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Why The Best Games Also Have The Best Graphics

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Why The Best Games Also Have The Best Graphics

Unread postby icycalm » 14 May 2018 00:24

My analysis:

Via Discord DM:

There's an FTG-related tidbit in my latest essay that I think you will enjoy
I owe you for one of the examples I used too [He told me that +R is the most complex FTG ever.]

I'm glad you wrote about this as it's confirmed some things I've already thought.
2DF is a genre where screen size is undeniably a huge factor.
I think the biggest shortcoming of last gens fighters is that none of them effectively utilized all the additional space granted by the wide-screen format.
For my money, the first game to make an honest effort to do that was Under Night.
You can see it in the characters movesets. Most of them have moves that reach way further than most other games out there.

Recap would love to hear that
He has long been saying that there's something wrong with widescreen 2D games

He would be correct, though I'd like to see what he has to say on it in some detail.

He doesn't elaborate
He saves it for articles
But he hasn't written one in 10 years
Because he wants to redesign his site, but he is not happy with the layout/screenshot issue
Although, if you quiz him in the forum, he does reply
So if someone puts in the effort, we can get it out of him

Does he not use Discord or something?

And I am banned from his forum lol

Ah I see lol (edited)
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