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Unread postby icycalm » 27 Jan 2023 15:55


Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:it's the same size as the one on the MSR at the moment which is a table. I originally was going to have them static on the 890 too but thought fuck it and made it so you could pick it up thinking it would make good use of PES

Armageddon Speaking @ArmageddonSpeak wrote:is this playable and portable too? i love playing chess on my msr in the past would love to do it on the go

Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:Location of the pieces on the board persists aswell:)

Armageddon Speaking @ArmageddonSpeak wrote:That’s awesome need to find it in game! Is it a secret or ?

Dan McCabe @DanM3D wrote:Nah it's in the 890

Damn and I thought we could just buy a few sets.
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