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Citizen: Garman Humble

Unread postby icycalm » 20 Nov 2023 02:29

Garman Humble: Security Professional - Part 1


CIG wrote:Garman Humble is here to deliver justice to the mean streets of Area 18
Read more about the man behind the missions in the IAE2953 Program Guide:

Garman Humble: Security Professional - Part 2


CIG wrote:Garman Humble tracks a high-profile bounty to the backwaters of Pyro
Read more about the man behind the missions in the IAE2953 Program Guide: ... res_garman

SaltyBrewster wrote:I can't decide if this is a riff on those blowhard security "professionals" on the socials, or what would happen if Batman were just some guy with homemade body armor, but I dig it.

Dibba_Dabba_Dong wrote:That's the Cyberpunk intro reimagined

MyHeartIsAncient wrote:A mishmash of Deadpool and Rorschach.

GrimmSalem wrote:This is more talking about part 2 but god once we have server meshing this will enable real-time NPC behavior for bounty hunting 2.0 missions like this will be possible. Get intel that your target ship is landing at a spot to re-stock and refuel. Sneak aboard and hide till it is out in space then take out the whole ship or just grab your target and jump off. Having a friend with a ship pick u up would be so cool.

sten_whik wrote:Bounty Hunting V2 has been in development for a while however it needs a lot of things to come together to be implemented. We saw multiple teams working on all areas of it from ISCs to Monthly Reports up until May.

As we've heard nothing since (as far as I'm aware) and it wasn't featured at Citizencon it's possible Bounty Hunting V2 has joined Building Interiors in being mothballed until current projects (namely Distribution Centres and Static Server Meshing) are more ready.

richardizard wrote:According to the progress tracker, work on BH v2 is done in December. Not that it means it'll be released this year, but it's a good indication that they're still focusing on it. They did show us the restraints at Citizencon, which is part of BH v2.

sten_whik wrote:The roadmap is a bit broke at the moment so you can only fully trust what they add to the Release View. That said on the Release View for 3.22 is the ability to store items in cargo containers. Feels like a bit of a stretch but that tech could facilitate storing players.

There's not a lot of space left in the year for 3.22 ISC episodes. Lando indicated only a couple were in the works for after IAE and a dive into the new test channels. I'd say Structural Salvage will very likely take up one episode but there's nothing else big enough currently on the Release View to take up the second.

TheStaticOne wrote:
it wasn't featured at Citizencon

There was that section where they showed a takedown and handcuff of a target. But there is so much more that goes into it, that I agree it isn't ready for us. The main concern is what happens to players after they have been arrested and all the edge cases. Also I don't think server meshing has an influence on development of this loop.

sten_whik wrote:They are adding jails to all the landing zones that you take your bounties to. No idea if players will be happy in small cells doing nothing but that's what's happening.

Bounty Hunter V2 includes Virtual AI which was being developed by the Systemic Services and Tools team who were also responsible for other network features including server meshing. They began a reshuffle in August with team members and tasks getting reassigned to other teams and we don't know the whole outcome.
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