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[PC] [PS4] [ONE] Mass Effect: Andromeda

Unread postby NeoKubrick » 02 Feb 2013 12:53

Mass Effect 4: ... o-mid-2015

Tom Phillips wrote:UPDATE #2: EA has this evening informed Eurogamer that GamerSyndrome's information did not come from EA or BioWare at all. We separately contacted GamerSyndrome who told us that the information came from an "unreliable source" and that the site was investigating the matter.

UPDATE #1: The EA representative who organised the interview (and whom we previously spoke with) has told Eurogamer that the speaker in fact wasn't Gamble, but another BioWare team member. We've asked again for information on the speaker's identity and will update when we hear back.

ORIGINAL STORY: The next Mass Effect game is not due for at least another two years, developer BioWare has revealed.

A fourth major instalment in the sci-fi series was teased earlier this year after BioWare's two founders departed the studio.

"You'll hear more about the new Mass Effect game in 2013," BioWare told Gamer Syndrome.

In terms of a release window, it'll launch in "late 2014 to mid-2015"."I honestly can't tell you an exact [date] because full development on the game started a month or two ago," an anonymous BioWare team member was reported as saying.

Eurogamer checked this out and EA confirmed the comments as belonging to Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble.

BioWare has canvassed fan opinion on the future of Mass Effect a couple of times before, most recently asking whether the fourth game should be a sequel or a prequel.

While Mass Effect fans wait, there's at least one more Mass Effect 3 DLC in the pipeline and ongoing multiplayer support promised.

Gamble revealed that a multiplayer mode was once in development for Mass Effect 2 until the project became too ambitious.

"We had actually wanted to do multiplayer in Mass Effect 2," he said. "We started working on it and found out that it was just going to be too much, so we had to take it out of Mass Effect 2 and put it into [Mass Effect] 3."

Scrapped ideas for Mass Effect 3 included a mission to the turian homeworld Palaven (you visit its moon in the final version of the game) and a huge boss battle in place of the game's controversial conclusion.

"One of the mission ideas that got scrapped was actually going onto Palaven, the turian home world, and being able to see what their world was like," Gamble explained.

"We also scrapped the original ending for Mass Effect 3. We were gonna have it as a 'boss battle', where Commander Shepard would go up and fight The Illusive Man who has been transformed by the Reapers. We scrapped that idea because way too many [games] have that as their ending, some final boss fight."

Gamble concluded by adding that BioWare was also being kept busy by Mass Effect plans on Wii U. Nintendo's new console received a version of Mass Effect 3 at its launch, but fans are waiting on a Wii U version of the recent Trilogy pack.

"Wii U is a console we feel is really cool and that more Mass Effect would look great on it, so we do have plans for Wii U but nothing to announce at this moment," he concluded.
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Unread postby mothmanspirit » 23 Feb 2013 07:33 ... -montreal/

Yanick Roy wrote:There is really not much I can tell you about the game right now, except that it will be built with the amazing technology of Frostbite as its foundation, enhanced by many of the systems that the Dragon Age III team has already spent a lot of time building.
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Unread postby dinopoke » 19 Apr 2013 06:13 ... 2807068672

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Unread postby Some guy » 01 May 2014 15:55

Mass Effect 4: everything we know so far. After 18 months, BioWare now "in the middle" of development. ... now-so-far

Tom Phillips wrote:Two years have passed since the launch of Mass Effect 3 and, while there have been no official announcements of late, we know that BioWare is busy on its new Mass Effect game.

The team at BioWare Montreal regularly converses with fans via the company's official forum and via Twitter, where studio director Yanick Roy has today said that the next Mass Effect game is "somewhere in the middle" of development.

Design work began around 18 months ago in late 2012. Another 18 months would take the team up until October 2015 - exactly a year after Dragon Age: Inquisition is due to be released.

What's been revealed so far?

The story will star a fresh protagonist who won't be another version of Commander Shepard, BioWare has said, and there will be no direct continuation of the Commander's story. Shepard's companions are also unlikely to return, Mass Effect 3's lead writer Mac Walters has hinted.

For that reason, when the game's title is announced, it won't be called Mass Effect 4. But there will be no upheavals in the game's genre or design - it will be "the same type of game as the first three", Roy has said. Romance options are again due for inclusion and "there is no reason to believe" that same-sex options will be ommitted.

Development on the game reached a milestone in September 2013 when executive producer Casey Hudson and BioWare's Edmonton and Montreal boss Aaryn Flynn both stated on Twitter that they had gone hands-on with a playable build of the game.

