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Some guy's trips to America and Estonia

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Some guy's trips to America and Estonia

Unread postby Some guy » 10 Jan 2017 14:42

So during the summer of 2015 I was working and traveling around the states and from February until December of last year I was volunteering in Estonia on an Erasmus+ project.

I ended up hanging out with jeffrobot494 and recoil when I was in the states and almost met up with The Hanged Man and ksevcov in Russia and Latvia.

For about ten days in August/September 2015 I ended up staying at jeff's place and hanging out with his friends in Northern California. Didn't really play any games apart from some Street Fighter II with one of jeff's friends at a bar (my Zangief couldn't beat his E. Honda) but we did check out a California Redwood park, the state fair, the local area in general and went to bars and local events with jeff's friends. We then drove down to San Francisco and stayed at a hostel, went out with other travelers etc. jeff had to go back after one day.

After that I was traveling with another American friend in SF and LA. We checked out The Foundry ( as they have game nights twice a week and played some fighting games together.

In LA I met up with recoil a few times. We played the hacked version of SF2 ( ... milianDood) at the Santa Monica Pier. It's pretty ridiculous, you can switch characters in the middle of a fight, do shoryukens that shoot out fireballs... After that we all went out. A day or two later me, recoil, my friend and recoil's friend went to an indoor shooting range and shot two pistols and an old shotgun. It certainly made me feel like an American!

Once my friend had left LA recoil and I hung out one more time. We checked out another arcade, played some Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike and some other games, I can't remember them all I'm afraid. We then checked out a few sites in LA and said our goodbyes as I was going back to the UK the next day.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with jeff and recoil and I really appreciate that they hosted me and showed me around. Did I miss anything out guys?

When I was in Estonia I planned a trip to Latvia and ksevcov and I were going to meet up but unfortunately he was busy during the days I was there. I could have met up with THM too but I never got round to going to Russia. The problem was that I was waiting for some other volunteers in Estonia to sort out a group trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow as everyone kept saying they wanted to do it but the date kept getting pushed back and we never went. I should have just sorted out my own trip and any volunteers that had the free time could've joined me. Wasted opportunity...

If any other Insomnia members want to meet up with me in the UK or elsewhere I'll definitely be up for hanging out, just post in this forum.
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