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[PC] [MAC] DwarfHeim

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[PC] [MAC] DwarfHeim

Unread postby icycalm » 01 Aug 2019 01:32


This is the most promising of the flood of upcoming TAB clones. While most of these games try to focus on one of the various possible modes to the exclusion of all others, this one tries to do it all: campaign, sandbox, 4-player co-op, ranked AND 4v4 PVP. Moreover, the resource-gathering and building elements seem super-complex, with no less than THIRTY different resources, and Minecraft-level mining and very elaborate bases. Plus MOBA-style player classes on top of it. And apparently four players can play with a single copy, which should be extremely helpful in attracting a large playerbase...

Can these devs deliver on all this shit?

Let's just say that I sure hope so. However, one thing I can already say is that the screens have decent detail but far from TAB's unique and flawlessly executed aesthetic. So that's a bit of a disappointment, so far. But no game in the genre comes anywhere near TAB's aesthetics anyway, so it's a bit too much to try to hold all future games to this standard, and especially a game as mechanically ambitious as this. So, all things told, this is easily my most wanted multiplayer game right now.

Pineleaf Studio wrote:Dishonored and without a home, something stirs in the deep shadows of Agartha.

DwarfHeim is a Strategy game where you build, manage and defend a Dwarven city against the constant threats of feral trolls and rivaling dwarven clans in a search for the ancient throne of DwarfHeim. The game is the first RTS to feature a multiplayer co-op where you and your team must work together using your different classes and abilities to gather resources, grow and defend your dwarven city.


Reclaim the throne
Survive the dangers of Agartha and expand into the wilderness, find the long forgotten clues of your origins and search for the throne of the ancient home of the dwarves, DwarfHeim. Build your settlement from a single building to a thriving stronghold by gathering resources, increase your population and keep your dwarven brothers happy by brewing potent ales.

  • Build, Defend, Mine and Manage a Dwarven City
  • Singleplayer Campaign
  • Sandbox mode
  • Competitive Co-op Multiplayer
  • 4 Unique Classes
  • Ranked Matchmaking
  • Friend-Pass

Units and buildings

Choose your own strategies. During the game, you must choose which units, buildings and technology best suits you and your team. Each choice can greatly affect your and your team's efficiency and the outcome of the game.

  • 18 Unique units
  • 30 Different resources
  • 34 Buildings
  • 72 Different unit abilities to turn the tide of combat

Up above and down below
To create more powerful units and buildings you need the rarest minerals which can only be found deep within the mines of Agartha. In addition to being able to move on the surface of Agartha, you can send your units to the underworld. Dig deeper, create intricate machinery to help you refine the minerals and build traps to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks from the things lurking in the dark.

Co-op 4vs4 RTS
DwarfHeim's main Co-op mode is Conquest, a competitive multiplayer game in which you and three other players must cooperate to tear through the enemy team’s defenses and destroy their Town Hall.


  • Builder: Support your team by healing units, building defenses and houses, creating farms and brew soothing brews as the Builder.
  • Miner: Focus on gathering resources, building machinery and traps, and blowing up defenses and buildings.
  • Diplomat: Sneak through enemy defenses, place important sentries and sabotage their buildings and machinery, or trade your way to riches as the Diplomat.
  • Warrior: Train your army and defend the town, kill creeps to get gold and equip your army with legendary weapons to destroy the enemy team.


DwarfHeim's online co-op is best when played with friends, which is why, if you own the game, we want you to be able to invite your friends to try it out with you. This way you can experience the multiplayer as it's meant to be played.

Friend-pass is a free downloadable client of DwarfHeim that allows you to invite your friends to a lobby, even if they haven’t purchased the game.

Ranked matchmaking
Rank up by playing and winning competitive matches, and face off against players on your own skill level to become the true ruler of DwarfHeim.

Original Story Campaign

Ages ago, an event known only as the Fall, scattered the dwarven clans and forced them to live as refugees in Agartha. Dwarfheim has since been reduced to myth, and only mentioned in song and ancient tales. But as something stirs within the depths of Agartha, the four clans must once again unite, and begin the search for their homeland in earnest.

Original art and soundtrack
We believe in good old fashioned, home-made produce. At Pineleaf everything from code, art and audio is made in-house to ensure that the game lives up to our expectations and yours.






