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The Greatest Play Footage Ever

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The Greatest Play Footage Ever

Unread postby icycalm » 05 Jan 2023 02:20

Star Citizen: The WAR for JUMPTOWN


If you only watch one game footage video in your life, make it this one. No other REAL-TIME game you can find can get anywhere near this level of immersion. The video's got a million views in nine days and is blowing up huge. The account that published it has a million followers and it's from some guys who are known for making videos for other games like Battlefield or whatnot. And now they're getting into Star Citizen, and you can hear their disbelief at how insane the game is. Right from the first few minutes you can see them exploit SC's unique features to present everything as a movie, and when the action starts everything is unbelievable, with orbital tank drops as if it's Planetary Annihilation 2, and the most complex action environment and action mechanics ever. It's 45 minutes and people are nevertheless watching all of it and asking for more.

KUN wrote:As a proud ex star citizen developer this video really made my day. Thank you Sir.

Creperix wrote:Lawlman just walking up to the pilot, hear the click of the empty gun and then just proceed to punch the guy in the face was so funny

L'incroyable monde d'Ochibi wrote:The entire video is impressive, how 45minutes of full gameplay can be so good.
Perfect transitions, perfect musics.

Memes_The_DNA_of_the_soul wrote:The orbital insertion is just.
"You can't fly an AA vehicle."

Keep in mind that the orbital AA drop is only possible because they haven't yet put in the full damage mechanics. So this is going away eventually. However, the game is already full of dropships and drop pods, and I am sure we'll see future vehicles that exploit orbital drops the way a Planetary Annihilation successor should have them, so the mechanics you see in the video—where what happens in orbit impacts what happens on the ground, and even underground—will always be possible.

GamerDude wrote:this was an absolute cinematic masterpiece. that ending was fucking beautiful. the way he says 'yeah' and takes of with the music had me on the floor.

T444INTERNTL wrote:The fact that they took a joke from last video like dropping a tank from orbit to turning it into a viable and effective strategy in this video was the most cinematic and character development thing I’ve seen in video gaming

Hazzikaze wrote:War Never Changes.
Seeing a blinding flash outside your ship windows and the boxes in your cargo bay immediately disintegrating before the entire ship goes white and you perish instantly is another reason why Jumptown is the most notoriously dangerous place in Star Citizen history and why BedBananas should really consider being a film director

husleman wrote:If there was one video to get you hyped about star citizen, this is it.

ArthaCel wrote:this is amazing! And the fact that it was all driven by players on both sides is unreal

Wait till he realize it's not "both" sides but MANY sides.

Erik wrote:Dude... That first raid with the self-destruct... That was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a game. That was some pure Red-Dawn shit right there...

Someone actually did this self-destruct to us in our last Jumptown. We had no idea how the fuck we all suddenly died. And then we figured it out. And then to see it performed in this video was awesome.

Hendo wrote:This video made me go buy this game for me and my little brother yesterday. We spent about 6 hours straight just exploring without completing a single mission and had so much fun!

Zayce wrote:this is the second video ive ever seen on star citizen and the a2 is now my favorite ship, the way it just "stealthly" appears and absolutely wreaks havoc when you least expected it was cool

Yeah the A2 is probably my favorite ship too. Though I don't like to fly it because it's so cumbersome. I like to have one of my soldiers fly it while I move around and plan stuff.

Patric Currie wrote:Damn this game looks so sick. Like the space sci-fi game of my dreams.

Lynette wrote:That "Yeah!" At the end..... It perfectly wrapped up the whole video. The feels were real.

Selvbilde wrote:What a great late Christmas gift from bedbananas!
E n t e r t a i n m e n t

Indeed. Best thing I got for Christmas. Only thing better would have been 3.18. But even then... this is prob better.

