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[PC] Tiger Knight: Empire War

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[PC] Tiger Knight: Empire War

Unread postby Hanged Man » 05 Apr 2017 15:26

From Discord:

That's awesome because in Europe we can each focus on different factions
about 2 people per faction
You guys who have picked them already post them in the Online thread so that the rest of us can make choices accordingly
Though I hope all factions can allow a horse to the leader because otherwise fuck them

The Hanged Man
Yeah you can equip anything you unlock and buy. Basically the way the game works is that you never actually belong to any of the factions, it's just that you get faction-specific EXP based on what kind of troops you take with you in battle. If you take Leves with you, you get Rome EXP; if you take Scout Riders, you get Wei EXP. And then you use this EXP to unlock stuff in those factions

So a single character can unlock everything in all factions eventually?

The Hanged Man

Then fuck it, do whatever you want
Though I would rather not mix Rome and China in one battle
So we either all play Rome in a battle, or all China, but we can change this from battle to battle
I think that in practice though people will focus on one faction
Because it doesn't make sense to use all of them
So we are back to Rome in NA and specific China faction in EU
And after you have unlocked EVERYTHING in that one faction, do what you want
So go post in the forum which faction you have in EU

I'm going to be focusing on Wei's ranged cavalry line. Me, Qpo and Robo had a good thing going: I'd scout ahead, circle back when I spot an enemy, wait for Qpo and Robo to engage with their infantry and then I'd attack from the side. Can't wait to see what we could do with a full team.
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