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Legendary player supplements

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Legendary player supplements

Unread postby icycalm » 13 Apr 2022 16:45

The Legendary product line comes from Paizo core staff and freelancers and everything I’ve seen of it is excellent quality. They have a range of player supplements that seem very cool. Check out the sorcerer one that just got converted for Fantasy Grounds: ... P503LC29PF


The legendary sorcerer is a fully redesigned version of the core caster class, with a unique class feature that grants spellcasting flexibility, makes cantrips more useful, and expands bloodlines to allow customization of your inherent powers rather than fixed advancement. No matter the quest, the legendary sorcerer is ready for adventure, with 13 bloodlines, including the Aberrant Sorcerer, who mutates with each spell cast, the Draconic Sorcerer, who can exhale spells, the Elemental Sorcerer, who combines physical strength with the summoning of energy, and the Undead Sorcerer, whose magic curses those it touches. You'll also find six spectacular archetypes like the arcane seeker, impulsive mage, and disciple of violence, alongside nearly two dozen sensational spells and feats perfect for unleashing your arcane power with fantastic flair.

I think it sounds terrific and I am trying to think of unlocking conditions. Maybe if you manage to get a sorcerer to 20th-level you unlock this for all your future sorcerers. Or maybe if you finish a campaign with a sorcerer (PF1 campaigns finish around 16-18th).

If you have any ideas let me know.

What’s great is that this supplement is converted to FG so it should be super-easy for us to play. Most of their supplements aren’t on FG, or only the 5E versions are. The Legendary team develop everything first for PF and then convert it to 5E for extra sales, but since everything 5E sells way more, the FG community does things the other way around and basically only converts the 5E versions. This sorcerer supplement bucks this trend and I am extremely excited at the prospect that at least one FG developer is interested in converting Legendary supplements for PF1. Keep in mind that Legendary has published tons of upgrades to the “Ultimate Campaign” rules culminating with a collected edition of them called “Ultimate Kingdoms” that basically doubles “Ultimate Campaign” rules. This I will make unlockable via West Marches and Kingmaker to whichever players manage to finish those campaigns in possession of a kingdom. Problem is only the 5E version of this book is on FG at this time, so I am hoping this developer will convert it over in time for us. If he doesn’t we’ll still use it, but it’s better if he does so fingers crossed.

All classes have Legendary versions I think, so you can look them up if you’re curious but only the sorcerer is available on FG so far and it just released this week. I am hoping for more to come.


Check out their website:

The layout doesn’t inspire confidence but I’ve looked inside the books and they are great.

I recommend not reading these books until you unlock them. Read the marketing descriptions but leave the full books as reward for when you unlock them. Even I won’t read them in advance.
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