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Profession: Begging

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Profession: Begging

Unread postby icycalm » 03 Nov 2022 21:05

o7 what can i do if i have no money and no fuel? ... nd_no_fuel

FloppyDisk616 wrote:Just blow your ship up and claim it. I don't remember there being a price on non-expedited claims, but I've also never let myself run completely out of auec.

starcitizenwhale wrote:Ask if people want turret gunners or bodyguards. People will pay for good help usually.

EffyewMoney wrote:Ask for 1000aUEC in chat to pay for refuel and someone will probably send you 100k aUEC.

This sounds like the most innocuous begging tactic. Just ask for 1k, and people will probably send you way more. And if you want way more, try this:

popcorn0617 wrote:No kidding. I was casually asking about the cutty black because I was working up to it and someone was like "oh its great, how much you got to go?" And then sent me 500k when I said "around 450k"

If this ends up being too effective to the point where it ruins the game, we could add a rule that you aren't allowed to beg in chat, you must beg in-person in voice chat to players who are around you. This way we can also utilize the begging outfit.
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