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Into The Rift

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Into The Rift

Unread postby icycalm » 15 Sep 2018 13:25

Recap reports of a new 2D side-view action project by a small team that's using Patreon for funding (though they are also planning a KS):

The pixel art and animation are quite tasty:


Starsoft wrote:We're working on a video game! It's a pixel-art action-platformer (metroidvania) called Into The Rift. It's a mix of half a dozen Nintendo games we loved growing up, with a sprinkling of TV shows we love, like Star Trek and Kung Fu.

We want to share the progress with you, and also tricks and techniques that pop up along the way. We'll be posting art from the game here first, as we make it, with explanations and walk-throughs of the creation process where we can.

If you find it useful, or just want to see the game come out faster/better, we'd love whatever support you can offer, even $1/month would be amazing.

Happy game making, and THANK YOU!!

- Everyone at Starsoft (Weston, Sam, Rob and Milo)

It features seemingly complex parkour-ish action, as can be seen in animated gifs on the official site:


The character design, on the other hand, is barely middling, and if I was directing this game I'd make sure to get someone on board who could design and illustrate good characters asap. I would not release an otherwise so promising game with such mediocre character art.

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