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MISC Hull Series

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MISC Hull Series

Unread postby icycalm » 22 Jan 2023 07:19

A Hull for Every Job: The MISC Hull Series ... ull-Series

As part of the Lunar New Year festivities, CIG is offering the Hull C for sale until the end of the festival on February 6: ... -Year-2023


Scroll all the way to the bottom for the prices.

It's not cheap. About €400 in Europe depending on whether you're buying with fresh cash or store credit. But it has 4,608 SCU storage capacity compared to 696 SCU for the biggest cargo ship in the game now, the Hercules C2. It's freakin' massive and will radically change the hauling profession. I would love to fly it back and forth across planets with a heavy escort of a bunch of our fighters, and even more I would love to haul stuff back and forth between Pyro and Stanton. I suspect Pyro is the reason they seem so keen to add the ship to the game this year.

Note that they were supposed to add it in last year, but it got delayed, and it may be again. But they seem quite confident they can get it in, otherwise they wouldn't be pushing it so prominently. That said, it's always a gamble buying a ship that's not in the game yet. You may end up having to wait years. Of course, you can always melt and buy something else if you get tired of waiting.


You can see how big it is: as big as a Carrack. There will be bigger ones too though. Pic isn't all ships in the game btw, only a fraction of them. E.g. the Hull D that's between C and E is missing. That's just some org's fleet from this thread on Reddit:

As the Hull C is coming out in 2023 I actually just noticed the extreme size difference between the Hull C and the Hull E. (yes my fleet in the hangar, yes in an org lol) ... i_actually

It can't land in atmo while loaded btw. It's only supposed to fly between stations, and then smaller ships take the cargo down to planets.

So I am making the thread for general information, and also just in case anyone has a $400-ish wad of cash they want to get rid of. Note that the insurance offered is only 6 months, so you'd have to upgrade from an LTI vehicle for best results. If someone DOES decide to buy this, consider making a clone account and buying it for that, so that the entire clan can use it. You can always gift it back to your main account at a later time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the price will almost certainly increase on release. Not by too much, but it could be $30 or $40 or so.


Looks quite badass unloaded.


And when it's loaded it looks badass in another way, it looks like money.

Hull-Series Size Comparisons ... omparisons


ysignal and I have a Hull A each, so we've a long way to go if we want to up our cargo-hauling game...
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