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[PC] Craftopia

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[PC] Craftopia

Unread postby icycalm » 23 Aug 2020 18:06


Breath of the Crafting.


Pocketpair wrote:Craftopia is the brand new crafting game we made by combining excellent features of various existing crafting games. We mixed our favorite contents: farming, automation, breeding pets, dungeon exploration, and building, based on hack and slash and survival, to develop this exciting game with so much excitement and infinite possibilities.

This is one weird-ass game. Not as in weird mechanics or aesthetics, just weird that it's been getting made, and in Tokyo no less. It has Breath of the Wild aesthetics and even mechanics right down to those hang gliding things and the motorbike they gave Link after release. It has crafting with automation right out of Factorio which even the biggest survival-builders don't have yet. At the end of the trailer it even shows a goddamn ROCKET flying off into space! which is pretty much the ultimate thing I wish Rust would add. Not that you actually fly into space, and I don't even know if the rocket is craftable, but it's still insane that a Japanese studio is making a game with all these cutting-edge features that even Western studios aren't quite combining yet. There are no survival-builder or FP4X games with automation yet; Atlas recently added a couple of buildings to that effect, but it's as dumb as it gets, it's just a couple of prefab buildings with nothing to design and set up. Compare to this from Craftopia lol:


The PVE looks super-robust too, it might even end up best-in-genre if it's tough enough, which I doubt however. It's not a single-player or merely co-op game either, as many smaller productions in the genre are, it advertises PVP, though I don't know how many players we're talking about. They do say this though: "We're also looking at adding some radical game systems (e.g. Battle Royale)."

It's interesting also this is a PC-only game, at least for now, which is unheard-of for Japanese developers outside of hentai games and visual novels. This tells me that these devs have been playing the fuck out of crafting/building games on Steam, and are bypassing the Japanese market to work at the cutting edge of game design primarily for Western gamers. It's a paradigm shift for Japanese game development, and no one is talking about it because no one realizes what's happening.

Official Trailer:

Comes out on Early Access sometime in September, apparently.
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