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[PC] [SW] Synaptic Drive

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[PC] [SW] Synaptic Drive

Unread postby Angels » 12 Sep 2018 12:24

"Competitive 3D shooting game" directed by Custom Robo creator Kouji Kenjou.

Thousand Games wrote:Tokyo Game Show 2018 Exhibition Notice

We are going to exhibit a prototype of "Synaptic Drive", a competitive 3D shooting game for the Nintendo Switch. This is a highly strategic one-on-one competitive shooter where you can choose from a variety of characters, weapons, and settings. Our goal is to develop a game of a high enough quality to be chosen for eSports competitions. We are currently looking for publishers and business partners!

【Game Director】Kouji Kenjou

We are waiting for you at the Indie Game Area 9-B58.

So TGS now has an "indie game area"... They don't even call it doujin in their own language...
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