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Luminalia 2953

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Luminalia 2953

Unread postby shubn » 12 Dec 2023 19:52 ... nalia-2953

Same as last year, visit every day for a new gift. Or claim all of them at once between December 22 and January 8.

Day 1 gift is a couple of Cutter paints:


Day 2 gift is a Pico sweater:


You can also earn a "festive holiday Pico":

CIG wrote:Jump into the intense action of Arena Commander’s Team Elimination and Gun Rush modes this holiday season and prepare to get blasted with both comfort and joy. Be the top dog (or reindeer) in either mode to earn yourself a festive holiday Pico. Join in the seasonally appropriate chaos and ruin your opponent’s Luminalia whilst draped in festive regalia.

*Playable from Alpha 3.22 launch until January 8.

There's also a referral promotion. No ship or vehicle though, this time it's gear: ... rral-Bonus

CIG wrote:For You:

Starting December 11, our latest referral bonus grants you the referrer:

  • CCC Aves Armor Set (CCC Aves helmet, legs, arms, core)
  • Beacon Crimson Undersuit
  • Aril Quicksilver Backpack
  • FS-9 "Stoneface" LMG
  • Pyro RYT “Bloodline” Multi-Tool + Attachments (Mining, Salvage, TruHold Tractor Beam, Healing)
  • Gemini LH86 “Pathfinder” Pistol
  • Sawtooth “Bloodstone” Combat Knife
  • Luminalia "Deck the Hull" Drake Caterpillar Paint


For A Friend:

The player you refer during the promotion will receive:

  • Aves Talon Armor Set (Aves Talon helmet, legs, arms, core)
  • One Light Undersuit (Teal)
  • Aril Quicksilver Backpack
  • FS-9 “Evergreen” LMG
  • RYT Multi-Tool + Attachments (Mining, TruHold Tractor Beam, Healing)
  • Gemini LH86 Pistol
  • Sawtooth “Squall” Combat Knife
  • Luminalia "IceBreak" RSI Aurora Paint

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Re: Luminalia 2953

Unread postby icycalm » 06 Jan 2024 00:29

Luminalia 2953 - All Items ... _all_items


NecroBones wrote:Let's see, 4 paint sets, 3 rifles, 2 sweaters, 2 hangar decorations, a knife, and a set of glow sticks.

This was a pretty good year for Luminalia items!

All items are now up and you have about... two days to get them. All you have to do is click on 12 boxes in the Luminalia page. Don't even have to launch the game.

I am probably putting that purple/pink gun in the SupCom Spec. The sweaters and mug were also cool I thought. Don't really care for the generic ship paints. The cookie jar would be cool if you could open it and eat the cookies?

It's a pretty good haul considering it's all free.
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