"What's even more fun than working on the design of a new fictional world? Taking our first steps into it and looking around," Hudson wrote.

"Great time playing the next Mass Effect game in Montreal," Flynn added. "Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognisable. And fun!"

Then, on 7th November 2013 (BioWare's annual "N7 Day"), the first slices of artwork and blurry in-game images were posted via an orchestrated round of Twitter posts from various BioWare staff. Humanoid figures and various alien-looking landscapes were shown off.

One image included in the selection was artwork of the original Mass Effect's Mako. "Inspiration for the future," the caption read, hinting at a possible return of planet-based exploration. "What ever could you mean by that?" Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble replied.

Perhaps the biggest question for Mass Effect fans is exactly when the next game will be set. Mass Effect 3's various endings leave an apparently wide range of variables for any future game to work from - although most of the outcomes could be retconned fairly easily when allowed for the passage of time.

One hint that the next game could be set after Mass Effect 3 came during the recent BioWare PAX East 2014 panel. Mass Effect 3's final coda, set many years later, suggests that Shepard's story has now become legend - whatever your final choice. But a panel attendee asked about the response to Shepard's final actions directly after. They were told that BioWare "can't really talk about that at this time".

The PAX Prime 2013 leak

In August last year Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble put out a call for fans attending PAX Prime 2013, requesting that they get in touch. A select 21 people were chosen to meet with BioWare, Gamble later stated, for a two hour presentation held behind closed doors.

The contents of that meeting were not designed to be made public, but a post from an apparent attendee appeared online a week after the event took place.

Written on an obscure Mass Effect forum the post lay largely unnoticed until November last year, when it was picked up and reproduced by Reddit and NeoGAF. Included were details hinting at when the game would be set and, perhaps most excitingly, information on two new alien races.

Eurogamer spotted the post at the time but was unable to verify the contents as legitimate. A few days later, after months online, the post and its corresponding discussion thread were pulled without explanation.

The attendee had claimed that the two new alien types they were shown included an "arrogant", skeletal race with glowing eyes and an "ancient, advanced guardian" race with a sci-fi golem-like look. Mako-esque land vehicles were also apparently shown, with different models for various environments.

BioWare apparently quizzed the group of fans on what the series' "N7" moniker meant to them and whether they'd like a prequel or sequel (most picked sequel). The attendee wrote that he inferred a sequel was most likely due to the introduction of the new alien species among the existing races.

When will we hear more?

Former BioWare community manager Chris Priestly recently addressed the game's marketing schedule and eventual release via a post on BioWare's official forum. Qualifying his thoughts with a disclaimer that he didn't know anything about the game's current schedule, he did say that he had been privy to "a few details" before he departed the company in July 2013.

"I would guess that BioWare wants the focus of 2014 to be on Dragon Age: Inquisition," he wrote. "DA2 was not loved by all fans *cough*, but it was an important step going from DA:O to what DA:I looks to be.

"As such, and to ensure that DA:I will allow for much more DA content to come in the future (DLC for DAI, DA4/5/6 or whatever they get called, ancillary products, etc), I think this year's E3 will heavily push Inquisition to the press and gamers. To announce whatever the next ME game is called at E3 would dilute BioWare focus.

"I do hope Aaryn or Casey drop a few hints, but I really doubt there will be any teasers, trailers or even substantial news interviews about MENext. Given that for some fans the last memory of the trilogy was a negative one, I think BioWare will want to really wow prospective ME fans to pay attention to a new title right out of the gate, rather than announcing a few details or teaser trailer, then going dark while DA:I takes center stage."

Mass Effect will be BioWare's 2015 focus, he concluded, and it was unlikely we would hear anything at least until Dragon Age: Inquisition launches this October.

But, after that, there are still two events in late 2014 that might provide some concrete news. Considering the teases issued for N7 Day 2013 it is likely we will hear more this year on the same date. Then there's the VGX Awards in December, where Mass Effect 3's first trailer was shown, all the way back in 2011.
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Unread postby Some guy » 10 Jun 2014 22:43

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Unread postby Texas » 15 Jul 2014 14:35 ... 0-6421111/

Mass Effect fans eager for more information about the next Mass Effect game don't have much longer to wait. Thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con schedule recently coming online, we now know that BioWare will hold a panel on Saturday, July 26, where developers from the company's offices in Edmonton and Montreal will discuss their vision for the game.

