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Will Wright's MasterClass

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Will Wright's MasterClass

Unread postby Discord BOT » 10 Feb 2019 22:00

CULT|Bread ... and-theory

MasterClass wrote:MasterClass | Will Wright Teaches Game Design and Theory
The Sims creator Will Wright teaches you how to design engaging, empowering games in his first-ever MasterClass.


Just found out about this class. Interesting! But I'm not dropping £85 on it right now.

I don't think that guy knows anything about game design
He made a single masterpiece that was flawed precisely due to lack of game design
No enemies, no challenge except the boring self-imposed type of Minecraft...
He shouldn't be giving lessons
He even failed to add these things to further games over decades
Not only is he not able to teach, he seems unable to even learn
You should pay me £85 for the above lesson, Bread
It also lasted less than his stupid class, so on top of the extra insight, you saved time too
Still, if someone took his class it'd be cool to rip it and share it. I'd be interested to see what he's peddling
I wonder if all those Masterclasses aren't ripped somewhere
I mean, the other dudes teaching are mostly legit
It's only gaming that's shafted by promoting a moron
Same as with gaming "critics", gaming award shows etc.
We are always fucking shafted

I'd pay way more than £85 for the icycalm Masterclass on game design

The thing is, that's my essays

Yeah. Seems to me a lot of Masterclass is aimed at hobbyists rather than real students.

I have nothing more to teach than what's in the essays
And if I thought of something more, it would go... in another essay
Because that's the best way of communicating complex ideas
If Will Wright and Jordan Peterson or whoever prefer to teach on video...

Hobbyists is the wrong word. I mean people who mainly want to watch videos rather than make stuff.

That's because they don't have anything too complex to teach
And yeah, Bread's last post sounds correct to me. The audience is people who just want to watch celebrities "teach", and they can pretend that they are learning
The cost is low enough that a casual hobbyist will pay it
Also the time commitment and coursework commitment on the student's part is laughable
Whereas a real student would pay 20,000 and spend years learning with no problems

The site has 10 writing courses already. Those students probably just need to... write. I wonder if there'll be a famous games journalist teaching a course one day.

Gotta teach how to take those bribes and give out 7s
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