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Profession: Looting

Unread postby shubn » 24 Sep 2023 14:59

Landed at a Hurston UGF, ready for some shootin' & lootin'

With the introduction of the Ranger Spec, I figured I would give my thoughts on the acquisition of the Artimex and Artimex Hurston Dynamics Executive Security armor sets.

The Hurston Artimex is not too difficult to get reliably. What you do is go to any Hurston UGF uninvited and start blasting. The elite guard wearing it should show up eventually. You probably want to disable the Comm Array beforehand if you don't want a CrimeStat for your murdering spree. Just be aware that turning off the Hurston Comm Array increases the chances of PvP around UGFs, and I speak from experience.

As for the base Artimex, it is one of those armor sets that can only be found piecemeal in loot crates. Putting together even a single set could take a very long time. If you see it listed on the black market, it's likely that the seller mislabeled the Hurston Artimex as simply "Artimex".
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