The panel, "Charting a Course: Designing the Next Mass Effect," will be led by lead animator Carl Boulay, senior artist Noel Lukasewich, community manager Jessica Merizan, and producers Mike Gamble and Fabrice Condominas. The panelists will, according to the official description, "share their experiences in shaping the next Mass Effect game with new possibilities while staying true to the critically acclaimed series."

If you're attending Comic-Con in person, you can sit it on the panel (if you can find a seat!) on Saturday, July 26, at 2 p.m. in Room 25 ABC. The most recent update BioWare provided on the next Mass Effect game came during E3 in June, when the developer teased that the game will feature an entirely new set of characters, and will be set in a new region of the universe. The studio also laid out its bold plans for the game.

"We think fans of the series are going to be surprised at just how far we're going," a BioWare developer says about the game in the video above.

Though Comic-Con might be most associated with movies, TV, and...comics, games will be there, too. In addition to BioWare's Mass Effect panel, there will be talks from Ubisoft about Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, as well as presentations by Microsoft for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Nightfall. A new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay video will also be on display at Comic-Con, alongside the first-ever Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament.
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Unread postby shubn » 06 Aug 2014 22:00

Next Mass Effect panel from SDCC:
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Unread postby Sparkster » 15 Jun 2015 21:55


Cinematic Trailer: ... andromeda/

Today we debuted the first cinematic trailer for our next game, Mass Effect™: Andromeda. While we are still many months away from the game’s release date in holiday 2016, we’re excited to show you a bit of where we’re at. First, though, some background on the game itself.

When we wrapped up the original Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect 3: Citadel in early 2013, planning and design on Mass Effect: Andromeda was already well underway. We knew we wanted to start with a foundation composed of the best parts of any Mass Effect game: exciting new worlds to discover, great characters, and intense action. At the same time, we clearly wanted to expand the definition of what you should expect from a Mass Effect game.

While we aren’t ready to go into too many details just yet, as you saw in the trailer and can tell by the name, this game is very much a new adventure, taking place far away from and long after the events of the original trilogy. You will play a human, male or female, though that’s actually not the character you saw in the trailer (more on that later). You’ll be exploring an all-new galaxy, Andromeda, and piloting the new and improved Mako you saw. And through it all, you will have a new team of adventurers to work with, learn from, fight alongside of, and fall in love with.

We built this trailer in Frostbite™, our game engine, and it represents our visual target for the final game. We are thrilled by what we’ve already been able to achieve in bringing Mass Effect to Frostbite and by putting our entire focus on PC and current gen consoles. With the time remaining in development, we’re excited about the possibility to push things even more.

Thank you again for all of the support you keep showing us, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details with you near the end of the year. Until then, the teams in our Montreal, Edmonton, and Austin studios will be hard at work creating an entirely new adventure for you to lose yourselves in.


Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager, BioWare Canada

Yanick Roy, Studio Director, BioWare Montreal

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Unread postby JC Denton » 15 Jun 2015 22:25

Merged the ME4 and Andromeda threads and renamed ME4 to Andromeda. I am assuming they are the same game. If someone is paying attention to this series and thinks I made a mistake, let me know and I'll fix it. I can reseparate the threads if necessary.
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Unread postby Some guy » 05 Jan 2017 23:21

xlarge.img.jpg ... g-in-march


On behalf of our teams across Montreal, Edmonton and Austin, I’m excited to announce that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be launching in North America on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 and beginning Thursday, March 23, 2017 in Europe. We appreciate your patience (and in fact, even your lack of patience in some instances) as we’ve been focused on completing the game. Here’s a little bit of context into how we’ve gotten here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is our most ambitious Mass Effect game to date. We’re telling completely new stories, creating new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems. And for the first time, we’re bringing Mass Effect to the Frostbite game engine, an incredible engine that’s delivering a tremendous graphical jump from the trilogy to Mass Effect: Andromeda. To deliver on this, we’re taking all the time we can to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience.

Over this holiday break, developers at BioWare took home a version of the game in what we call the “holiday build”. This is a longstanding studio tradition that goes back to the early days of the original Mass Effect. Many load up a PC or console and go home to play as much as possible at their leisure. Coming back from holiday, the feedback has been great. Getting the endorsement from members of our studio, many of whom played key roles on the original trilogy, was definitely a key factor in helping us lock in on the date.

Even more exciting for us over the last couple of months has been seeing the excitement build in the community as we’ve started to share more about the game. The passion you have for the franchise continues to drive us. And now, we’re just a couple of months away from delivering a brand new Mass Effect experience to you for the first time in five years – richer, deeper and ready for exploration. We’re excited about how far we are going with the franchise, and we hope you find it’s been worth the wait.

