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Anvil F8 Lightning (F8A & F8C)

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Anvil F8 Lightning (F8A & F8C)

Unread postby icycalm » 24 Dec 2023 14:21 ... -lightning

Galactapedia wrote:The F8A Lightning is a next-generation, single-seat, triple-thruster space superiority heavy fighter developed for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) by Anvil Aerospace. Built as a successor to the F7A Hornet currently utilized by the UEE military, the F8 was specifically designed as a match for the latest Vanduul fighters. It is more maneuverable and heavily armed than its predecessor. Use of the Lightning is restricted to elite UEEN squadrons, though it is expected to see widespread adoption over the next decade.


Star Citizen Wiki wrote:The Anvil F8C Lightning is the civilian variant of the F8A Lightning space superiority fighter that is used by the United Empire of Earth Navy. It closely mimics the military specs of the original F8A, and has been used in lines of defense against Vanduul invaders. It was made available in extremely limited numbers to the civilian market by Anvil to celebrate the debut of the F8A in the UEE Navy.


CIG hasn't made a trailer for the F8 yet, but the fanbase has turned out a couple of must-watch ones. The first one is cribbed from prerendered CIG trailers (mostly featuring the 999th Test Squadron), but the second is made with all-new play footage. Both are terrific.

(Trailer) Anvil F8 Lightning Cinematic 4K


F8C Lightning Showcase


@TheGuilev wrote:really cool, you deserve a F8C platinum

The F8C Platinum is probably the most exclusive vehicle in the verse at the moment. I should say paint scheme, not vehicle, because the vehicle is still the F8C, but with the most limited paint scheme in the game. To get it you had to kill a developer during a very specific event timeframe a couple months ago. We're never getting this. Unless someone sells their account I suppose. I don't think these paints can be gifted.

So anyway, we have no fewer than 8 F8Cs by my last count, purchased in this order: shubn, ysignal, recoil, Adjudicator, icycalm plus one for Adjudicator's clone (CULTCLONE-2), and one more each for ysignal and Adjudicator for hitting the $10k spent milestone. And we are on track for 10 F8Cs when they hit the $15k milestone, then probably a couple more to bring us up to 12 F8Cs when shubn and I hit $10k, and 14 F8Cs when we hit $15k.

Very few orgs have this kind of firepower. We're doing really well in terms of fleet quality, as you'll see when I talk about air & space superiority tactics in my next post.

This really was the best money ($260 Warbond) you could spend on Star Citizen for air & space superiority, for the small time window it was available, and I am glad we got extra ones to give to people, assuming people don't melt their extra ones for store credit at some point. The next opportunity to buy one seems to be by completing Squadron 42 a certain way, at which point, if I understand it correctly, the option will open up to buy one inside Star Citizen with aUEC. But I am fairly sure CIG will offer it for cash again too at some point. Just not very regularly.

One point I want to clarify for those who have the $10k version in their hangars concerns their special paint. Is that GRAFTED to the ship, or can it be removed so the F8C can be used with the standard paint? This is important for us to distinguish our ranks. I hope the special paints can be used or removed like any other paint.

I'll have a balance and tactics post up soon, so look forward to that.

P.S. Note that there are currently no plans to allow Star Citizen players to fly the F8A. Only way to do that is to play Squadron 42. So we'll mostly be talking about the F8C in this thread, until Squadron comes out.
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F8C is OP

Unread postby icycalm » 24 Dec 2023 15:00 ... -made-it-o

Frank_Furter @Frank_Furter wrote:F8C was already OP ship, but latest patch made it OP and META ship.

As we all know, F8C is most broken ship ever atm, heavy fighter that is way too agile and have way too high top speed.

If there is skilled pilot using F8C, only way to counter it was to have another F8C or chadforce missiles. 1v1 there wasn't any chance to win against one with any other fighter, when you can just full speed backstrafe and kill your opponent while face tanking all the incoming damage.

But now in 3.22, CIG gave F8C flares that COUNTERS chadforces! (which any other fighter does not do btw, only option is to run and wait missiles' fuel to end). So anymore you cannot take it down even with missiles. Now only option to counter F8C is to have another F8C or +3 other fighters. Why +3 you may ask? And that's because of F8C's OP top speed. It can just run away any fight and survive if there ain't enough ships to deal massive amount of damage in short period of time to take it down before it gets out of the weapons range.

@YogiKlatt-CIG, would it already be the time to nerf this broken ship? Max speed 1337 ms (we know where that comes from, LEET), that's just way too much for heavy fighter when you can backstrafe and kill any other fighter in game or just run away from any fight. 1100-1130 ms would be more suited for a ship like that, ~100 ms less than other fighters. Also it needs slower Gs on some axis, since atm it can keep up way too well on turn fights against smaller fighters.

YogiKlatt_CIG @YogiKlatt-CIG wrote:We'll look at all ships again for the MM patch which will definitely affect its agility. How exactly I don't know yet, we'll see it when we'll get there. There are other ships which are also waiting for a balance pass.