BETA Teaser:

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Unread postby icycalm » 19 Nov 2019 19:10

New pics are up on Steam and DAMN do they look good! Again, as I've said, it's no They Are Billions, but I was originally concerned about the blandness of the assets as I thought they might impact my enjoyment of the game, but no more. Look at the first screen especially, with lots of different buildings bunched together: it looks charmingly cartoonish and I can't wait to get in there and start building. Remember, this is 4-player TAB with ranked PVP. It's the coolest thing to happen to the genre since TAB, and PA before it (and probably ahead of AoE4's [ > ] release), and I hope it'll turn out well and lots of CULT people will join me to wage clan wars on the leaderboard.






They've already run a few betas (last one ended October 20), and here's the current roadmap:

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Unread postby icycalm » 06 Dec 2019 23:32

The fantastic-looking dwarf-themed 4v4 RTS/city-builder that I've been hyping for a few months now is just about to launch a new series of beta tests throughout December, and a bunch of us are ready to take it on starting tomorrow. Confirmed players so far (throughout the month, not specifically tomorrow) are me, ChevRage, Hanged Man, recoil, Some guy, danjiro and Agentx. More people have expressed interest and applied for beta keys, so I am expecting more as well.



I've written extensively on the game here:

Get your beta keys here:

Session schedule:


And of course you can watch us play live on Twitch. If the game is good enough I plan to stream every single of the above sessions, for a total of 32 hours in December. And remember, this game will have 4v4 RANKED, when it launches, so all the time we put in now will be practice towards CULT leaderboard domination later on. Let's just hope it's as good as it looks! (I am hoping it'll be better.)

And of course everyone is invited to join us. The more the merrier. Tomorrow I expect at least 4-5 people, and if we're lucky we might get to 8 and be able to field two simultaneous teams. Either way, whoever shows up will play by rotating players between matches as needed. See y'all on Discord and on Twitch!
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Unread postby Discord BOT » 07 Dec 2019 18:12

So excited I can’t sleep
I hope it doesn’t disappoint
I’ve been looking at screens and it has like 6 resources
And the mines are in a separate underworld
So a bit like PA with multiple maps
I wonder if you can fight in the underworld or if it’s pure Minecraft
The players choose distinct specialists too like miner, warrior or whatever
That’s a huge innovation in the genre and underscores that the game was designed with co-op in mind, unlike all RTSes ever
Haven’t seen naval or air so single layer for now
Like TAB
The emphasis on specialization and co-op is in line with my idea for a PA-Factorio mix because in such a game the guy playing Factorio doesn’t have time to get involved with fighting nor can the war guys casually drop in and expand the factory since they’d need an hour just to figure out wtf needs to be built, so you may as well specialize them
These devs did the mix of PA and Factorio that I dreamed, they just did it at a much smaller scale and level of complexity
Even the multiple maps thing they did at a smaller scale
This is basically a PA2 prototype believe it or not
The baked in co-op with 4v4 RANKED that I asked the PA devs for is here
Remember the 4v4 Exodus Esports PA tournament?
That was a one-time event
In DwarfHeim this is the whole game 24/7/365
Without needing to beg autistic nerds to let you play with them
Of course, I don’t think the devs have even played PA
They just arrived there because that’s the only way forward with RTS
They probably combined MOBA, Minecraft and WarCraft in their heads
Hell this game even has my MEGABASE strategy baked-in!
It’s not like 4v4 WarCraft where everyone spawns separately and fully manages his own mini-base, only bothering to co-operate in a minor fashion once in a blue moon
It’s true fucking co-op
lol I’d love to start a thread in the PA forum and gloat
EVERY SINGLE of my ideas is vindicated here
The devs just need to read my essay on why sci-if is superior to fantasy
You can’t have ten maps in fantasy
It would just be stupid
No orbital layer
Fantasy just hobbles everything
Even in crafting games
You can’t have Civ’s and Alpha Centauri’s huge tech trees, you can only have some stupid fantasy tree that pales compared to reality
I am surprised at how little traction the game has in the press
I’ll see if I can help in this regard
If the game delivers I’ll turn Insomnia into its biggest cheerleader
Originally posted in the Insomnia Discord.

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