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Movies, shows and machinima

Unread postby ChevRage » 02 Jan 2023 19:15

Found this awesome video after we had our own Jumptown session. It's quite long, running at about 45 minutes so maybe it shouldn't be in this thread, but the editing and action are top notch and make it feel like a movie.

Star Citizen: The WAR for JUMPTOWN

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Re: Movies/machinima

Unread postby icycalm » 03 Jan 2023 01:33

Yes the INSANE ACTION thread is for brief clips that go straight to the action, for longer videos I’d been planning a movie/machinima thread as there are now entire basically TV shows made in Star Citizen and I want to be watching and highlighting the best of them. Maybe we can make one too some day. So I split your post into a new thread, good stuff, I’ll watch this later.
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