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Global Event: Nine Tails Lockdown

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Global Event: Nine Tails Lockdown

Unread postby icycalm » 03 Nov 2022 18:41

Saving this here for when we're ready to start playing the evil side of events. Nowhere near there yet. ... _pvp_event

ZZGooch wrote:PSA: 9T Blockade is a PVP event

We decided to give the 9T missions a try this time around when 9T blockade came up. Our focus was on the fights around scanning ships and the 9T fleet.

We avoid killing the ships bringing in medical supplies, but only because destroying trade ships feels bad.

However, given the feedback from many players, I just want to make sure everyone knows how deliberately structured for PVP the 9T blockade really is.

If you have a crimestat, when you enter the blockade area you can take a mission for 9T. This will immediately make all 9T vessels blue/friendly to you and anyone with the medical supply mission goes red (you become red to them as well). You have effectively joined the 9T fleet.

From this point on, 9T feeds you information on scanning ship locations but more importantly it marks trade ships as “blockade runners.” Those marked ships are now worth credit-rewards for destroying. We only attack combat vessels, so I am not sure how much the reward is, but I was told it ramps up with the amount of med supplies onboard.

To let that sink in…

9T mission deliberately incentivizes the interception and destruction of players running medical supplies.

Many players who are fighting 9T fleet complain when they are destroyed (even though they typically attack you first since you are red). People let out the cry of “griefers” at times, but this event was tailor made to draw opposing factions together and combat to ensue.

A good trader needs to understand the nature of the opposing mission to accurately judge the risk. The individuals attacking you aren’t griefers. They are being paid, through valid missions, being given intel to easily locate you, and ultimately fulfilling the game loop 9T blockade was intended for. It’s not murder-hobos, 9T are serious about stopping you from getting through the blockade.

Also, rival traders are a real threat. We have increasing reports of traders being attacked at med supply purchase areas. These attacks are likely coming from rival traders looking to control the med supply trade at its source.

Heads on a swivel and bring friends.

Good luck out there citizens o7
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