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[PC] [MAC] RAM Pressure

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[PC] [MAC] RAM Pressure

Unread postby icycalm » 18 Mar 2020 17:30

Remember RAM Pressure, the F2P Campaign + VSMP X-COM-like for which I got a beta key a while back? Here are the relevant threads/posts:

News thread:
Private Beta post:


Well, the game entered open beta yesterday (I retroactively added it to the calendar, scroll a bit up to see it), and you can download it from here:

Watch the trailer here:

I am downloading it now and will have it ready to try out against people whenever we get a chance, so download and let us know if you're interested. I think you can play some campaign missions first to buff up before facing other players. It's cool what they've done with the story, where the players are supposed to belong to competing outfits for a downed alien craft. I am looking forward to seeing how this sort of thing works against human players. ... 2446529129

QuadCom Interactive wrote:March Update: Open Beta Kicked Off

Good news, Everyone!

We invite you to have a look how the game has changed in recent weeks. In late February and early March we released several serious cumulative updates (and we plan to continue in March). It makes no sense to list the entire list of changes, you could read it on our Discord channel or on Reddit. In short, we've done the following:

1. Optimized graphics (not completely, of course, but you could already play comfortably), added new lighting and shadows

2. Opened several new missions which continue the story campaign, as well as several new PvP maps

3. Game balance and economy are almost completely reworked. Experience is earned much faster, rewards for missions have increased, dull misses at point blank shooting have decreased, special offers in the game store have become more interesting

4. Fixed difficulty level of the first missions - they became easier to pass

5. Most bugs fixed

6. Seriously improved character animations

7. ... and much more. Everything that we promised to implement in the game in February is done

Second news: We've launched Open Beta Test. This means that invitation codes are no longer needed to register in the game. However, this doesn't mean that the game already looks the way we would like, it's not the release version yet. Early Access continues, and we are still changing and will change the game according to your feedback. But we decided to make free access for everyone and to advertise our game a little, so that the players had opponents in PvP. We'll be glad if you invite friends to the game or tell about it in social networks.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions:) Game client you could download now on our website.

Thank you!

Yours RAM Pressure Development Team
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