Eaden'O'Mar @NeoDragonZ wrote:There's no point listening to all the babies who cry because they lost a fight because they weren't good enough. The F8C is not the meta ship, the Gladius is. I happened to beat 3 F8Cs while I was alone in another F8C, I happened to lose against Gladius or Arrow, I happened to take down an F8C in Vangard Hoplite, it all depends on the skills of the pilot. If you need 3 fighters to take down one, it's because you may have come across a top pilot, or you should think about having an activity other than combat. The F8C is where it should be, a ship of air superiority that is not for everyone's hands.

Rob_Stargazer @Rob_Stargazer wrote:But why the obvious imbalance with 1337 m/s? Just for the LOLz?

YogiKlatt_CIG @YogiKlatt-CIG wrote:I am not going to talk about any tuning values outside the MM stuff, sorry. It doesn't matter as almost all numbers will change for almost every ship.

So the answer was yes, just for the lols.

Ceran Katelo @Ceran wrote:No shit, the intended role of the F8 is as a Space superiority Fighter, which is why it has a ton of small guns instead of a few larger ones. It is literally meant as a counter for other Fighters, while other Heavy Fighters like the Ares are meant as counters to larger hostile ships. So you're complaining that the ship is good at its intended role.

Chapkin @Chapkin wrote:All space superiority fighters are meant to counter other fighters. Gladius, Arrow, Hornet...
There's no reason the F8 should be absolutely better than the rest.
It should simply offer its own gameplay style.

It's crazy that people think the F8 should dominate everything just because the marketing/lore say so.

DssFox @DssFox wrote:the reason is called: LATEST AND GREATEST NAVY NUMBER ONE FIGHTER

Chapkin @Chapkin wrote:Game balance has piority over absolutely everything.

I can't comprehend how people haven't understood this yet.

Because they don't have autism.

Mary Lene Drake @SteelMary wrote:Game balance is nonsense in a game like SC. There are better and not so good ships - how do you expect to balance a Cutter against a Kraken? Like in the real world, some cars are just better than others. If you see an F8C while you are in a Gladius you are in for a tough fight or maybe should better run. Just like the Lancer pilot does when he sees the pirate. It's not about game balance, it should be about fun and playability. Not every ship needs to be 'balanced', availability will also 'balance' things later. If something like the F8C is the 'endgame high tier ship' it should also perform like one. And a good pilot will still be able to beat a bad one, even if he is in a F8C. I see similarities to the Ares discussion here...

That said all stats are going to change a lot and probably a lot of stats are 'off' right now. Especially the speed/turning/acceleration seems to be a bit too much and will probably get tuned down a bit. But that doesn't mean a Gladius should be on the same level as a F8C.

Cmdr_Deio @Cmdr_Deio wrote:Totally false information. Where do you get that F8 has "special" flares?
The only modification this patch was applied onto was smaller cross-section, nothing more. And in the previous one, it wasn't any modification. 2 patches ago, shield bubble was removed and replaced with the normal faces at it should be.
F8 is OP and P2W ship (mostly), no doubts about but the flares aren't special and you can still use EM missiles on it. Use Taskforce I, they have 14 meters splash damage.

P.S. Cutlass Blue has the same stats decoy launcher from Gladius for example.



Frank_Furter @Frank_Furter wrote:How do i know? By playing the game and testing! I dont just look the numbers somewhere and beleave whats there, i beleave only what i see in game.
4x flares is all what it takes and it counters chadforces, you can try it yourself.
Is it a bug or something else, who knows, but thats how it is atm. And it makes F8C the most broken and OP ship in game now.

Cmdr_Deio @Cmdr_Deio wrote:- Not an accurate test. In fact, "by playing" the game and testing means you can feedback but can't state that ship X has something special since you need to factor the server FPS and bandwidth. Missiles are server dependent. If you could not missile spam an F8, did you thought that the pilot can also dodge, did you? It has enough accel to dodge them while launching a flare and can kite them until they run out of fuel and many ships are capable of this.

Did you thought you press the button and boom? I can dodge any missile, the problem missiles are tracking you for too long and flares are useless for EM missiles and they can "intercept" you on a collision course and merge with you, that's why I get hit by players or even NPC's. You'd think that your opponent flies in straight line and like NPC's? Think again.

Frank_Furter @Frank_Furter wrote:Image

So.. How about testing yourself before starting to talk all kind of poop? Chadforces literally looses the LOCK itself when F8C uses 4x flares. Thats literally what any other fighter DOES NOT do. So only option for any other fighter is literally to run away or get risk of hitting.

- Not an accurate test. In fact, "by playing" the game

By your words, only looking the numbers in spredsheet is accurate and not how things actually work in game? Are you really serious?


N0-X @N0-X wrote:My confidence in reading game files is significantly higher than my confidence in reports from individuals with possible knowledge gaps and skill issues.

Cmdr_Deio @Cmdr_Deio wrote:Instead of providing information what ship you were into, screenshot with server FPS and bandwidth, types of missiles used or even a small video for us to analyze, you resort to memes and insults.
I tried to be helpful but I keep forgetting I am on Spectrum where experts know better by not even knowing how the game works.

"CHADFORCES" must be a special new missile no one ever heard. But you need to learn to use these "chadforces", not purely throw them like rocks and expect the rock to track the target. Timing is essential and predicting a merge is also product of experience.

It just keeps going back and forth like this for pages, and this is where I lost interest. You know what they say about balance discussion, everyone has an asshole. White guys amirite. Gotta love them, but I aint reading this shit.
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