Lego wrote:Tbh, this video didn't feel like 45min at all. Bed really is a master at creating pieces of cinematic art that hooks the viewer through out the entire video and STILL manages to leave them wanting more. And not only that, they have managed to do this consistently with every video that I have had the pleasure of watching. I personally got the game because of his first video and I have had a blast journeying throughout the galaxy and making friends along the way.

We need to go through their archive and find more videos. Quite a few more on Star Citizen I think. If you find any you want to share, post them in the movie/machinima thread. In the main SC thread I only link stuff when I want to make a general point about the game, that's why I am reposting Chev's submission here. Awesome find btw, keeping in mind that I found the video BEFORE Chev, but only watched the first few seconds before closing the tab because I thought it would be more "acting-movie" and little action. It was his enthusiasm about it after he had watched all of it that made me go back and finally watch it.

Dduran wrote:SC is aim to have the same combat scale as Planetside2 but with seamless transition beetween planets -orbit -ground and ships /vehicules its just amazing how you can load physcal vehicules inside others ships in a planet and drop them in the battle field, you cant find nothing like that out there

Finally people are realizing this isn't just a "space" game. When the PlanetSide community, and the Rust community, and the Elite and No Man's Sky communities, and many other communities realize this, SC will blow up like no other game ever. If there was a citizencoin, I'd be going all-in right about now.

Spumoon wrote:1:44 can't believe you can do this. I have 0 experience with this game, I've just been waiting for the "release" and to get a better machine to play it on, but every time I take a peek I'm surprised by the scope of this game. It's like everything I wanted EVE Online to be. VR would really make this the ultimate gaming experience.

There is already hacked VR, and official is also coming.

OleGranTad wrote:The ending was so gd good. A legit feeling of pride came over me watching our boy enjoying the best tasting Galactic dog, before flying off into the sunset in his well earned ride. Way to fking go!

Yeah these guys rock, and they don't even have a Carrack. Come to think of it, no group in the video seems to have one, and we have... three at last count I think. I bet we can beat all these groups with a properly set up Carrack full of gear for a dozen lives per player. Just imagine us running back to the scene within 5 mins of every death... It'll be like our 6-10 players are 30-40.

JorshMan wrote:That transition from the medical bed to the top of the mountain was slick af. Had to rewatch to make sure there wasn't a hidden mountain medical pod I didn't know about

Busta von Nutz wrote:This is probably the best SC content on the internet right now, literally gonna watch this again in VR; really shows the potential the game has once combat becomes fully fleshed out & bugtested.

Jefrey Dekker wrote:Dude, this is the absolute best showcase of what star citizen should be. That A2 flying overhead and killing y'all, insane!

Nick T. wrote:I lived through 2022 just to see this. Outstanding as always. Wish I had such a crew of friends to play SC with.

A Person wrote:Man sometime I just think about the absf and how far this channel has gone. I love all the work you've done in the years. Can't wait to see more of this. Immaculate

He Who Proclaims wrote:Everytime this guy drops a video, even though it's rare for him to, I already know it's gonna have the best editing and be worth watching. They've accumulated millions of credits in drugs to sell, this is amazing.

steppahouse wrote:This is basically what we had originally hoped Dust 514 (Eve Online's attempt to integrate an FPS) would be. We never got anywhere close to this, but this is what we wanted :)

eelco8800 wrote:Dude. I've been soloing this game almost the whole time. Never knew org play could be this much fun.
You guys had some awesome runs. What a game huh?

Comment Section Man wrote:The yearly return of Bedbananas, been looking forward to this all year. Can't wait for the next cinematic masterpiece.

It's insane he has a million followers if he only posts one video a year.

BiasedGrunt1998 wrote:The love i have for star citizen is deep. What an amazing and magical game. I hope to develop my PMV org into a well known military group, with lots of members. Just waiting for them to finish the game haha

Acies wrote:Holy shit, that Esperia Talon cockpit load up was so cool, looks like you're going into a giant mech.

This needs to be seen to be believed. It's right at the end. Even in sci-fi movies you have never seen a ship that works so cool.

