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PC|XS|PS5 Dragon's Dogma II

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PC|XS|PS5 Dragon's Dogma II

Unread postby ChevRage » 20 Jun 2022 17:05

Image ... ycle-anew/

Kellen Haney wrote:Well met, brave Arisen.

A part of today’s “10 Years of Dragon’s Dogma” Developer Video, director Hideaki Itsuno officially announced a title that many of you have been waiting for: Dragon’s Dogma II is now in development!

10 Years of Dragon's Dogma (English ESRB)

In case you missed it, watch the video above for the full message, or read our quick recap below!

Mr. Itsuno recalls how his earliest experiences with high fantasy were thanks to classic pen-and-paper role playing games. This resulted in his love of RPGs as a whole, something that he would carry with him throughout his time working on arcade titles for Capcom throughout the 90’s. By 2000, Mr. Itsuno began to build out his own fantasy world, one that would eventually become what we now know as Dragon’s Dogma.

Touching on how the team built out the land of Gransys, the reason behind the game’s unique Pawn System, and the titles he worked on in between his initial concept for Dragon’s Dogma and the game’s release, we encourage Arisen of all types to enjoy Mr. Itsuno’s reflections on his time developing the original game and the thrill of the surprise announcement of Dragon’s Dogma II.

To celebrate, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is also be on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, making it the perfect time to explore the world of Gransys and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. They’re masterworks, all – you can’t go wrong.

While the team is hard at work on Dragon’s Dogma II, follow the Dragon’s Dogma Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for all the latest news, activities, and celebrations of this momentous anniversary for Dragon’s Dogma!
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Re: PC|XS|PS5 Dragon's Dogma II

Unread postby icycalm » 26 May 2023 10:02

Dragon's Dogma II confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC; debut trailer, details, and screenshots ... creenshots

The environments are kinda bland, at least going from this short trailer. But you'd expect them to show you their better environments, if they have them. But the rest looks pretty good, certainly better than Final Fantasy.





1st Trailer ... XVyolQO3wj

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