Maybe a few purposely jumped to test if it was actually a void (it waaaas :P) for the Issue Council report after taking off their gear.

The Rooks ran straight out and plunged to their deaths. Good times. All due to ancient elevator PTSD.

Mindshard wrote:Even the Cutlass death bug, what was that, 3.17.5 or 3.18?

The trick was to keep holding a movement direction until your character sat down or stood up, and you'd be fine. If you didn't, you'd die.

More recently, the Hull C bugs. All of them were in the known issues log, but man were people raging in chat as if it was a huge shock.

I always say the steepest learning curve in Star Citizen is learning what the common bugs are, not the actual gameplay.

Sgt_Flodean wrote:Yeah, from experience I can tell, that too many people do not read the patch notes or known issues. Even some Evocati are guilty of that.
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Random Tips

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Oct 2023 19:15 ... _heres_the

SamJackson01 wrote:The first thing I tell people when they start playing is when you call an elevator make sure it's there before you step into the open elevator shaft.

I still do it myself sometimes and I've backed this game since the Kickstarter.

Kerbo1 wrote:Also, ease up on the shift key. Sprinting everywhere can cause a lot of issues due to desync with the server and level streaming delays. I never die to stairs or elevators and there's no reason you should either.

Mindshard wrote:This is good advice, even if it is hilarious to see people yeet themselves off the top of stairs, break their legs, and then get angry in chat about it.

UnwantedUnnamed wrote:Also, beware of stairs, i flew a lot without my ship before i learned to slow down before the stairs. And sometimes the trains screw up, just wait a bit longer, and it'll get there eventually. If landing at night, spam the scan button and watch your altitude

Hindraous wrote:I have some great advice. If you go to citcon and sit in the front row don't let your brother go to the bathroom and leave a seat empty as the show starts!

IssacharJoman wrote:Play to experience or to gain/develop your ability to play the game

Do not play to only accumulate or hoard resources

Or, if you're in an org, to grow your org. That's my preferred loop.

Also, play to grow your cashmoney hangar and accumulate and hoard cashmoney stuff. Cashmoney stuff is the best stuff.

indie1138 wrote:Never point at the station you want to go to.

_Keo_ wrote:You have to sidle up to it all sneaky like, don't let it know that it's the station you're interested in. Charge that drive, plot your route, and at the last moment make a grab for it.

They're flighty little buggers but you'll get the knack eventually!
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Abbreviations, Acronyms & Initialisms

Unread postby icycalm » 27 Oct 2023 16:46 ... er_players

Mr_StephenB wrote:Some acronyms for newer players.

Been seeing a lot of newer players around so here are some acronyms that get used a lot around here.

"CIG" (Cloud Imperium Games) Sometimes also called "CI" (Cloud Imperium) These are the developers who are making Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

"SC" (Star Citizen) is the massive multiplayer persistent universe, when you buy a game package, this is what you get.

"SQ42" (Squadron 42) is the single player cinematic campaign. It is not part of the game package, you need to buy it in addition to your game package for Star Citizen.

"PU" (Persistent Universe) is what you play on with other people in Star Citizen. Right now it's servers of about 100 players, but the goal is thousands of players in shards run by multiple game servers seamlessly.

"LIVE" is referring to the Live Servers (the current build) of Star Citizen for the Persistent Universe

"PTU" (Public Test Universe) This is the test build for Star Citizen and is where more focused testing takes place to get a new build for Star Citizen onto the Live servers. It's essentially the alpha test of the alpha.

"Free Fly" is where players can try Star Citizen for free for a limited time. It's a great way to see if you like what you see before buying.

"SM" (Server Meshing) This is the underlying tech being developed to allow Star Citizen to reach hundreds, thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands or more players in a single playable universe.

"SM" (Star Marine) This is the quick first-person shooter game mode in Star Citizen that is separate from the Persistent Universe. Games are fast action classic multiplayer type of experience. Star Marine is now just part of Arena Commander.

"AC" (Arena Commander) Is the quick multiplayer mode for dogfighting, racing, and first person shooting. It's part of Star Citizen but is separate to the Persistent Universe

"CitizenCon" is the big convention run every year by CIG, usually at large halls near one of their studios in each country they have studios in.

