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Unread postby icycalm » 09 Dec 2023 03:53

Citizen Fashion Show Ep.1 | Women's Fall/Winter Collection 2953 @ Skybridge Catwalk • MT • Stanton


It makes me wanna make out with those girls lol. Never felt this way in a game before, not even with Itagaki's chicks. For some reason, these ones feel like real people. ... fallwinter

franknitty69 wrote:This is dope

Legitimate-Visit3258 wrote:If you go into settings > controls > mouse smoothing and crank it, you'll get a way smoother camera movement that will really make this shine.

HorribleTomato wrote:As a former runway worker, this gave me a big chuckle. Thanks!

indie1138 wrote:Well done, now where are the men's fashions?

MrEmouse wrote:Considering the fanatical attention to detail everywhere else, I'm a little sad the bottom of the shirts (right in front of the crotch) are doing that weird animation problem where one point is hard-locked to the skeleton, and either side flexes in sync with the leg movement.

Not sure what this last guy is talking about. It all looks fine to me. That's how shirts are supposed to move.
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