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Global Event: Burn Stanton

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Global Event: Burn Stanton

Unread postby icycalm » 12 Jan 2024 01:47 ... _link_leak


It's a video of someone scrolling through a CIG webpage about a new Global Event. The page does look poorly produced, especially the images and fonts etc., but the text sounds plausible, and the images and fonts could be placeholders. At any rate, I am dying for this event to be real, so I am making a thread either way. And I love the event's name!

TheYann wrote:most likely HTML edited via Dev Tools in browser

iwasdesperate wrote:It's mostly lore about the Nine Tails but here is the important part:

Getting started

Open mobiGlass > contact manager > personal > priority > Join the Nine Tails Cause

It is advised to set your respawn point at Grim Hex.

Your primary goal is to aid the Nine Tails fleet, keep the airspace secure while the hackers deactivate the protective armistice ready for boarding.

Boarding party

You've racked up the kills, brought destruction to the UEE and CDF fleets and now is the time to join Nine Tails' boarding party led by Nolan Acker.

Storm the capital docks, breach the interior and lay waste to any who would stand up your way.

Finally, you will need to locate the codes to the ATC control room, work your way through Crusader security forces and hack the control tower to allow the Nine Tails' Idrises to dock.

OrneryArtichoke wrote:This is how 9tails gets an Idris.

Toberkulosis wrote:looks fake, when they scroll down to the bottom the suggested commlinks are all from like 2 years ago

Tankeverket wrote:I'll believe it when CIG mentions it, it's very easy to edit a webpage using the built-in devtools in your browser.
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