"IAE" (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo) The big ship sale event that brings in the money for funding as it allows players to purchase most ships for real money. This also brings in an in-game event into Star Citizen where you can walk around a convention centre filled with ships for each manufacturer, that you can rent and try out for free for 24 - 48 hours.

Some quick rapid fire in-game locations (for Star Citizen):

"JT" = Jumptown (drug lab location)

"HEX"/"GHEX"/"GRIM" = Grim Hex (criminal asteroid station)

"ARC" = ArcCorp (major planet in the persistent universe)

"A18" = Area 18 (city hub for ArcCorp)

"MT" = MicroTech (major planet in the persistent universe)

"NB" = New Babbage (city hub for microTech)

"EH" = Everus Harbor (space station orbiting the planet Hurston)

"SPK" = Security Post Kareah (security station to clear crime stats)

"GH" = Ghost Hollow (a mostly PvP mission site on microTech)

Other mentionables

"CS" = Crime Stat (your criminal level)

I hope this helps! I have definitely missed some words but I need to go to bed, so feel free to post them in the comments, and I'll update this post when I can.

TsarAgila wrote:CCU, cross chassis upgrade. An upgrade bought in the online store from a ship to a more expensive site ship.

WB, warbond. Purchases on the online store that can only be made with new money (store credits not allowed), usually for a discount or with better insurance.

LTI, Lifetime insurance. It's probably pointless because we don't know how ship insurance will work in game if it's ever released but some people covet this and will buy small ships with LTI just to upgrade them into bigger ships and keep the LTI.

Pyro_raptor841 wrote:Melt/Melting, Exchanging your purchased ship for store currency on the RSI store. Using store funds means you cannot get discounted 'Warbond' prices, but you can exchange for anything else in the store at a 1:1 rate.

RedditorsGetChills wrote:Pad ramming - ramming someone on their landing pad. They'll be very mad, and it's a bannable offense.

Rate fight - using different turn rates in a close distance dogfight to keep your target in your view and you out of theirs.

aUEC - money used for this alpha phase of the project. Collect it, don't get attached. UEC is the name for when it goes live.

Soon - Months to years to never.

Habs - habitation area of a station where you wake up at the beginning of the game and any session you didn't log out of your bed (bedlog).

Some ship nicknames:

Cutty - Drake Cutlass (usually Black, BEST Cutty)

Connie - RSI Constellation

Tali - Aegis Retaliator

890J - Origin 890 Jump

HH - Aegis Hammerhead

MSR - Crusader Mercury Star Runner

Cutlet - Drake Cutter

Penguin - Aegis Avenger (all variants)

ProceduralTexture wrote:L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 are the various Lagrange points positioned relative to each planet.

And also it's fun to know because Lagrange points are a real world thing [ > ]. Earth's L2 hosts some of humanity's most advanced research satellites, such as the James Webb Space Telescope, and L1 hosts probes that monitor the Sun, IIRC.

Overcast206 wrote:"The Verse"- The universe in which we play the game.

SnowComfortable6726 wrote:CR: Chris Roberts, CEO of CIG

Thesyzz wrote:PO = Port Olisar. The most beloved basic space station that lately has been replaced for a more feature complete space station. High chance people will talk in the gamechat how special PO was.

MetalHeadJoe wrote:ASOP (Automated Ship Organization Program) = ATM-looking thing with a yellow screen where you claim your ships at.

seeriktus wrote:OCS - Object container streaming. A technology that allows areas of the universe to be split apart and independently streamed in, so that it doesn't overload your PC.

SSOCS - Server side object container streaming. The server equivalent of OCS, although originally this was still the same physical server the containers are now being handed off through server meshing, replication layers, and entity graphs.

HUD - Head up display. The markers projected onto the cockpit window or glass panel, because you have your head up and can look out the cockpit window while still looking at the display.

MFD - Multifunction display. In older jets there are only dials that can do a single function.

QT - quantum travel

Splinejump - quantum travel but around a planet

Kastellian wrote:"gf": good fight

SpaceP0tato18 wrote:You forgot o7 = military salute. I was so confused when I saw it. I know it's not an acronym but you see it a lot.

