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PF2 Pathfinder: The Fall of Plaguestone

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PF2 Pathfinder: The Fall of Plaguestone

Unread postby icycalm » 13 Mar 2022 19:38

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Paizo wrote:A Troubled Town

A group of new adventurers traveling through the village of Etran's Folly—also known as Plaguestone—must come together to solve the murder of a friend. What starts as a simple investigation quickly turns sinister with the discovery of forbidden alchemy, mutant animals, and a nearby forest rotting away due to a mysterious blight. It becomes clear that if these heroes don't intervene to stop whatever evil is brewing, the fall of Plaguestone is all but certain!

The Fall of Plaguestone is the first standalone adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition, designed for 1st-level characters. It tells the story of how a group of strangers band together to form a group of adventurers while saving the town of Etran's Folly from a terrifying fate, serving as a perfect introduction to a new Pathfinder campaign!

This was the first PF2 standalone adventure, released back in 2019 when the rules came out. Nothing special about it that I know of, I just randomly came across the following funny exchange from the forum and wanted to share it. I love the PF community, they are such smart, witty people.

Neume wrote:Look I'm loving this and all, but if I lived somewhere called "Plaguestone" I'd immediately start looking for new living arrangements.

I'm not saying this is their fault, I'm also not NOT saying it either...

Adam Daigle, Managing Developer wrote:The town, located in Isger, has its own name, but outsiders derogatorily call it Plaguestone.

Zi Mishkal wrote:"We moved here from 'Lichmoot'. I'm not saying 'Plaguestone' is a safe town... just safer."

Joana wrote:Their other options were Cape Fear, New Horrorfield, Screamville, and Terror Lake.

Doktor Weasel wrote:The real name is: Festering Disease Pit. The residents get mad if you call it Plaguestone instead of Festering Disease Pit.
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