Turbo Toke wrote:I've never seen gameplay of this game before, but every frame of this video, made it look like a whole movie. Great job!

Salvadorian wrote:I've already seen quiet a few SC videos. But this shows, I think, very well what the game is capable of. I was playing Wing Commander back then, at that time you didn't even want to imagine what is already possible with SC. I'm very excited to see how the game will turn out once it's technically sound/ready. While games can only be as good as players can have fun with them... this video shows what can be done. Thank you, it was fun!

This guy is right! In the '80s we couldn't even IMAGINE a game like this. If you had asked us what games would be like in 30 years, we would have said something like Halo at best.

Wilbur J wrote:This was super entertaining. I usually never watch a video on YouTube that is 40+ minutes but I was here for this. I am terrible at 1st person shooter games and this was top tier.

Flame Emojii wrote:Wow this has to be one of the best pieces of video game content I’ve watched in a while! I was hooked from the opening scene and that you and the squad played everything was just cinematic in its self! Really makes me want you but I to this game :) :)

THE CULT OF CON wrote:Best SC content ive ever seen. Great stuff man. I had no idea this game had come so far.

They have to learn via word-of-mouth because the journalists today are so bad at their jobs.

Engitainment wrote:I want you guys to know, I watched this like an actual movie, and it did NOT disappoint, holy crap! The editing, the music, the absolute Shenanigans that you all managed was top class, A+, excellent and hilarious. Thanks for all your hard work smuggling drugs!

TheDoming0 wrote:That is one of the most epic gameplay videos I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Ever. Subscribed.

BoboopTeam - StarCraft 2 wrote:what an incredible video, it feel like those videogame scenario that you sometimes dream about
Those shots were incredible, truly a blast

RobertGlory wrote:The most fun on YouTube I’ve had in months, great production quality, personalities and goals. You’ve fully earned a click of that big red button, keep it up

Geoff Rose wrote:This was like a Heist movie IN SPACE. All the crazy stuff just blowing up around you guys, as you try to execute a raid. Very awesome.

What blew my mind above all was their enemies using their fighter spacecraft like fucking flashlights, as they played hide-and-seek with fucking spacecraft.

Arthur Port wrote:You guys were having so much fun. You now have a new follower. Thanks for the awesome content.

DigThat32 wrote:I like how he just unceremoniously dumped the Lancer pilot's body face first on a console :)

All The Way wrote:I think what's the real mindblowing part about this is that even though so much action is going on at this mountain range elsewhere on the SAME server and "map" there are many other players doing other things, some hauling cargo peacefully across planets, some mining, racing, some shopping at cities. This raid alone would be an entire map and server instance on its own in other games.

This guy gets it.

Benjamin Crowley wrote:The coordination from space to air to mobile to infantry???!!! This is EVERYTHING I have ever wanted to see from a game! Amazing gameplay and tactics gents, this was as entertaining as a top tier TV show if not More!

Firo59 wrote:Sc has the potential to be the next big role play game, it offers definitly more than gta

Funnily, they're adding skills and stats (CR mentioned it in CitizenCon), so even the retards who think roleplaying=numbers will be calling it an RPG eventually.

Trooper Bumkiss wrote:this is some of the best content ive ever watched. been enjoying ur channel since the bf3 days when i was 11 years old and here i am entrhralled like im 11 again. always love ur videos banana.

XAYAH wrote:This was a movie and the ending was cold af 45:20 all that fighting was worth it

Fade wrote:That play where Bed hid in the bed (perfectly on brand) and waited for the pilot to not only do the work of loading the drugs for him but also leaving themselves open to attack AND getting the ship itself was such a masterful play.

