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Multi-DM Role-playing

Unread postby icycalm » 21 Dec 2020 18:56

From Discord:

I just had an INCREDIBLE idea
Prepare to have your MINDS BLOWN
What if...
I run the adventure and dan the narration?
He can get an avatar called "narrator", so it will show in the chat as the "narrator" speaking
We BOTH read the adventure
That will also open up slots in every group for 1 extra player
The downside is we'll play less often
But the game will be AMAZING
It will go super-fast, super-smoothly, and every aspect will be perfect
I just had ANOTHER idea
It doesn't have to be dan doing the narration always
It could be the other guys who volunteered to DM
And they could switch, depending on who's available
I think dan would be the best narrator, but anyone can do a decent job, and anyone will help the active DM focus on other things and do them better
The narrator doesn't even have to read the adventure, if he's just doing combat narration
Though in that case I guess he might get a little bored outside of combat
But if he's a player in another group, he COULD read some of the adventure, specifically the part that's being played for that session, and act some of the NPCs
It would work smoother with two DMs who were only DMs, and were a permanent team, and could both read everything
Anyway, it's just an idea
I think if we were playing only a SINGLE group, this idea would be killer
But with multiple groups, and dan being available just once a week usually, it's not so optimal all things considered
It's something to think about it at any rate. I'll make a thread. I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this.
I'm adding it as a chapter to the UE DM's Guide
If anything is ultimate, it's this idea
If we had only one group, we'd be doing it 100%
Now I have to think about it more
It really all depends on whether we have other people who are good at and enjoy combat narration
It's just that if someone was doing JUST THAT for an entire session, without being given access to the text of the adventure and sharing other DM tasks, he might get bored outside of combat
The way to avoid this is to share duties equally between DMs outside of combat
But for players who are also adventuring in the world in other groups this will be tricky
The upshot, if we could pull it off, is that people who want to DM could start doing so right now, plus beginner DMs could be eased into the job by partnering up with experienced ones, much like how dan is teaching me PF1 and FG during our sessions now
Ultimately, the more DMs the better, and the ideal would be one DM per NPC lol
That'd be like running a movie
So there's definitely scope for multi-DMing that I haven't seen discussed anywhere, even beyond having multiple groups in the same world
You could have two DMs play two NPCs and talk between themselves and the players at the same time
That'd be much more immersive for everyone involved, assuming the DMs could keep their story straight between them in real-time, which would be a new skill for them
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Unread postby Discord BOT » 21 Dec 2020 19:16

Dan would be an excellent narrator. I noticed his excellent improvisation while describing the bard class.
I'll copy and paste it in here in case the others didn't see it in the dnd1 group:

"Bards get a bad rap sometimes but keep in mind they're the undisputed masters of skills. They have the absolute most class skills with the only other class coming close being rogue (naturally). They are also expert lore-masters that have picked up knowledge from history, legends, and a keen awareness of the human condition. Their spells also work like sorcerers in the sense that they've learned them naturally and don't require preparation, part of their focus on discovering, gathering, and preserving lost lore. They've also come a long way from the typical silly, prancing Tom Bombadil reputation they used to have. Daring swashbucklers hurtling insults and witty jabs at their opponents, savage skalds inspiring their allies with the legends of their heroes and histories of their peoples, war drummers marching into war synchronizing their drums to the beating hearts of their soldiers. Dashing scoundrels with a panache for showmanship. These are all bards."
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Unread postby Discord BOT » 21 Dec 2020 19:30

Now's probably the best time to try it out since we're limited to one group a week anyway for awhile. At least until everyone has the rules and the DMs have FG down. Might be hard to go back if we like it though which we probably will.

My thoughts exactly lol
Originally posted in the Insomnia Discord.

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