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Profession: Kidnapping

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Profession: Kidnapping

Unread postby icycalm » 22 Jan 2023 18:46

kidnapping players and reviving them on our ship to hold for ransom ... n_our_ship


cosmic_outlaws wrote:it’s like 50/50 since some players will just yell/type insults and then log out but others will first refuse to pay us and instead get in global chat or their own discord and try to pay or call for back up

Rdenauto wrote:This is pirate gameplay. This is totally fine. You’re free to backspace or just pay the ransom and leave.

I’d much rather see this than med beacon traps that railgun you out of the sky with no warning.

RealMrKraken wrote:Ahh flashbacks to Arma 3 Altis Life absurdly long and boring "hostage" takings. I'd give it 10-15 mins before backspacing, if the RP is terrible then 2 minutes tops

RealMrKraken wrote:Hostage taking RP is normally only experienced from one side. So whereas you are driven by your groups intended narrative, you force it upon someone else, so need to make it entertaining for them.

Hobo wars, grab 2 people, drop them down, tractor them out 2 weapons. You either kill and get a CS and maybe end up joining the crew (which has joining fee or dues) or you get unalived.

Much more entertaining for all involved and if someone just wants to die, they can

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