SkyHighSpirits - Music wrote:I was blown away by the tactics and strategies that are possible in this game. It just looks like an all round amazing experience and super fun and rewarding. Though i wonder how much those ships costs to replenish when you blow them up xD

Quite a bit, that's why we buy LTI ;)

David wrote:This showcases the very best of Jumptown PvP: don’t take any of it too seriously, accept you’re going to die, and have a lot of fun however it plays out. Those are the only rules required to enjoy the event, a lot of players turn up to do the conga line hoping for ‘peaceful Jumptown’. This also shows it’s near essential to go in with some friends, as the number of times they rez’d one another is insane.

Kat Loaf wrote:Can we take a moment to talk about how this man got three ballista kills mid drop before touching the ground??

Svalbard Sleeper District wrote:That's the prospect of SC once SM is in and there are resources for orgs to fight over all across the 'verse. It is so exciting to imagine all the possibilities with org outposts, land claims, cause-driven org gameplay, etc.

This guy gets it more than any other guy.

Christian Perez wrote:This dude never drops anything that is in any way wack. EVERY video is an absolute banger. Gimme quality over quantity baby, it feels like Christmas whenever Bed uploads.

It WAS Christmas lol.

Slicerax Gaming wrote:Hey BedBananas, first time viewing your videos, this is epic. Me and my buddies have been looking for some more pvp-oriented action in game so if your crew ever wants another pilot let me know, and i can bring a few friends with big missiles

This is the way. We gotta hook up with some bigger orgs and run missions for them. Just need to find a couple that are temperamentally suited to us. I've made a start:


Feel free to reach out to orgs anywhere you find them online and invite them to play with us. Give them invites to Discord etc. Just keep in mind that many of these connections won't work out, for the same reason that most attempts at friendship or most pick-up attempts don't work out. It's just human nature, and you have to find the people that are suitable for you. As long as you keep trying, you will eventually find them, and the same is true for here. We NEED these people to maximize our fun with Star Citizen, and therefore we WILL find them, just as I found all of you. I can't wait to find a cool org to help us lock down and monopolize JT, for starters. We'll make MILLIONS.

Prestley wrote:I’m not terribly familiar with the gameplay, only have heard of this game through word of mouth and have seemed to stumble upon BedBananas’ vids of them. I gotta say that his videos have become my favorite and most immersive experiences one may have, whether it’s for a bit or roleplay, or even just playing the game. Pulling every clip and moment together in such a fashion that keeps you hooked the whole way through is no easy feat. I was tearing up at the end when he was flying away. If this doesn’t make you enjoy the art that goes into this, nor the passion that one can have in video games, or filmography.. I don’t know what will. This was wonderful. Thank you.

WipWhopDipDhop wrote:This is what quality YouTube looks like. Not en masse produced 100 days gameplay etc., but real fun, real laughs, crazy odds. BedBananas is something you have to wait for - and the wait is worth it.

Ed Davis wrote:CIG really should be cutting you a check for all of these amazing cinema experiences!!! Can't wait to see the next one!!!

I am sure they will be, eventually. They're hugely promoting ATMO Esports for example, even in their official trailers.

Gabriel Blake wrote:The legend himself, has released another Star Citizen movie masterpiece as a Christmas gift. I'm excited to see what they come up with when PES arrives next year.

Buyitprod wrote:I’ve been watching you for at least 10 years now you never disappoint

It just keeps going. Endless astounded comments. And this is only the beginning. Whole movies will be filmed in Star Citizen, and in some of them, we'll be the heroes.
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Re: The Greatest Play Footage Ever

Unread postby icycalm » 05 Jan 2023 02:45

I moved this thread from the Cult Citizen forum to the Games forum, because this is now an Insomnia Award. Use this thread to discuss the video, or the various subjects that are connected to it in regards to what constitutes great game footage, or to suggest other footage that you think can rival this, either as best-ever, or second-best etc.

I've also given the thread the status of "Announcement" so that it will remain prominently at the top of the forum.

This footage is why we play games, and I want Insomnia to make it as visible as possible. I'll link the thread permanently on the frontpage sidebar at some point. I am doing renovations now, so it'll be soon.
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