StigHunter wrote:I would add IC for Issue Council. That's an important one that's specific to Star Citizen.

annabunches wrote:Worth adding: many people also use "PU" to refer specifically to the Live servers, as opposed to the more general concept of a Persistent Universe. Example: "it just dropped in PTU, it won't hit PU for at least another month".

SnowComfortable6726 wrote:A ‘30k’ is used to refer to a sever disconnect- you’ll see it as ‘Error 30000’
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MedPen Quick Ref

Unread postby icycalm » 02 Nov 2023 16:20


There's also a radiation pen introduced in Pyro now, presumably for the solar flares. Works like Rust I think.
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Re: Hints & Tips

Unread postby icycalm » 30 Nov 2023 12:07 ... ev/6450348

Aaron Rayne @Aaron_Rayne wrote:did you know if you tap F while looking at something it will do it? Tap f while looking at pilot chair, you sit, tap f while close and looking at gun on the ground it will pick it up. but yeah all that's being re-worked, there's an entire UI/UX that's been developed for the past two years for s42, that is coming to SC. If you check the UI presentation at citcon you will see it. it's much better.
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Resetting Camera

Unread postby icycalm » 06 Dec 2023 14:19

If I ever in a session use Z to activate freelook, I can no longer turn my camera instantly in third-person mode unless I am moving (my mouse turns the head instead). How can I fix/disable this? ... e_freelook

Nomarnas wrote:Not a bug thankfully, you just have to reset the camera. By default it's F4+numpad*. If you don't have a numpad, you can reset the keybind to something you do have under the Camera section of the keybinds menu.

World_of_Warshipgirl wrote:Is that called "Reset current view" in the Camera - Advanced Camera controls section?

For some reason I can't seem to get that to work, but I will try some more.

Edit: Oh, I had to first bind "Advanced camera controls modifier (hold)" to something, and hold that key down before the reset current view keybind did anything. Convoluted, but at least now it works. Thanks.
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Working vs. Begging

Unread postby icycalm » 06 Dec 2023 14:43 ... &context=3

Assa099 wrote:Nah man, begging is always looked down upon, just ask for work and you will earn the cash quicker than you think and meet ppl along the way you may become friends with.

Demoman12b wrote:This. Ask to be on a crew. You'll make more money than you can solo and as stated previously, you'll make friends.
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Inventory Cargo Containers

Unread postby shubn » 15 Dec 2023 12:59


In 3.22, inventory cargo containers can be purchased and used pretty much how you would expect. At least how you would expect until freight elevators get implemented and the magic local inventory goes away. They call them "openable" in the patch notes, but they don't physically open yet, and rather function like standard inventory boxes.

1, 2, 4 and 8 SCU containers can be purchased from Cargo Services at LEO stations (Baijini Point, Port Tressler, Everus Harbor, Seraphim Station) and I assume jump point stations as well, and maybe other places. 1 and 2 SCU containers can be purchased at a few other places as well, like Shubin in New Babbage and I think Dumper's Depot in Area18 (check the "Utility > Container" category in shop kiosks). They can be moved in and out of inventory, so long as you're in a hangar, or outside of armistice zone. They can be attached to ship cargo grids. They can't be labeled or colored, though that's probably coming eventually. They can be opened while they're in an inventory by clicking the little "open" icon, so you can move items in and out even when they're not physicalized. From my tests in EPTU, you can put smaller boxes in bigger boxes. They can be selected as destination in shop kiosks, for buying and selling items straight to or from a container. Note that when dropping them from the inventory to physicalize them, they seem to always materialize whichever way the camera is facing, so when dropping them is not working, rotate the camera a bit and try again.

I'm pretty excited about these, as they bring us a step closer to proper physical inventories. The magic ship stowage inventories will disappear eventually, and these containers as well as physical ship-specific storage places will be the way we store items in ships. They also greatly improve inventory management, since you can use them to keep sets of items together. I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities for group play. I managed to fit 2 sets of Inquisitor gear in a 1 SCU container, and 5 sets in a 2 SCU one. Each Inquisitor set takes about 0.365 SCU I think.
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