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[PS4] Granblue Fantasy: Relink

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[PS4] Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Unread postby Masahiro9891 » 12 Jan 2019 21:17

Platinum Games wrote:Cygames and Platinum Games present Japan's megahit RPG with all-new 3D action!

Anything from Platinum is a must-buy for me. Plus, 4-player co-op and a possible Steam release have me excited. ... d-gameplay





Third Promotional Movie:

Play Movie 1:

Play Movie 2:

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Unread postby icycalm » 03 Jan 2020 02:30

This will no longer be developed by Platinum:

Wikipedia wrote:On February 4, 2019, it was announced that PlatinumGames would no longer be involved in the project, leaving Cygames to handle the rest of development.

However, it will still have four-player co-op, and some new trailers and play footage were recently released.

CG trailer:
Promotional movie (this is the one I have on the trailer reel):

Play footage (single-player with three bots, I think; this is the most graphically impressive video):
Four-player footage:


I think it looks incredible. It's certainly no throwaway anime game. The quality of the animation is high, and of course terrific character design. But what surprised me above all is how rich the landscape is. Platinum or no Platinum this will be a must-play, especially if they manage to put some challenge in there. Unfortunately, no PC version has been announced yet, so get those PS4s ready.

Having said all that, there doesn't seem to be any friendly fire, and the way the four-player video is structured makes me worry that 4P might only be for a side-mode for special "quests"...

P.S. Two of the three videos Masa linked in the OP are now listed as "Private" on YouTube and can't be watched. I guess they are trying to scrub out previous versions of the game and just forgot the third video.
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