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PC|ONE|PS4|SW Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Unread postby icycalm » 26 Aug 2023 13:01

"Ugly JSR ripoff" is a genre now. Sigh. Abysmal character design, dull locations, probably even the music is dumb. I could tell the game is garbage just from one image. Hell even the name sounds retarded. I don't even know what I am looking at when I look at the cover illustration. ... _Cyberfunk

Official Release Trailer

Image ... ed/1353230

dshs70 wrote:This game has style for days and a killer soundtrack, but it feels a lot like the developers understood that Jet Set Radio WAS cool without understanding WHY it was cool. The joy of navigating interesting spaces, the movement, and that flow state are fairly quickly overtaken by the tedium of badly designed spaces devolving into repeatedly taken the same big looping routes to get to the next place and the crew battles almost immediately devolve into just being able hold a combo for the full timer and abusing corners.

This game gets really close to being something amazing and then just completely fumbles it. When moving around the world starts to feel like a bummer instead of the best part of a game like this, things have gone badly wrong. ... ed/1353230

KayZach wrote:This is a list of nitpicks, And I ultimately think the gameplay is solid, But this game toes a bit too far of a line between the game it's a spiritual sucesssor of and it's own thing.

Why are all the maps basically just discounts of Jet set radio future maps? The first two maps are just Dogenzaka hill and Shibuya terminal from future.
Why are there no multiplayer modes like future had?
Why are you charging 50 dollars for a campaign that could be completed in three hours?
Why is there DLC day 1 after the director promised there wouldnt be any?
The entire plot is literally just the reskinned subplot of Coin from JSR1.
It makes me mad because this game has so much love put into it but it barely finds any room to do it's own thing.
Naganuma aside, Why is it 20 dollars ON TOP of the already crazy asking price for the soundtrack on top?
Do not get me wrong. This game is 100 percent worth it on sale, I just do not really see much content and replayability here that warrants the price tag they want. Especially since all the content at its core just feels like they are taking from Future without much innovation. ... ed/1353230

The Oceangate Submarine wrote:It's difficult for me to give this game a thumbs down, since I don't think it's a particularly bad game but I'm honestly a bit disappointed. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a solid 7/10, being carried by nostalgia and primarily limited by introducing very little to the Jet Set Radio formula and only making marginal improvements to it's handing mechanics. The combat system is awful and is especially egregious when it's forced. The characters aren't particularly memorable either, no one really stacks up anywhere close to personalities like Professor K and even Captain Onishima.

The environments also feel lifeless, a consequence of having dramatically larger environments to accommodate more exploration based gameplay while not having the production value to back it up. It really does highlight how much the little details in JSR like the radio calls and police cars blocking off streets gave the illusion of a livelier world, in addition to the more compact level design.

Crew battles are also dull by design since racking up a large combo isn't a particularly engaging challenge since the game doesn't care where you're grinding and what tricks you're performing. On top of that nothing really changes about the environments you've already traversed. The spraying QTE is also trivial in the sense that the game doesn't care about your inputs, so there's no difference between waggling the stick and being precise with your motions.

All that aside, it's a decent indie game that plays it a bit too safe and doesn't rock the boat too much in the way Pizza Tower did for the Warioland series and Spark The Electric Jester did for Sonic. The price tag being on the higher side definitely doesn't help. Pick this up during a sale.
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