See you in Andromeda,

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Unread postby Some guy » 18 Feb 2017 01:49

Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Series #1: Combat ... ies-1.html

Mass Effect Andromeda Combat.jpg

Mass Effect Andromeda Combat Gameplay Trailer: ... nel=lzuniy

Weapons and Skills in Mass Effect: Andromeda

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you are the Pathfinder – the ultimate adventurer in a vast, unexplored galaxy on a mission to find a new home for humanity. You’ll visit untamed worlds, make lasting relationships with new companions, and face some of the most dangerous challenges the Andromeda galaxy has to offer.

In our first deep-dive gameplay video, we’re going to take you through the weapons and skills that you’ll become familiar with when the game launches on March 21.


The action in Mass Effect: Andromeda is built around fluid, fast-paced, third-person combat. You’ll experience freedom of movement with the use of a jump-jet that allows you to jump, evade, and hover in the midst of battle. You’ll also discover a dynamic new cover system that enables you to seamlessly use almost anything, including your own vehicle, for cover. Using your jump-jet and the cover system, you’ll be able to approach each battle in a way that suits your gameplay style.


In Mass Effect: Andromeda, there are four categories of firearms: pistols, shotguns, and sniper and assault rifles—plus a range of melee weapons for up-close combat. These categories accommodate a variety of specialized play styles. If you want to get in close, you can focus on melee, shotguns, and pistols. If you prefer to shoot while on the move while maintaining your distance, assault rifles will be your weapons of choice. Or, if you like to hang back and pick off enemies one-by-one, sniper rifles will be the way to go.

There are no class restrictions on weapons, so trying something new is as easy as switching your loadout.

Weapons and gear in Mass Effect: Andromeda fall into three technology types based on where their supporting tech comes from. Milky Way weapons typically use physical ammunition that’s similar to the types of weapons you might be familiar with from the previous three games – with some advancements, of course. These are high-impact, projectile-based guns; they’re great against most non-shielded targets, but require you to keep an eye on your ammo.

Remnant weapons typically use beams, have a high rate of fire, and are extremely accurate. They use an overheat system that doesn’t require a reliance on ammunition. You’ll never run out of ammo, but you’ll have to wait for your gun to cool down from time to time.

You’ll also encounter weapons incorporating technology from civilizations in the Heleus Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy. Heleus weapons are generally plasma-based, which means they benefit from heat-seeking technology. Some other Heleus weapons are charge-based: the longer you charge them before releasing, the harder they hit.

Melee weapons vary in both damage and speed. Hard-hitting hammers do maximum damage, while lightning-fast shivs or swords allow you to get in and out of harm’s way with speed and precision.


In addition to weapons, you can also develop skills and abilities. Like the weapons, there are no restrictions on what skills you can choose, and each of the three main categories – Combat, Tech, and Biotics – is designed to facilitate a certain style of play.

Combat skills are great if you want to focus on weapons, gear, and efficiency in battle. These skills focus on improving weapon damage and accuracy, as well as enabling the use of flak cannons, grenades, trip mines, and more.

Tech skills allow you to equip your Pathfinder with more experimental weaponry, or focus on strategic improvements for yourself and your squad. The Cryo Beam and Flamethrower offer more offensive punch, while skills like Invasion and Energy Drain weaken your opponents and soften them up for easier take-downs. And, if you need some additional firepower, you can deploy your very own assault turret.

Last, but not least, your Pathfinder can control dark energy to manipulate the power of mass and gravity. Biotic skills like Pull and Throw allow you to literally control the battlefield, using your enemies as shields or even weapons. Abilities like Annihilation and Singularity, for example, will damage anything or anyone caught up in their powerful grip.

Each skill can be upgraded to become increasingly more devastating and effective, with different upgrade paths for even more ways to customize your play style. Enemies in Mass Effect: Andromeda have specific strengths and weaknesses, and your strategic use of different skills and abilities will determine your tactical advantage against your opponents.

Be sure to keep your eye on for more information on gameplay in Mass Effect: Andromeda, as we’ll be touring you through squads, crafting, multiplayer, and so much more before launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 21, 2017 in North America and March 23, 2017 in Europe. Sign up for the Andromeda Initiative now to receive pre-departure training information and exclusive in-game rewards.
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Unread postby icycalm » 27 Feb 2017 18:15

Added to Most Wanted section.
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